Chapter Eight – The Reality of My Life and Anointing


Some souls have accused me of an inflated ego, speaking of the Anointing as I do. But the truth is, my personal ego is quite deflated, the force of my own human will is gone. If I had an inflated ego I would have hidden the truth in order to protect myself (my human ego) from mocking and abuse, and used the force of my human will to get what I personally wanted. But my ego has been burned to a crisp by the exposing light and fire and extreme holiness of the Anointed Spirit who took up His residence in me, and all that is left in me to act upon is God's ego (the consuming fire of His conscious reality). When He speaks through me in first person, that is what makes people with inflated egos want to put me in prison or kill me. But my kingdom is not of this world.

During my pretrial hearings, one of the state attorneys was offended by something I had written because he was looking at it through the eyes of his inflated ego. He was complaining to the judge about what I had written and posted in my "incendiary" post regarding the state's manipulation of things in the court and hiding the truth. But God counts those judgments and attacks aimed at me, as aimed at Him. Yes, He is taking record and making a video of all the state's attorneys and what they do, say, and think in secret and soon their egos will be deflated to ashes. Those who do not repent will perish in the final flames. Their pride, as it did with Pharaoh, hardened them.

People mock me over my use of the word "messiah" but that is because they are ignorant and have not been "born again." For if they were, they would be functioning and judging from the divine nature within them and they would understand me and know why I speak as I do. "Messiah" is simply the Hebrew word for "anointed," and the specific word that Father chose to use when He anointed me for my mission. I know by experience the force of God that has come upon me, but they do not. When I speak to them it is only speaking to the wind, for even a stone would hear me before they would. If one rose from the dead or translated to heaven and then went to tell them, they would not believe.


But it is also true that there are many false christs (messiahs) and false prophets in this day, as it is written, "For there shall arise false christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." Matt. 24:24. The pulpits of America are filled with those who falsely claim that they are "anointed" to preach the gospel. And there are many false prophets who preach "prosperity" and "peace and safety." They work wonders and sometimes speak in false tongues, and these men and women are followed by their people who build wonderful edifices for them to preach pleasing deceptions for their itching ears. They are kindled by their own "common" fire but not the fire of God. Even the Devil is "converted" after the modern order of things, for righteousness has been replaced by being nice, flattery, and vain display. The masses follow men and fables rather than be filled with the lightning of God that flashes in the soul from the east even unto the west. Those with the lightning believe my words and know that what I have said is true. "But the dead know not anything." Ecc. 9:5.

For the time will come when they will not tolerate (endure) sound doctrine; but after their own lusts (natural human desires) having ears itching for something pleasing and gratifying, they will gather to themselves one teacher after another to a considerable number, chosen to satisfy their own liking and to foster the errors they hold; And they shall turn away their ears from hearing the truth, and shall be turned to fables and man-made fictions. 2 Tim. 4:3, 4, KJV & AMP.

And so it is. The people are not being prepared for heaven but for the world of the flesh, money and human relationships. "Don't bother me," they say, "I am too busy getting a good life. God is blessing me with many wonderful things to enjoy." Yet all the while they determine to kill the true Anointing.

But my word is true and my purpose settled in heaven. From the time that the Anointing of the Holy Spirit came down upon me with power in July of 2000, I have been instructed to share this heavenly gift (Messiah), to give souls a taste of the Word of God and "the powers of the world to come," (Heb. 6:5) and to repeatedly enlighten souls until they could once see for themselves. This I did through speaking about and writing out the supernatural prophetic events which the Father Himself initiated and brought to pass in "Strong City": the "Consummation" of "the marriage of the Lamb," the "seven angels" pouring out the "seven last plagues," and the "seven women" taking hold of "one man" (Messiah) (Isaiah 4:1) I was to explain what these physical events actually represented spiritually and what they fulfilled prophetically.

These events, along with an innumerable host of other living parables which Father orchestrated in our land during our first seven years there, were all designed by Him to make known a key spiritual mystery which had been previously unknown, but which Messiah had come to give. In order to leave this earth and be translated to heaven without dying physically it was a prerequisite that this mystery be understood and experienced. This key mystery, which He anointed me to enlighten the souls of this final generation with, was the clear message that heaven's requirement for every soul who desired to enter there is that they must be married to God alone. This I described in detail, what that marriage to God, or consummation of the soul into God looks like, and what it costs the soul. The parables that God sent served to offend the wicked so that they would not believe, and be damned. But God's children, His disciples, all understood the mystery of "Christ (Messiah) in you, the hope of glory." Col. 1:27.

