Chapter Eleven – The Consummation


In Cain's final conversation with God, he told God that he was afraid that everyone would now kill him and his family because he had killed Abel, since he would be hid from God's face and wouldn't have His protection anymore. God assured Cain that He wouldn't let anyone do that. The way that God designed to protect Cain was by putting fear into people of coming against him, because Cain's revenge was so hot. Cain would be "a marked man" in their minds and people would know that if anyone killed him, vengeance would come to them sevenfold. (Gen. 4:15) "If you kill Cain or someone in his family, they'll come back with a fury and kill seven of your people out of revenge." If you hurt Cain or someone in his tribe, they'll get a pilotless drone and bomb your wedding party.

Those who rule the world now are of the spirit of Cain and rule by force of arms (force and make-believe) rather than by justice and truth. When a person kills a police officer or a judge they soon discover how that sevenfold vengeance of Cain works. If you offend the state (the beast), it comes back in sevenfold fury. That's the reason Judge Baca gave me such a long prison sentence "for, honestly, nothing," to put it in the words of A.S. I spent seven years in prison, and it was Cain's revenge, because I was a person of influence who had publicly rebuked the state and had an influence in the lives of people which was against certain behaviors of the state. That's why the beast came against me so strongly, just to hurt me, and to make an example of me because the authority of God in me offended it. The mark of Cain is the mark of the beast.

When a person has that mark, he will hate the Anointed Spirit in me, and will hate me for following His instructions, just as Cain hated the Spirit of God in his brother killed him because he had followed God's instructions and brought a lamb to the altar. A person with the mark of Cain will also deny the truth and lie, just as Cain denied the truth and lied to God. Those with Cain's mark became very wroth at the testimony of God's children because they see that God accepted their sacrifice and filled them with His Anointed Spirit, while those with the mark of the beast remain desolate. Those with Cain's mark have a sevenfold spirit of revenge. While those with the mark of God desire justice and to see things set right, they are tempered with mercy and patience as God faithfully works out His purposes, while those with the mark of Cain are not.


I speak these things for the Father in heaven showed them to me. But when I say these things, those with the spirit of Cain become very angry.

And the dragon was wroth with the woman (God's people) and went to make war with the remnant of her seed (the Anointed Spirit) which keep the commandments of God (His instructions to their heart) and have the [same] testimony that Jesus had. Rev. 12:17.

Now the reader may know why Satan is wroth at me. It is because I always follow God's instructions to me, His commandments, and I have the same testimony Jesus had. (Rev. 14:12, 17) That testimony is:

"...I do nothing of myself but as my Father has taught me, I speak these things." John 8:28.

"And he that sent me is with me: the Father has not left me alone for I do always those things that please him." v29.

"If God were your father you would love me for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself but he sent me." v42.

"As long as I am in the world I am the light of the world." John 9:5.

"I and my Father are one." John 10:30.

Yeshua (Jesus),

Michael Travesser

But the Anointed Spirit has been unrecognized and rejected in this final generation, and the earth has crucified the light once again. As did the DA, the world put me to an open shame and named the acts of God that He carried out in me, the acts of a criminal. I was put in prison for my faith, and over events coming out of the "powers of the world to come."

But what the earth did not recognize was that they were bringing the destruction of their world upon themselves by accosting me and holding me to an open shame. "Woe to you now, O earth, for the devil has come down upon you with great wrath for he knows that his time is short." Rev. 12:12. The world mocked me at their own peril. Yet Christ Himself had forewarned this final generation:

Take note: I will come as unexpectedly as a thief! Blessed are all who are awaiting me, who keep their robes in readiness and will not need to walk naked and ashamed [when I appear to them in the darkest hour of this earth's history and many are caught sleeping and off guard by the unexpected way in which I came to them]." Rev. 16:15, LB (1 Thess. 5:2)

So now, God's great anger and fury will burn the earth to ashes. This fury is revealed in the separation of His guiding Spirit of Love and Light from men so that they are left to their natural torments -- their own natural violence. But the world was warned. Those whose hearts are not softened by the light, but hardened by it, die. They die in their spirit because once they were made to fully see, they didn't love the light but wholly rejected it, and it is impossible to enlighten them again.

This reveals the meaning of Revelation 19:21:

And the remnant were slain with the sword (word) of him that sat upon the horse (vs 11-16), which sword (word) proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls (unclean and hateful birds) were filled with their flesh.

