Chapter Ten – Cain – The End and The Mark


We are the people of prophecy and also the people of the fulfilling of the antitypical Jewish feasts. These events came about through no design of our own, but were brought about by Father's leading, from our inception as a church until this present time. Through Father's initiating and orchestrating of our circumstances, our church was born on the yearly or typical Day of Atonement, October 3, 1987. It was 21 years later on May 7, 2009, that Father showed us that Daniel 8:14 was a description of the great antitypical Day of Atonement prophesied to occur over a 2300 day period. And, that He had us right in the very midst of the events of its fulfillment. Drawing our attention to past events that He had already brought us through, He showed us exactly where we were in its prophetic fulfillment. "And he said unto me, Unto 2300 days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed." That 2300-day Day of Atonement began April 19, 2004 and ended August 6, 2010.

Now we were at the end of the second fulfillment of the 2300 day prophecy, which Father had again showed us we were in after He had already taken us through some of its events. The great judgment for this time period Father ordained for April 1st 2015, just two days before this second 2300-day Day of Atonement ended. Once again the court was filled with my family, friends and church brethren to witness whether justice would prevail or not. This was the first hearing of my habeas petition before Judge Aragon.

Blood MoonThe commencement of my evidentiary hearing for my writ of habeas corpus proceedings on April 1st, dovetailed intricately with three significant events: the ending of the second 2300-day Day of Atonement on April 3rd at midnight, Passover Eve beginning the same evening at sundown on the 3rd, and the eclipse of the third blood moon of the tetrad a few hours later in the early morning hours of April 4th. This 2300-day period of atonement that had commenced on December 15, 2008, when my guilty verdict from the jury was announced, had encompassed the major portion of my imprisonment. During this time of Atonement the whole society had been given opportunity to atone with the truth instead of the lie. For as we went through the direct appeal process through the court of appeals and the Supreme Court, there had been time for the truth to be told and followed. Now in April 2015, we were in habeas court where the new evidence that had come to light since my trial was being entered into evidence, and now again the obvious was presented. This "new evidence," though, meant nothing, for I had not been tried and convicted over a broken law, but over an opinion. It did not matter that I did not actually commit a crime, but that I offended an opinion of another religious idea. This religious idea that came against me happens to be the religious idea of the courts and political establishment in New Mexico.

Judge Baca at my sentencing said this:

"Pursuant to our laws, whether we believe they're right or wrong, or whether we're indifferent about them, they are the law, the law of the state of New Mexico. And I, as a judge in a court in the state of New Mexico, must follow those laws and enforce them to the letter."

In this statement the judge was foolishly obvious in his prevarication. I did not break any laws at all. And there were no "victims" for my "crime" that Judge Baca made up. In my trial the judge, district attorney and the jury made up a law and it was the law of their own suppositions, guessing, inferences, and prejudices. And if Judge Gerald Baca was so devoted to the law as he stated that he was, then why did he not follow the law in my trial? So I will restate what he said in my own words.

"Pursuant to our ideas and prejudices, whether you believe they're right or wrong, or whether you're indifferent about them, they are our opinion and prejudices and the opinion and prejudices of the state of New Mexico. And I, as a judge in a court in the state of New Mexico, must follow our opinions, theories and prejudices and enforce them to the letter even if no law was actually transgressed."


The state had had 2300 days to repent in its courts. It had had time to get it right. God's mercy was poured out on the state for the time of atonement. The state hardened itself even after the appeals court exposed the grossness of their error, naming my trial "illegal." But it did no good.

The beginning of the first 2300 days was marked by the midst of the week April 19, 2004, when the church went into judgment. Now the second 2300 days was marked by my conviction, when the world went into judgment.

A.S. was the "minor" that the state had used to give me my ten year prison sentence. But in Father's prophetic timeline of the antitypical Day of Atonement, she was the one that He had used to fulfill the prophetic role of the "live kid" (Lev. 16:5, NKJV) or "scapegoat." This role she fulfilled to the letter. Not only in her 2010 video deposition at the end of the first 2300 days, but now during her testimony on the witness stand on April 27th, as well, she refused to take the blame for the state's charges against me, putting them back on the state itself and its twisted use of her word "breast."