Only those souls whose hearts were pure before God could recognize the parables and prophecies that God Himself had brought to pass, fulfilling those things which had been written for this final generation. These had the oil of the Holy Spirit in their lamps which lit up these events with God's point of view. The prerequisite of seeing through God's eyes and discerning His events with the divine faith that He Himself gives, was the same when the Anointing came in human flesh 2000 years ago.

The Jews had faith of a similar character to that of many professed Christians today. They believed the prophecies predicting the advent of Messiah; but their faith was not of that spiritual nature which discerned in the Son of God the Saviour of their expectations. They could not accept the work of God for their time, and they rejected the truth because their faith did not see the relation of the shadow to the substance. They clung tenaciously to the offering of their sacrifices, to the rites of the church and the traditions of the fathers; but they refused the Lamb of God, the great antitype of all the services of the past....He who had inspired the words of the Scriptures, and whose life was the fulfillment of their prophecies, was a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense. He did not meet their ideal of what the coming One should be....When Jesus unfolded to them the character of his kingdom, and what his disciples must possess in order to be elect, and favored of God, they said, "This is a hard saying; who can hear it?" The Saviour was invested with the credentials of Heaven. The word of God sustained his claims. His miracles, his holy character, his power over men and devils, all spoke conviction to the hearts of his hearers; but they refused him. He came in accordance with the prophecies they professed to believe, but he was "despised and rejected of men," as the prophets had foretold he would be. The Jews could not give up their dreams of a great Prince who would rule all nations. They could not relinquish their hopes of temporal power and glory to take up with the Man of Sorrows, to follow in his steps of self-denial and purity. They loved darkness rather than light and the errors they loved wrought out their destruction. Ellen White, Signs of the Times, March 30, 1888.


The Scriptures record:

For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened (once they've been made to see), and have tasted of the heavenly gift and were made partakers of the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the good word of God (Christ, the Anointed Spirit -- the same divine Being as Michael, the Son of God) and the powers of the world to come, if they shall fall away (harden their hearts against the light) to renew them again unto repentance, seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God (Messiah) and put him to an open shame. Heb. 6:4-6.

If one is once shown the power, and yet rejects that power, that one cannot be enlightened again. This is what happened to the state at my trial. After God's light shone there and was rejected, total darkness came over the state's "seat" (power), and over the highest seats of government, and it accused me of the grossest motivations in the testimony of the "expert witness," just as they did with Yeshua (Jesus) centuries ago. When God anointed me, He anointed me with "the powers of the world to come," the powers of the next world. There were some healings and hundreds of other miracles, and visions which all came to pass as shown me.

When Christ, the Anointing Spirit, appeared in Yeshua (Jesus), He brought "the powers of the world to come." So it was with me. Our first seven years in this wilderness land were filled with "the powers of the world to come," and out of that power came all of the astonishing and unexpected parables in regard to the "seven women," "the seven last plagues," and a host of other supernatural events. The whole land tasted "the powers of the world to come."

During the beginning months of experiencing the events in our land which came from "the powers of the world to come," while on my bed I was given a vision of the resurrection of the dead and a vision of Christ coming in the heavens. And while I was in the very midst of seeing this vision, Father spoke to me regarding the otherworldly events we were experiencing, and connected them with the vision He was giving me with the words, "This is the coming of Christ!" Father was showing me that the physical images I was seeing in vision were the outward symbols of the inner spiritual realities we were beginning to witness. What we were seeing was Christ beginning to come IN His people, just as had been written. (2 Thess. 1:10) The dead in trespasses (Eph. 2:1-5) were being "quickened" -- "made alive together with Christ" the Anointed Spirit -- by "the powers of the world to come."

At the very beginning of our time in the land the Woman in the wilderness had given her word that she wanted to be married to God and be the bride of Christ. But she had only experienced human marriages and had put those ideas onto what it meant to be married to God. She really had no clue of the total change that was required in herself in order to be transformed into a divine being who could have a divine marriage with a divine Being, and be totally at home in a divine world. It was about a month later that the Anointing appeared in the land. He had come to show the Woman in the wilderness what it was like to be taken out of her natural human realm and the normal commonness of human interactions and relationships, and into the realm of His divine interactions and relationships.