This "slaying" by the word of God is a spiritual truth about how spiritual life ends. The Word of God is the sword in my mouth. (Eph. 6:17, Heb. 4:12) When I have spoken the word of God rebuking this present generation for its many evils, and that rebuke is rejected over and over again, the spirit of life dies out in the rejectors. The written Word I have posted has been contemptuously referred to as "THOSE POSTS!!" and "Those incendiary posts!" by those who hate the Word's rebuke. The "slaying of the remnant" indicates those who remain of the generation who have continually "showed spite toward the Spirit of grace, insulting and outraging the Holy Spirit" and causing Him to withdraw from them. This is what causes their spiritual death. They have no heart and mind left to understand the mystery of the parables of the Anointing that God brought to our generation. The Holy Spirit has left them.

Yet this "slaying" that has come from the word of God in my mouth -- my sword -- is not arbitrary, nor is it murder. It is self-death by the hearer. The word of God is the word of God, and I simply speak it or write it as I'm given expression by His Spirit. But when hearers come against it, even in their heart, they run themselves into the sword of God -- they impale themselves on it -- and they bring their own spiritual end. They are slain by the Word that was meant to bring life to them. The sword is a "savor of death unto death" to those who come against it, while to those who love it and embrace it, it is "the savour of life unto life." (2 Cor. 2:15, 16) The hearers are the ones who decide which life within them the Word slays, either their fleshly human life or their spiritual life. (Rom. 8:6, 10)

To those who have no heart left for God, "spiritual death" is what they want. It comes to them because it is the desire of their own heart, it is what they love. This is true for professed "Christians," as well, who don't have a heart for Who God actually is because of the complete crucifixion of their flesh that would be required. They would rather have human faith and its religiousness because it's more comfortable. They have been brought to know by the Word's rebuke that they would have to humble themselves in order for God to come in them fully and be their life within them, instead of them being in control of their own lives. But they would rather keep their ego, arrogance, stubbornness and religiousness and be without Him. "All who hate Me love death." Prov. 8:36. Now these spiritually dead souls who still walk about are the "living dead," or commonly called "zombies." And it is these living dead that are consumed in this great prophetic event:


And he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves unto the supper of the great God; that ye may eat the flesh of kings and the flesh of captains and the flesh of mighty men...and the flesh of all men both free and bond, both small and great." Rev. 19:17, 18.

These fowls or "unclean and hateful birds" (Rev. 18:2), represent the spirits in this world that you see in the sitcoms, the politics, and in the news, which prey upon people and grossly attack them and tear them apart. This is especially true in politics when people are running for office. All over the media and all over the comedies and talks shows they just devour anybody -- kings, judges, anybody. We're seeing that feast now, where the spirit of unclean and hateful birds is picking at everybody and tearing their flesh off. It's the culture in America now to mock and destroy people, and it's a spirit.

I have shown this present generation the character of God. No, it is not the sentimental religion of modern evangelists, nor is it the legalistic use of the word "Jesus," disconnected from the stark reality that Christians must have the very same Life of the Anointed One, the very same Spirit of Justice (Righteousness, rightness with God) that possessed Jesus, living in themselves and possessing them, or there is no salvation at all. Nor, is it the kissing of babies and the disabled, whatever social advantages that might offer, while surrounded by opulence and extravagance. God's faith does not consist of endless prayers to the dead, nor does it consist of images of wood and plaster, venerated and honored as some person in their religious story. Nor is it the agenda to merge all religions -- pagan, Christian, Catholic or spiritualist -- and bring them together to the "Omega Point." No, the character of God is the fire of pure integrity and justice in His eyes, and that they see through every pretense of men, especially religious pretense. But the world's churches ride upon the back of the beast in this generation, while drinking the spilt blood of God's true people in their hypocritical cup by their persecution of the Anointing of God in His people. (Rev. 17) What that means is, the churches use the government to carry out their own political will. They use the government to fight their wars.

