Chapter Twelve – The End of the World



They named us "The End of the World Cult." Well, in a way that is true. It may better be stated "The End of the World Culture." One definition of a cult is: "great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work." (Webster) There is no doubt that our people have a CULTure of faith that is regarded as an offense to the natural world. I have never denied that I am a "Protestant" in regards to the evil deeds of churches and governments. The end of the world begins with our own personal lives. If a soul loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. (1 John 2:15) The spirit of the world has been taken out of us.

But I am not anti-government or even anti-America. I am anti-lie, hypocrisy, deception, make-believe, prejudice and such things. I hate sin, even my own. God has shown me what I would be without His Spirit motivating every act. If I were not filled with God's Spirit, I would do exactly what the state of New Mexico did to me. I would be no better. Naturally, I believe I am the least of all creatures and "of sinners, I am chief."


In our land I obeyed God's instructions to me to the letter. It cost me my freedom. If I had not followed the instructions of God and refused the two young women's requests to be unclothed, I would have sinned against God. I remember something President Jimmy Carter said years ago, sometime around 1980. I was pastoring a Seventh-day Adventist church at the time. I will paraphrase because I don't remember the exact way it was stated. He said something like this: "Everyone should be true to their conscience and do what they believe God is telling them to do, but they may also have to bear the wrath of the state against them for following their faith." I don't think he used the word "wrath" but it was the same idea.

I have been greatly repulsed by the modern professions of religion. It is all a lie these days. The churches use "rock" music to get their congregations stirred up before the sermon. I only say this because one of the pastors shared that with me. Rock music with great and loud rhythm is not the Holy Spirit, but some folks think it is.

World Trade Center being destroyed on 9/11Our government lies also. When I saw the World Trade Center come down, I thought something was wrong just because of the laws of physics. Buildings don't come down on their own footprint like that without demolitions. Airplanes alone wouldn't do that. If those buildings actually came down that way because of the way they were engineered, which is their story, then the architect would have been tarred and feathered. But I went ahead and gave them the benefit of the doubt that maybe one in a million buildings might come down that way, even though it has never happened before in the history of the world. But when I saw Building 7 also fall on its own footprint a few hours later, and no plane had hit it, that seemed to tip the scales for me and I thought something was amiss. There are some things that men of reasonableness simply cannot ignore.

Then, when I saw the report of the murder of Osama bin Laden, the assassin who was sent by the United States, reported on television that the assassination was carried out so that Mr. bin Laden would not have to be brought to trial. I thought "oops" another one of those caveats. The plain truth was that the United States of America invaded a foreign country and murdered someone living there. Truly, the media never ceased hounding the man for crashing planes into the World Trade Center, but for myself, I never saw or heard any clear evidence that he had anything to do with that. After what happened to me, and what was said of me before my illegal trial, I have serious reservations over anything that is on the "news."

More and more I feel that much of the "news" is actually only state propaganda. It is most always slanted for the purposes of the "beast." United States of America, I believe that you are the most desperate of criminals to murder a man in his bed as you have done. But who could ever put you in your own prison? "And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?" Rev. 13:4. But it is right, for the USA and its people have truly made a prison for themselves, all in the name of "safety." They are bound up in chains as surely as if they were with me when in my "correctional institution." The "free people" simply have more space between their bodies.

The thing that comes out of the back of the beast is, well, "bullshit." That is the best way to say it, I think. Even lately, the "news" reports still say about me, "This self-proclaimed messiah was put in prison for lying naked with two minors. He was put in prison for molesting two girls on his bed." That is the spin, but no minors ever saw me naked and I was not put in prison for molestation. I am also not a self-proclaimed messiah. God anointed me, as Jesus was anointed, and there were witnesses to that fact, as there were with him. I was not convicted for molesting girls. I was "convicted" for maybe touching their "boob" because when I prayed with my hand on their sternum, the state attorney said my hand "must" have bumped into a "boob." But even that was a lie. These are the facts. But the media must "bullshit" it up, so that people will not scratch their heads and start saying, Why?

My "conviction" was outrageous and not even according to the law. But propaganda and entertainment is what the media is all about. It must spin the news for the sake of its cult and to bring the people along in order to justify its atrocities and make them plausible. A news anchor once told me that I was correct about their news cult. They mostly report on the same things and in the same way. This whole sex offender thing against me by the beast is actually a farce, a ruse of the state to try and discredit me in order to keep its cult members from listening to me.

I want to be entirely fair here, though. There were a few news reporters who did a fair job at reporting the facts. When I read what they wrote, I thought, yes, that is right. That is how it happened. "Fair enough."