So what happened to us during those first seven years, was that I, along with other witnesses, were used by God to demonstrate in real life experiences how we were going to live in the next world. All day long we were in direct connection with God. Continually we were experiencing all of these awesome mysteries that were revealing themselves. Day and night we were receiving heaven's communications and unctions and point of view coming down upon us. Continually we found occurring between us supernatural connections and divine appointments. We were being used to show what we were being taken to in the next world where we would be married only to God. (Luke 20:35) "The powers of the world to come" were revealing how we were being given to live now, in preparation for being taken there. Here and now we were being brought into marriage with God alone, where we would follow only His unctions, and experience only His divine interactions and relationships. The spirit of the world was removed from us.

"The powers of the world to come" were resolutely purposed to bring each person who would be brought, to the place of experiencing the full appearing of the Anointing in their own soul. Each person who was willing to bear the overturning of their natural human ego and its world, would be fully freed from its soul control to follow the Anointing (Messiah) within their own soul. They would begin to personally experience within their own person the Anointing's bonded connection with the Father, and witness the reciprocal divine interactions and intimate relationship between Them. They would be brought into the Anointing's Life and out of, and divorced from, their own natural human life, and in their own soul they would experience "the marriage of the Lamb" -- the consuming of their own human self (ego) into the Anointing's divine Self and consciousness.

In one's spirit, in heaven, the light of the Anointing brought great rejoicing. Yet in one's earth, one's humanity, there was a great overturning, and this brought times of great consternation. This was because we were being taken away from Satan's power to influence our humanity and he was having fits over it. And, he was given certain rights by God to test us in areas which he knew we had fallen into before and had agreed with him in before.


So after our first seven years of power, the visions and all of the otherworldly events that we were being taken through by God, ended, and we had seven years of testing and suffering. As God did with Job, and with Yeshua, He consented to give me over to the devil so that I might be tested. For the devil told God that if he could touch me with great humiliation and dishonor, bringing the contempt of the whole world against me, I would reject God. I would give up and run away. I would give up my anointed mission and agree with the devil, and take his point of view that everything I had done in the land was really not of God, after all. So God permitted Satan to come against me with great humiliations. For seven years, using the powers of the state and the media, the devil was given permission by God to test me to the uttermost. With great agony at times, I suffered the torturing ordeal and the wrongful charges. I was abused and accused and pressed in every way Satan could conceive, except to take my life. My suffering was extraordinary.

Satan was also allowed to accost my spirit. For thousands of hours on my prison bed I bore the humiliation and intense distress under Satan's continued abuse. He was given permission to contend and contest all of the otherworldly events in our land, every event that the Anointing had carried out through me during the first seven years, putting them to me in the most distorted and perverted view possible, just as he did with those who hated the light of our events. Those thousands of hours were bone crushing. The mental agony and anguish was intense and grueling. I was pressed far beyond what a human could possibly bear by himself. It was the Anointing alone Who kept me and Who was my ability to bear the extreme testing. When dark heavy clouds of satanic "earth views" came up in my face and clashed against each other and eclipsed everything else, the one clear place of settled glory whence came the voice of God like many waters, was the Anointed Spirit within me, bringing back to my memory Father's clear instructions in every event, and bringing His point of view into focus once again after each time of testing.

Yet through this very injustice the prophecies were fulfilled, for I was brought into my rest through "the death." I have come to my innocence and the Anointing in me has come to His "rightful place." It was written that at the 1335 days I would "rest, and stand in my lot at the end of the days." (Dan. 12:12, 13) The Anointing brought me to "rest, and I stand in my lot." My "lot" is "God alone." He is "the portion of my inheritance and of my cup, and He maintains my lot," His Life in me. (Psalms 16:5) The Anointing in me brought me to "the Lord Himself." I "rest" in Him, and I "stand" in Him. And prison and persecution were my way there. "Blessed, happy, fortunate, spiritually prosperous, and to be envied is he who waits expectantly and earnestly, who endures without wavering beyond the period of tribulation, and comes to the 1,335 days!" Dan. 12:12, Amplified.

The beginning date for the 1335 days was June 19, 2012, the midst of my seven years of confirming the covenant in prison, when I caused the sacrifice and oblation to cease because of the "overspreading of abominations." My great time of trouble continued on until the end of the second 2300-day Day of Atonement when the Ancient of days gave His judgment during the hours of the blood moon eclipse on April 4, 2015. The 1335-day prophecy continued on for another ten months, ending on February 14, 2016, when I stood in my lot and began publishing my testimony.