A.S. carried out her mission right on time. In my habeas hearing on April 1st, two days before the 2300th day of the prophecy, she had declared my innocence of the state's lie by affidavit, and in the continuation of my habeas hearing on April 27th, following the conclusion of the 2300-day Day of Atonement, she had declared it in person on the witness stand. Her testimony put the "sins" -- those accusations that the state had charged me with -- directly on the head of the state, whom Father had appointed for the prophetic role of Azazel or Satan, the devil. And the prophetic role that Father had appointed the DA for, as the state's representative, was the Devil's Advocate of the state's lie against me.

This prophetic and legal event, occurring right at the end of the antitypical 2300-day Day of Atonement, clearly exposed the state as being in a dark deception. By the testimony of two witnesses, L.S. and A.S., I was declared "innocent" of the state's false charges against me. This was a direct fulfillment of what the Scriptures had foretold, that "that holy thing," or the human "sanctuary" of the Anointing (Wayne Bent) who had been "set apart" for the holy purpose of the Anointing, was declared "innocent." My "cause vindicated, cleared, justified, shown to be in the right." It was just as the prophecy had predicted, and at the time it was predicted.


But there is more. When the DA, after listening to the full and clear exposure of the truth by the two witnesses who testified that I was innocent of the state's charges against me, took the position in my second habeas hearing that my "conviction" had to remain "because the jury had decided it," and that our "new evidence" was not new, what really occurred was that the DA came to his "end," his "uttermost limit" which Daniel had foretold he would reach.

And he [the little horn persecuting God's people] shall come to his end ("uttermost limit, even to the top thereof"); and none [of his witnesses he had misused at my trial] shall help him [at my habeas hearing]." Dan. 11:45, with Hebrew word definitions in quotation marks.

What this means is, the little horn would come to his decision with no help from anyone else. He would do it by himself. After the two witnesses that the DA had misused at my trial to secure the jury's condemnation of me didn't help him at the habeas hearing, he came to the pinnacle of his twisted deception of "criminal sexual contact of a minor." By denying justice in the clear face of their testimony that the "crime" never occurred, he reached the uttermost height of his contrivance. The Douay-Rheims Bible captures the imagery of this. "And he shall come even to the top thereof, and none shall help him." Dan. 11:45. What this means is, he made the extreme decision to force the charges against me to remain, all by himself. He didn't need any witnesses, he would do it himself. And what we all witnessed in plain sight was "the top thereof," the "pinnacle," the height of injustice to which the state had arrived.

This was as it was with Pilate, when he saw that there was no crime in Yeshua, he still crucified him for political advantages. The DA coming to his end in this way is like arriving at the end of the trail at the peak on the mountaintop of injustice. People say, "Well, that's the uttermost top." This means the state came to its perfect and fully matured evil, and the fullness of it was, "Okay, the two witnesses said you didn't do it, but we're going to continue to make you guilty anyway." In opposing the plain truth which everyone in that courtroom saw and heard, by hanging onto his deception anyway, he came to the height of utter wickedness, the fullness of evil, the "extremity" of it. The state officially became "That Wicked" the "lawless one." (2 Thess. 2:8) And that is the "end" to which "he" came.

This coming to his end happened at the end of the 2300 days when the time of atonement between the state and myself was ending. It was the end of the prophecy and the end of the Day of Atonement when we saw him come to his end and defend his story still, in the clear face of the truth. This fulfillment of prophecy was just awesome when I saw it. In two separate courts, the Supreme Court and habeas court, the state had given two witnesses that it was lawless. By this decision in habeas court it confirmed and entrenched itself in the decision that the Supreme Court had made in the midst of that second "week" of years. That court stated, "There is no remedy." That court refused to fix the state's lawlessness. There was no remedy for my lawless trial. And now there is no remedy for them.