Now that I am released, Judge Baca declared in my Judgment and Sentencing that I cannot ever visit with my grandson, and he cannot see his grandpa, until he is 18 years old. And this is all because I may have bumped into a "boob" while praying for a 16 year old girl. I am incredulous, and this is so odd, I laugh more than I cry about these things. It is just too weird.  In my thinking it seems that everyone has gone mad. The TV news features all the people that have been arrested that day. I just shake my head in utter disbelief at what has happened to our world. It is entirely unworkable and it is the "good people" who are more the problem than the bad people. They were not the criminals and whores who crucified Jesus. No, they were the Pharisees, "the good people," who killed him. The religious leaders killed him. The governors killed him. They still do.


I believe that the movies I had to watch in prison at Father's instructions are actually situations of propaganda. They are designed to instill in the people a way of looking at things. I had not watched television for about 40 years, since my conversion. But in prison God instructed me to watch it. This reminded me of Ezekiel:

Then said he unto me, Son of man [Wayne Bent], dig now in the wall: and when I had digged in the wall, behold a door [TV screen]. And he said unto me, Go in [and watch it], and behold the wicked abominations that they do here. So I went in and saw; and behold every form of creeping things, and abominable beasts, and all the idols of the house of Israel [USA], pourtrayed upon the wall round about. Eze. 8:8-10.

I was utterly shocked over what I saw. For many years God had protected me from those things, but now I saw it all. I thought, "Oh, that is why they came after me and put me in prison. They believe I am one like unto themselves." I truly did not know of the sexual revolution that is in America by law. And this revolution was against the law of God, clear as crystal. I shook my head in complete bewilderment at how I had been protected from seeing this for so long. I watched how they "contributed to the delinquency of minors" every single day of their lives.

I have encouraged people not to have children these days because they are immediately claimed by the state as its own kids. They train up the children to be good worshippers of the image of the beast. They also train them up into SSM or some other perversion. They feel that if they get the kids for the first years of their lives they pretty well have them forever. But true faith is hated by our natural world these days. It is hated by the government and by the courts. Everyone else has freedom. A woman can kill her unborn baby but in most states she cannot use marijuana. They say that she has freedom over her own body, but not with marijuana. I don't use marijuana, but I can see the hypocrisy.


So I said, "Yes Lord, it is time to let them go. Once they pass laws against the laws of God, and for the most evil things, with their eyes wide open, it is right to let the world self-destruct." So God put a pen in my hand and I was commanded by Him to "spare not." (Eze. 9:10) But my "judgement and sentencing" is reserved for those who "do not sigh and cry for all of the abominations that are done in the land."

When I first went to prison I still had a little faith in the legal system, even though God told me my direct appeal would go nowhere because their hearts were dark. He even showed me the darkness. Their hearts had the color of charcoal. And when the appeals court threw out my conviction, I thought I may have been wrong about some things. But when the Supreme court ruled that there was no remedy for my illegal trial, I knew for a certainty that my thoughts in regard to the beast and my "convictions" were true. They were not making a mistake. They were corrupting themselves on purpose and with their eyes wide open. They knew what they were doing. That was in the midst of the "week of years" when I caused the intercession to cease. After this I was clear and certain that our nation is going right into destruction, "to hell in a handbasket," and all intercession has ceased. "The devil as a roaring lion walks about seeking whom he may devour." Also:

Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time. Rev 12:12.

God's creation is a finely balanced organism that balances good and evil so that the outcome will prove itself prosperous for man. But when in the face of truth, man knowingly assaults the word of God and makes those assaults law, then the organism fails and destroys itself. When the builders of the Tower of Babel worked to make everyone the same in their new world order, God scattered them and destroyed the project.

We have a new "tower" today, symbolized by the One World Trade Center. We have a new "Tower of Babel." President Bush's "New World Order" is an offense to God because of what that "New World Order" does to man and to the earth. And now that this "order" has made SSM into law and other such crimes, the time is up and God sent me, the least of all men, to tell you. He sent me, so that they would not believe me, because I am a nobody. But in the great judgment after a thousand years the people will remember.

While in prison, one of the inmates was telling me that he had a very powerful vision or dream in which he went to heaven. He said that Jesus showed him the great beauties of the place. He was also shown the throne of judgment, but it perplexed him. He looked at me and said, "There was no one sitting on the throne." He said, "I don't know who that will be." I then looked him squarely in the eyes and said, "I will be sitting on it." He then soberly stated only, "Oh."