In every generation Cain and Abel are seen at "the end of days" of that generation. The world's churches, who have a form of godliness but no longer its power, persecute those who do have its power. This was written of them in the 17th century and I have inserted a quotation here in the english language that they used at the time. It applies again now:

Look about you, look about you, all sorts of devout professors, see where ye are: are you not dead in your forms? is not the good old puritan principle (wherein once was true Life in its measure) dead and buried there? Consider with your selves, hath that grown in your forms, or hath it been slain there? Speak the truth in your own hearts, Can ye truly say, from a sercible (searchable) feeling in the Life, that that principle is still alive in you? If it were so, ye could never be drawn to persecute, no nor to suffer persecution, ye that have power to hinder it: but if that seed be choked, then ye may well connive at, if not further the enemy, and plead for him, and joyn interests with him. While Abel lived in you Cain could not rise up in his dominion, but now the righteous seed is slain, the murthering (murdering) nature appears.

THERE is a faith which is of a mans selfe, and a faith which is the gift of God; or a power of beleeving which is found in the nature of fallen man, and a power of beleeving which is given from above. As there are two births, the first and the second; so they have each their faith, and each beleeve with their faith, and seem to lay hold on the same thing for life; and the contention about the inheritance will not be ended, till God determine it. Cain will sacrifice with his faith, and he beleeves he shall be accepted: if he had not beleeved so, he would not have been so angry when he found it otherwise. And the Cainish spirit in man, the vagabond from the life of God, which hath not an habitation in God, nor the eternall life of God abiding in him, he is busie with the same faith at this day, and hath the same expectation from it, as Cain had.

This is the root of the false religion, of the false hope, of the false peace, of the false joy, of the false rest, of the false comfort, of the false assurance, as the other is the root of the true. In this faith which is of man, and in the improvement of it stands all the knowledge, zeal, devotion, and worship of the world in generall, and of the worldly part in every man in particular: but the true knowledge, the true zeale, the true devotion, the true worship stands in the faith which is given of God, to them which are born of the immortall seed, which lies in God, and in which God lives for ever. Isaac Pennington the younger.

In 1881 the pen of Inspiration wrote,

My heart goes out in yearning of soul for those who are living in the very last scenes of this earth's history, and yet are insensible to what is just before them. A vast reformation would be wrought upon the world if the veil of the future could be lifted, and all could see and understand that very soon there is to be a change in the attitude of God in His dealings with the perversity of man. Ellen White, Testimonies to South Africa, pg. 48.


And so it is that God has indeed changed His dealing with man's perversity. God's wrath and the wrath of the Lamb have been released into the earth on all levels, God giving people over fully to their own devices and to the deceptions and sins and religions they love. This wrath of God's separation is easily seen by anyone with his eyes open. Since the time that I was first mocked in the media at the beginning of our sojourn in the wilderness when the media, and then the state's "legal" apparatus came out against us, inciting prejudice and fear of our peaceful city, many plagues began falling on the whole earth. There have been many very great natural disasters and strange calamities. Extraordinary hurricanes, economic woes, tsunamis, earthquakes, disease, destructive attacks (such as against the Trade Center in New York), and ensuing, never-ending wars have fallen upon the earth. The world has lost its respect for the US, and national contempt builds daily as all the parties contend with each other. A complete collapse is coming, as it is written in Revelation 18.

Blood MoonAnd now we are in the celestial time of judgment which the "blood moons tetrad" revealed. The first blood moon of the tetrad brought in the Ukrainian and Russian conflict, causing a new very great change in international relations. The second conflict of that moon was the war in Israel ushering in a strange killing field in Israel, and where assassinations and revenge killings are becoming common in Israel and around the world. That second moon of the tetrad ushered in ISIS ("God's great army") -- "...My great army which I sent among you." (Joel 2:25, Amplified) "Revere God and give Him glory, honor and praise in worship, for the hour of His judgment (krisis) has arrived." (Rev. 14:7, Amplified)

Americans and others are being beheaded. This islamic movement has sucked the west and east into a constant war with great desolation and suffering. The international monetary agreements are going into a great change. The old rules don't work and the national cooperation in territorial agreements through the UN is passing away. The third blood moon of the tetrad came on April 4, 2015 in this location. That day marked Passover and 2300 days from the time I was wrongly convicted until the state reached the "end" of evil. What the people do to spite the Spirit of grace is felt on every level as the world crumbles and burns. But my "time of trouble" ended. My temple was vindicated when the Ancient of days came and visited with me in the early morning during the time the moon was red in eclipse.