The word "end" in Daniel 11:45 is from the Hebrew word "qēs," and contains a meaning within it not readily seen on the surface. This same Hebrew word is translated "process" in Genesis 4:3, and in one of the first stories in the Bible, the principle that's encompassed in this "end" or "process" is spelled out unmistakably. This story at the beginning of earth's history demonstrates exactly what kind of "process," what kind of "end," Daniel 11:45 is referring to when it stated that "he" will come to his "end." This story also shows the steps that a person takes to arrive at their "end," and what the effects of it are after they arrive there. This clearly defines the meaning of "the end of the world."

"And in process of time (when Cain came to his end), it came to pass that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering to the LORD." Gen. 4:3. The Hebrew word meanings for "process of time" are also translated, "end of days." So this story reveals what happens when a person comes to their end, meaning, when they are brought to their test of character at "the end of the days" they have been given to learn their lessons and make the daily decisions which formed their character for righteousness or unrighteousness. So when the "process of time" occurred, or when righteousness and unrighteousness had come to maturity in Cain and Abel, they were brought to their test, their "end."

During Cain and Abel's growing up years they had been given time to get in touch with the two natures within them -- the seed of Satan in their fallen human nature and the divine Seed within them Who lightens everyone who comes into the world. They had been given time to decide for themselves which one they wanted to go with and live by and daily they had been making decisions which had been forming their characters. Now they had come to the "cut off" of that time or "the end of days," and to their test, to the revealing of what characters they had formed by their daily decisions. Now it was time for the young men to each build their own family altar and lay upon it their sacrifice.

At the "end of days," Abel did what he had formed his character to do. He chose to obey God's instructions to them to bring a lamb to the altar. In his life he had repeatedly made the decision to lay down his own human life with the seed of Satan in it, which felt so natural to him, and not live by it, but to live instead by the Light within him. In the illumination coming from the Light shining within him, Abel had yielded to that Light and allowed It to draw him into the Lamb of God's own humbling of Himself, the Lamb's own yielding to the Father only, living by His Voice instead of yielding to the impulses and desires of his fallen humanity. So the lamb that Abel brought to the altar of sacrifice represented his life upon the altar of God, with God's Lamb.

But at the "end of days," Cain didn't see the point in bringing a lamb. God's sacrifice meant nothing to him because he had never sacrificed himself. He kept his self-righteous pride and personal arrogance. It wasn't in the character he had formed to sacrifice his fallen human nature in order to yield to the Light, so he couldn't comprehend God's sacrifice for him. The Light shining within him had brought little tastes to him, little thoughts and feelings of God's joy in sacrificing Himself, creating little personal opportunities for Cain to enter into them and willingly sacrifice himself and yield to the Light. But Cain hadn't "gone there" so he never did know God's sacrifice by personal experience. So Cain brought to his altar some of his garden produce that he had grown and he offered that to God. It seemed just fine to him. Cain offered his opinion to God instead of what God had said that he should do. He offered his made-up theory, as was done in my illegal trial by the state.

It all seemed the same to Cain. Abel was bringing to God what he had grown from his flocks, and Cain was bringing to God what he had grown from his garden. It wasn't until fire came down from God and consumed Abel's sacrifice, and not his, that he had his final reality check. This "little book" that I have posted is the fire which has come down from heaven and consumed my sacrifice of the last seven years. I have been vindicated by the clear evidence and by the prophetic unfolding clearly showing God's plan in it all. But the state was given no fire. The state's offering lies rotting on its infamous altar.

In what was to be God's last conversation with Cain, He brought Light to him to save him from his natural fallen self -- the beast within him. God said, "This isn't irreversible. A sin offering is couching just inside your sheepfold door." But Cain made it irreversible by his decision. My conviction was reversible but the state made it irreversible by its decision. Their life wasn't on the altar of truth and God's law, but on the altar of their own theory. They assumed God's approval by their own ideas and reasoning, rather than giving up their lives to the law of God, to justice and truth. Cain wanted to be blessed by God but he didn't want to bless God by his obedience over something he viewed as ridiculous. Cain hated his brother's obedience.