The day will come when I sit upon the throne of judgment after a thousand years and my accusers will then face me. I will then be their judge. The state attorneys will all be there, along with many others. But I will not say anything. I will only show them in vision all that they have done against the Son of man. That great light that will be given is God's great "incendiary post." And "...fire [His great Light] came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them." Rev. 20:9.

God's great light and truth is how all of this ends. When the world came against my life and testimony, they were unaware of the consequences of that, but I gave a clear warning. But this old, skinny, man was just no threat, and indeed, I am not a threat. I have no violence or offence in me. But the truth I speak from the sword in my mouth that God put in there, has a most exposing power. "It's those posts" one man spit out at me one time. He wanted to kill me because of "those posts." This is why the people do not want to read what I write. But they will be judged as though they had read it all.


It is true that my church has lost a lot of members. Jesus lost a lot of members also. He preached once to five thousand people whom he fed, receiving all of their praise and adoration. A little while later a few of them remained at his cross. One day they shouted "Hosannah," and the next day it was "Crucify him." Noah, too, lost a lot of followers, only ending up with eight souls, and they were family members. Yes, I have lost many loved ones over my years in the ministry.

I miss some of my old friends, or the memory of what we had. But when God calls us we end up with only the friends that "do the will of God." We lose family and friends when the time for sacrifice comes. Remember, "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be crossed." Truly, those who follow God receive a cross. Some of us go to prison and some are killed. All of us will suffer persecution, as the Scriptures say. It comes with the territory. I have suffered much from lost friends or family. I don't like to lose people I once loved and delighted in. But this is the nature of the calling. The people love the world and with some it seems impossible to get them to marry God because the spirit of the world is so strong in them. Even though the Life of God brings suffering, it is not like the suffering that is in the world. I would never go back to the world and the love of it. The love of God is so full of security, satisfaction and fulfillment even if prison is before us, or even death. The love of the world is so full of selfishness, pride, offense, manipulation and competition. It is full of trying but never to rest. They keep listening to their preachers and reading their books but the actual truth never seems to sink in.

In my sentencing hearing, before the judge threw me into the slammer, he flattered the attorneys. I also witnessed the DA flattering the people in the courtroom. Ministers flatter their congregations, but God does not flatter His people. No, we just follow His voice and not our own. God is not "nice." He is righteous and entirely just. Even His friends do not get away with anything, and this offends people sometimes. God does not have favorites, He has followers.

I have never set a date for the end of the world. But I know that my own personal Jubilee year starts March 22nd of this year. Jerusalem's Jubilee year starts June 10th of this year. That begins the 50th year since the Jews took east Jerusalem back. That was also the day of my baptism. March 22nd is my 50th year since I was converted. I also believe intercession has ceased, just as it did when Jesus was hanged on a tree. And I can see the effects of it clearly. The system will not be sustained by heavenly agencies. God will permit the devil to take the world into hell because they love to have it so. But I do believe that there are individuals who may yet repent when their eyes are opened. I also feel that there will be precious few of them. The actual end will come in one day, as it did with Jerusalem, Sodom and Gomorrah, and the people at the time of Noah.

In regard to messiahs sent from God, they do not come to be worshipped, as it is clearly stated in Revelation 19:10: "And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not; I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren." Messiahs are anointed messengers for a special purpose, and in truth. The Bible clearly points out that anyone who has been anointed of the Spirit, qualifies, and this includes all true Christians. I am of my brethren, the anointed ones. It is written, "Worship God." I go on to say, "Marry God."


Group of inmates in overcrowded prison cellI should say something about prisons. I believe they are very wrongheaded. Someone really got it wrong. The biblical law does not even make provision for prisons. While in prison, one inmate told me that when Governor Martinez was a DA she was instrumental in getting him sentenced to 40 years for embezzlement of $87,000, which he had already paid back. I cannot say whether this is true or not, but his story was very believable and his person was very believable, and if it were true, it is an unconscionable act. It seems inhuman to me. This diseased old man dying in prison because of some DA's mental problems is so outrageous I cannot even comprehend the worst of men doing something like that to another human being. Forty years is too much for any crime, in my estimation. Forty years boils down to about 20 years actual prison time, with good behavior. Twenty years at about $35,000.00 per year means that it cost the taxpayers about $700,000.00 plus his extra medical, all because he took $87,000.00 from someone and had already paid it back. If that is true, someone needs to meet with a psychiatrist and get her issues resolved. It is costing the taxpayers millions.