On September 24, 2015, just three days before the final blood moon of this tetrad, which came on September 27, 2015, the pope spoke to both houses of congress. Protestants and Catholics reached across the abyss and the union of apostasy was completed. The blood moon occurred as the pope was returning home after speaking to congress and the United Nations. Also, the very act of a pope speaking before congress and the UN puts to question America's myth of "separation of church and state." Are they really separate? Were they separate when District Attorney Donald Gallegos came against me over his completely contrived crime to put away some "new messiah" and stated to the media that he was doing God's work when he used the state and state police to do this?


The national fiber continues to come apart as the halls of authority come under a contempt not seen before. This present national darkness is especially visible after the spiritual rape of my children by the state. It was the Spirit of Christ Who was come against by the state (anti-Christ) and that act is not forgivable. According to the Scriptures, the Lord damned the nation by this act, because it proved that it loved wrongdoing rather than the truth. (2 Thess. 2) Its protestant nature forever changed in bringing to an end the era of justice. Now the dark forces of despotism are born again, all in the name of "keeping the people safe." Of the justices that make up the US Supreme Court, six are Roman Catholics and three are Jews. The entire court now is made up of the religions of Christ's persecutors, and not one single Protestant. Who will represent the protesters? Our constitution is dead, as my case has proven. When the New Mexico Supreme Court was contacted, the justices refused to reveal what their religions were.

They say we have freedom of religion in America, but what use is it to have only religious thoughts, but one cannot actually do what he believes, if the state takes offense? And what use is "freedom" of speech, if indeed you can speak, but one goes to prison or loses his job if he does, for the state may not appreciate what you said. And what is the use of law, if the courts can break the law to put someone in prison who does not sufficiently tow the line of public opinion, as they did with me?

Why is it that Roman Catholics can serve alcoholic beverages to children, "contributing to the delinquency of a minor" by giving them a taste for alcohol, but since they name the alcohol "Jesus' blood," and serve it in the name of their religion, they get away with it? But I was sentenced to prison for 10 years for praying wrong and this "contributed to the delinquency" of the two minors? And why do the Jews get respect when they place their hand and their mouth on the penis of a minor child, an explicitly sexual part, sometimes bringing death because of infection, but that is acceptable because it is in the name of religion? They say that God told them to do it in the law of circumcision. But I was condemned to prison for 10 years for placing my hand gently on a non-sexual clavicle and sternum of a 16 year old, at her request, while I prayed for her, because God told me to do it.

How is it that it is lawful for the United States of America to commit murder every single day in other sovereign nations, naming its victims "terrorists, extremists, militants," or "insurgents," but these were only men, women and children who were trying to fight off the foreign forces invading their lands and destroying their culture and morals while stealing their resources? These souls are doing nothing different than Americans would do if the circumstances were reversed. How is it that this is lawful for the United States, but I am condemned for answering the innocent request of a young woman 16 years old, and praying for her, when there was no evil intent or act done by either side?

America has transformed herself into a harlot in a very literal way. Her morals have gone to hell. She manufactures pills to harden the penises of her men. She indulges her appetite, eating the flesh of her tortured animals with the other "riotous eaters of flesh." Prov. 23:20. America's churches, largely led by false prophets and false christs promising peace and prosperity, are in the harlot who rides on the back of the beast with a bloody cup in her hand. But God will now accuse you and hold you up to an open shame, as you did to Him, in me. As God is my witness, I declare to all that the United States of America embodies anti-Christ. If its citizens do not worship this image to the beast they will be restricted from "buying and selling (carrying out the practices of their religious faith)," and in one form or another their influence will be "killed."

The God of heaven, nor any other god, is allowed to interfere in any real way. This image to the beast is the only god its citizens are allowed to sacrifice to. But I now declare that this beast will be cast into the flames. I say this because the Scriptures say it. (Rev. 19:20) The sword in my mouth has exposed the man of sin who rules the world and I have "consumed him by my brightness" (2 Thess. 2:8), as evidenced by the harsh treatment dished out to me by him in my sentencing. "The spirit of my mouth, has destroyed him," "depriving him of force, influence, power, and efficacy." (Strong's definitions) All of these things reveal the end of the age.

So this is the consummation and the annihilation of our world. This is how it comes to its end. It ends itself. Light and truth bring an end to the falsehood. The time of its reign is nearly over and God's support for it actually is over. Governments are only viable with the support of their citizens. But who will now defend the crimes of the present rule? Only those who will die with it and they will die by their own hand, for it is written: "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." Gal. 6:7.

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