Cain finally became full of wrath over the fact that his brother's sacrifice was accepted, but his was not. He used force to come against his brother who hadn't hardened his heart when he heard God speaking to him, and Cain murdered his brother with force of arms. The Lord then confronted Cain, asking where Abel was, and Cain answered, "How should I know?" God answered, "Your brother's blood cries up to me from the ground." After He described to Cain the effects that would curse his life as a result of hardening his heart against God's warning and killing his brother anyway, He placed a mark upon Cain. What was this mark? The Hebrew word translated "mark" in this verse is תוֹא 'ôwth, which means to "set or make for a sign," and is used in Ezekiel 14:8. "And I will set my face against that man [Cain], and will make him a sign (mark) and a proverb, and I will cut him off from the midst of My people; and you shall know that I am the LORD." The sign or mark was that "Cain went out from the presence of the Lord." Cain no more heard God's voice. The Voice that Cain hadn't wanted to hear, but hardened his heart against it whenever he heard it, was the Voice that he would now never hear again.

Throughout the days leading up to Cain's "end" and to his final test, and to what would be his two final conversations with God, he had continually hardened his heart and rebelled against the Light within him instead of yielding to it and following its promptings. Cain had formed the habits of his character to do that, and after his final conversations with God, and hardening his heart still, all the way through them, the choice that Cain had become set in, and couldn't be moved from, became fully manifested and God let him go. "There is no remedy." This is what Cain did "in the process of time," when he came to his "end," and the process that the state revealed when he came "to his end" at my habeas hearings. God had given the state Light and revealed the truth to it all the way throughout my pretrial hearings and the witness interviews he had had with the minor women, as well as during my trial and direct appeal process. Now my two habeas hearings were God's last two conversations with him.


The people may think that the DA had made his decision only for himself, but that is not how God works. Remember Achan who hid the gold. The whole nation suffered as a result of one man's decision. So the DA represented the whole nation, and he decided for the whole nation. The whole nation now is being punished for what one man in authority decided. In prison, all of the inmates are punished for the crimes of one. So it is with God.

It was Light rejected that formed Cain's mark. He had followed his fallen human nature with the seed of Satan in it, while resisting the Light shining within him, until his character had become set in it. He followed his prejudices and opinions rather than the Light. He followed what he considered his personal advantages. Once Cain was removed from the face of God, his inner Light was no longer there and all that was left was his fallen human nature, or his flesh and its opinions. Without God's Light, human beings are just fallen animals, living by their fallen beastly instincts and desires of their flesh. The mark of the beast is the mark of the flesh. It is just a soul without God's guiding Light. Every soul will have God's guiding Light unless it continues rejecting it until "the end of the days" that were allotted to it personally to act on the Light, and then it fully takes the mark of the beast. Otherwise, God's Light is going to be there in the soul. Everybody is born with the Light, everybody has been given the Light. You are not born with the mark of the beast, you choose it.

The beast nature can be religious, it can act nice, it can go to church, it can believe the "right" doctrines, it can do "good" things, as the judge in my trial thought he was doing with my harsh sentencing, but it doesn't hear God talk. It is spiritually dead. The beast power that rules the world is a visible manifestation of this inner soul reality. It is a collection of humans who have yielded continually to their fallen beastly nature with the seed of Satan in it and who have become destitute of the Light of God protecting them from the beast within them. This natural beast is what judged me. The Light of God was nowhere to be seen from the state in my trial. The only thing that matters to them is "the economy," "the taxpayer," "the voter" and their political show.

Cain went out from God's presence to carry out his revengeful feelings against his brother who had followed the Light and received God's blessing in response, and went about to kill him. After lying to God about it, and being told by God what the consequences would be, Cain went out from the face of the Lord no more to hear His voice ever again, and from the face of his mother and father's family who did follow God's voice in their hearts. Cain wandered with no settled home, making money and building artificial cities which protected him from the earth's wrath because of Abel's blood he had spilled. Yeshua (Jesus) spoke this cause and effect principle of the universe, "You cannot serve God and money." When Cain and his wife began to multiply, his descendants were known as the "sons of men" and Seth's descendants were known as the "sons of God."