In my case, Judge Baca and the DA cost the taxpayers about $250,000.00 for my wrongful incarceration, about $100,000.00 for my cancer surgery, which cancer was caused by the medical services there. It was caused by them because they refused to treat it until it was taking over my whole ear, and then only because my family was demanding that they do something about it. It would have taken only a few minutes to treat it if they had responded to my first requests four years before. There was another undisclosed sum for my arrest and conviction, when they used many heavily armed cops and cop cars, along with a helicopter, all because I "must" have bumped into a "boob" while praying for a minor. There were no victims in my illegal trial. I say, "Hello, is anyone home? Yoo-hoo!" They spend taxpayer money like it was the Colorado river flowing through their coffers. I don't mind being protected from bad people, but who will protect us from the "good people?" They have the guns, prisons and helicopters.

Another inmate told me that he was in prison for life because of the "three strikes" law. He stole a $189.00 TV set for the 4th time. The taxpayers will pay $1,000,000.00 for his imprisonment because of a $189.00 TV set. The theory is that this kind of punishment will deter criminals. It doesn't deter anything or anyone. The "three strikes law" only reveals that the makers of these laws are completely ignorant and uneducated about how humans function. It just creates a bureaucracy that is extraordinary and unnecessary. I won't say anymore about this mental illness that Americans have because I know it will make no difference at all. But stupid is as stupid does.

All of these things here are just a drop in the bucket. God has shown me that there is nothing right about our world. There is none good, no not one. The earth itself is corrupted and destroyed. We believe zoos are nice, while they are only prisons for animals. We believe that prisons keep us safe, while they only make men more dangerous. People pay in their taxes for the chains that enslave them and the guns that are pointed at them. Is all this necessary? I would say, "yes" now, because people are so evil now, because of the withdrawal of God's presence. Americans are afraid of everything and everyone. There are security cameras everywhere. There are locks everywhere. There are cops everywhere. Why? Because all are criminals, including the cops and the judges.


My body seems to be failing me now. It is okay though, for it has lasted long enough to finish my testimony, the testimony of Yeshua. I have completed my work and my time to end it is here. It is okay with me, and the Jubilee is before me, one way or the other. I am grateful to God for prison, for it has opened my eyes to so much, and with few distractions. I wrote many things from prison and I also saw clearly the deep love of my friends and family. Our church may soon not be out in New Mexico's wilderness anymore, but our little company will not be gone, except when it translates. We have nearly served our purpose in the wilderness and completed the prophecies in regard to the end of the world. Our purpose was to End the World Cult by telling the truth about it. God caused the state to come against us and now His wrath is released against the state because of it. I have no personal issues with the state for they have nothing I want. I am free and at rest and I have no ill will in my soul for any of mankind. It is what it is. My heart wants all men to be forgiven because they are so ignorant, but when they knowingly pass laws and enforce laws directly contrary to God's laws, I know that forgiveness will not come. They know enough so that their ignorance is without excuse.

But my soul is at peace, and my future home is one of Light and much joy. I desire that the whole world would go there, but I know that is a vain hope, just because the wicked would hate what heaven is. It is no fun for their spoiled little souls. There are no strokes for one's pride and ego. The pure and holy souls who go there would be a constant offence to them. They would constantly want to go back to the vain world. The wicked love war, and selfishness, and competition, and the pride of life, and the fulfilling of the desires of the flesh, and money and debt and all the other things that do not exist in heaven. So even in the destruction of all evil, God's mercy is manifested. He is only giving men what they want. God has just stopped keeping them from destroying themselves anymore, for they would only use His grace to continue hurting themselves and others.

The number '666' on the U.S. dollarIt has been proven that Satan's kingdom does not actually work. It never has worked since Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Death and sorrow have existed ever since she disbelieved God's command to her. Then she invested time and energy into getting Adam involved in her doubt and rebellion, and the rest is history. It has never been right since. The world is so involved in repeating the same things that have never worked before and will never work in the future. The world keeps thinking things will get better, and they only get worse. The newly elected presidents just keep making worse mistakes than the ones before made, but people still vote for them. They do not know that presidents don't run the country, the "cult" does.

Well, children, these are my last words to you and now I will let you go. I will continue to love and support the congregation of God, but I will no more speak to the world. This is the way they want it, and it is the way I want it, too. This letter is full of my love, and I will not waste it on those who are haters, casting my "pearls before...," well, you know. I gave my natural life for them since I was 25 years old, and it is now almost gone. I am ready to go now.


Michael (aka Wayne Bent)

February 14, 2016

Michael Wayne Bent looking off with a peaceful countenance