But God also sets a mark upon His people. "And hallow my Sabbaths and they shall be a 'sign' (mark) between me and you that you may know I am the Lord." Eze. 20:20. There are many who go to church on Saturday, but who don't have a clue what it means to keep God's Sabbath rest. Hebrews chapter 4 gives the clear answer. In fact, the people that God wrote this about were Saturday keepers, but they would not enter into His rest, never mind keep it.

Yet the message proclaimed to them did them no good, because they only heard and did not believe, as well. For those of us who have belief, come into His rest; It is only as a result of our faith and trust [the divine faith of God that humans receive as a gift He offers] that we experience that rest. Those who formerly received the good news failed to enter because of disobedience [to the Voice]. For he said: 'So I swore in My wrath, they shall not enter My rest'; not because the rest was not prepared--it had been ready since the work of creation was completed, as He says elsewhere in the Scriptures, speaking of the seventh day of creation, 'And God rested on the seventh day from all His works'. He again fixes a definite day --"Today" ... "Today, if you will hear His voice, do not harden your hearts." Heb. 4:2-7, BBE, PHILLIPS.

Not hardening your heart, but always obeying God's voice when you hear it is what Sabbath keeping is. This is what the seventh-day Sabbath represents. That is resting in God. Sunday worship represents the works of man and deafness to the word of God. Sunday was created out of man's bright ideas, but not out of God's instructions. Sunday is a work day and the first day of the week which the descendants of Cain adopted as their religious holy day. It takes work to harden your heart, to deny the truth, to resist the Light that God just brought to you, to not "go there" with Him. It takes work to do whatever mental gymnastics you need to in order to evade the Holy Spirit's conviction so you can do what you want to do anyway, instead of yielding to His voice and entering into His rest that is found in the Light.

I was constrained to follow the Voice. When hearing God's voice instructing me what I was to do in our land, I knew it must not be stopped by any hardening of my heart over fear of what I thought might happen to me because of my obedience. I obeyed the Voice, but it was the beast that hardened its heart against me and punished me for my obedience. The state hates it when a soul worships another God. It cannot stand for its authority to be questioned.

Everything that comes from our human selves is unholy and fallen, including all that is religious. We don't go to heaven because we accept certain things as theoretically true . We go to heaven because the Spirit of God is in us and He takes us there, and we don't resist God taking us there. When the Holy Spirit is guiding you, and in my case, forcing you, you are going to do what He requires, and you are going to rest from your human self and its natural fallenness.

Those who hear God speak and don't harden their hearts have the mark of God. And those who do not hear God speak, or who harden their hearts when they do, receive the mark of the beast, the mark of Cain, the mark of following their flesh with its beliefs and desires, instead of God's voice. Those with the mark of God are drawn to nature and to quiet contemplation and prayer. Those with the mark of Cain are drawn to building cities and making money. The descendants of Seth study the Voice of God. The descendants of Cain study politics.


I was a soul who loved the wilderness and long walks in the mountains and trees. But those with the mark of Cain came from the cities to pursue me over their offense that I was not like them. They put me in their "city," their prison, and cut me off from the love of my soul and from "rest" that is found in the wilderness. They did this until I finished confirming "the covenant for one week" (seven years).

The mark of Cain is only distinguished in the spirit of a person. Cain went out from God's presence and from the people of God, of whose people I am. Cain came against me with force of arms. As Abel's blood cried up from the ground, so my blood cried up from my prison house every single day during my seven years. My soul reached up to God, imploring Him for deliverance from the sons of Cain. My heart never ceased, and each day "the wrath of the Lamb" (God's sacrifice) built and grew. My crying out could be seen in the letters I wrote. And my cries to God were answered, just as Abel's blood crying up to God was answered.

Everyone with the Anointed Spirit (Messiah) will hear God speak to them. Those with the mark of the flesh, the beast, do not hear the Voice. This is very uncomplicated. Those who accused me for the way I prayed thought I was "nuts" because they could not hear the Voice that I easily recognized because of years of listening and obeying.

This mark of Cain, when "he comes to his end," is powerful in what that means. It means he comes to his maturity, the maturity of evil. And this is how someone behaves when he has the mark. This is how to recognize the mark of Cain. He's the one that killed his brother with the force of arms and went out from the face of God forever. Cain sent the heavily armed police force out to take me captive and to "kill" my influence.

The "process" brought my two witnesses that the state had used at my trial, to my habeas court, and they told the truth. And it brought the state to the court who would not receive the truth. Cain and Abel were brought to the court. One was the truth and one was his own ideas that grew in the garden of his fertile imagination. What Abel's sacrifice represented was his life. And Cain's sacrifice represented what he had produced, instead of what God had asked of him. The state produced its opinions and smoke and mirrors, but there was no sacrifice there that could be accepted by God. There was no yielding up its erroneous position, standing for justice. So they became mad at me. Cain became wroth and used force to kill Abel. And that's what the state did with me. It used force to "kill" me. And the righteousness and unrighteousness in this process came to maturity at the end of the 2300 days.


At the end of this final generation, history has been repeated. What the judges did who tried and condemned Yeshua, has been done again by the judges of the state of New Mexico. They prepared themselves for their role because of the characters they had formed for it. They were standing in their lot as they carried out their unrighteousness, just as the judges and priests carried out their unrighteousness in Yeshua's day.

Caiaphas was the one who was to be in office when type met antitype, when the true High Priest came into office. The mock trial of Christ shows how base the priesthood had become. The priests hired people [expert witnesses] to testify under oath to falsehood, that Jesus might be condemned. But on this occasion, truth came to the help of Christ. Pilate declared, "I find in him no fault at all." ... It was God's design that the men who delivered Jesus should hear the testimony of His innocence. ...And Judas, throwing at the feet of the priests the money he had received for betraying Christ, bore testimony, "I have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood." [In my habeas hearing it was God's design that those who delivered me to prison should hear plainly from the two witnesses. It was also designed that the judge himself should say, "There is no evidence" that I was guilty of touching the breast.]

Each actor in history stands in his lot and place; for God's great work after his own plan will be carried out by men who have prepared themselves to fill positions for good or evil. In opposition to righteousness, men become instruments of unrighteousness. But they are not forced to take this course of action. They need not become instruments of unrighteousness, any more than Cain needed to. God said to him, "If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door." Cain would not hear the voice of God; and as a result, he became his brother's murderer. [The beast would not hear the voice of God so my human brother became my "murderer."]

Men of all characters, righteous and unrighteous, will stand in their several positions in God's plan. With the characters they have formed, they will act their part in the fulfillment of history. In a crisis, just at the right moment, they will stand in the places they have prepared themselves to fill. Believers and unbelievers will fall into line as witnesses to confirm truth that they themselves do not comprehend. All will co-operate in accomplishing the purposes of God, just as did Annas, Caiaphas, Pilate, and Herod. In putting Christ to death, the priests thought they were carrying out their own purposes, but unconsciously and unintentionally they were fulfilling the purpose of God. He "revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him."

Heaven and earth will pass away, but not one jot or tittle of the word of God will fail. It will endure forever. All men, whatever their position, whatever their religion, loyal or disloyal, wicked or righteous, are fitting themselves for a part in the closing scenes of this earth's history. The wicked will trample one another down as they act out their attributes and fulfill their plans, but they will carry out the purposes of God.

Christ, the foundation of the whole Jewish economy, stood before the Jewish rulers, to be condemned by his own nation. With his divinity clothed with humanity, he stood to be judged by the beings he had made. His garment of human flesh was to be torn from him. He could have flashed the light of his glory upon his enemies, but he bore patiently their humiliating abuse. Christ's divinity was so completely veiled that it was difficult for even his disciples to believe in him. Ellen White, Condensed from Review and Herald, June 12, 1900.

And so it is again.

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