I have received my inheritance, and only God do I possess. I do not possess or cling to any earthly wealth. And more than that, I have no desire for anything but God and to only follow in His steps. My extremity was God's opportunity to erase any remaining love of the world, even the "good" world, and my natural human earthiness and consciousness. Before this, I still retained some love for my country and believed that there was still some justice in the courts. But after what they did to me and to my children, it all disappeared and my heart is not drawn to anything of the natural world anymore at all, because the experience taught me what the world actually is. My eyes were opened to the lie of it and I let it go. I do not mean to say that I am in some kind of ecstasy and feel nothing. No, I feel things. When I view man's inhumanity to man, my heart is greatly grieved. I pray continually to be delivered from this world and the evil that is all around. I feel the suffering of not only humanity but the animal kingdom as well. I hurt deeply over what God has shown me.

The "rest" that the Anointing entered me into after "the death" is "His rest" (Heb. 4:10) described in Hebrews 3 and 4. This is the complete rest from their human selves that God's people must fully enter into. This is the rest of "being made a partaker of Christ (the Anointed Spirit)" by "holding the beginning of our confidence steadfast unto the end," (Heb. 3:6, 14) no matter how great the test. Clear to the end of my time of testing the confidence of the faith of the Son of God within me was my anchor. With His faith I held fast to the words of the Father to my soul and I was sustained by the agencies of heaven. Now Satan's kingdom is doomed, for I have borne my "crucible of humiliation."

The devil was given seven years to try and kill me spiritually. And I didn't die. He did everything in his power to break my connection with the Anointing in me, and he couldn't. The devil has lost the argument, and the great controversy between the Anointing of God and Satan is over. I have won the great struggle of all time by the grace of God which showered me with His comforts and sustaining strength. His comforts were in the form of light, as He revealed to me what was actually going on. I sometimes shared these revelations with others.


The victory of Yeshua (Jesus) was given to me for this final battle. It was through the power of the Anointed Spirit that I won the great controversy. And the victory was, I didn't curse God and die during the intense struggle, or run away in order to get a "normal" life. I bore the time of "Jacob's trouble" and "endured to the end." (Jer. 30:7; Matt. 10:22) Christ's victory in Yeshua was that he didn't kill everybody and go back home. He bore it. What I've had to work out has been a much longer work than what Yeshua had to work out. I can't speak for the first 30 years of his life, there's not much written about that. But I know that from the time we entered into our Son of God ministry after our baptisms -- his by water and mine by fire -- his was 31⁄2 years, and mine has been fifteen years.

Then I heard a holy one speaking, and another holy one said to the one that spoke, For how long is the vision concerning the continual offering, the transgression that makes desolate, and the giving over of both the sanctuary (lit. "holy thing" Messiah) [the human who had been "set apart" for a holy purpose] and the host of the people [those who were with the "set apart" one, those whom God had given me (John 17:9)] to be trampled underfoot? And he said to him and to me, For 2,300 evenings and mornings; then the sanctuary ("holy thing") shall be cleansed ("cleared, vindicated") and restored ("to its rightful state"). Dan. 8:13, 14, AMP.

The Hebrew word translated here as "sanctuary" is also translated "holy thing" or "set apart thing," "sacred, separate." The "holy thing" being spoken of here in Daniel is the same as "that holy thing" spoken of by the angel in Luke 1:35 when he said to Mary, "...that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God."

The human nature which Mary would be giving birth to was being "set apart" for a holy purpose from conception. And that holy purpose was to be the yielded human sanctuary for the Spirit of Messiah to tabernacle within and live out His divine Life from. And then at the end of Messiah's earthly life, he would be Messiah's human sacrifice on the cross of Calvary as the Lamb of God. His human body would be feeling the physical pain, bleeding the physical blood, and by his physical death would ratify Messiah's covenant with His Father to pay the price of saving fallen humanity from itself.

During Messiah's earthly life, his fallen human nature that he had inherited from Mary would be continually crossed by the daily personal instructions He received from His Father. But Messiah had come to tabernacle in the fallen human flesh of this "set apart person" for the very purpose of showing all yielded human beings how He would live His divine Life in them, as well. He was revealing how He would always obey His Father's voice while living in their fallen human nature, laying it down instead of acting on it, always sacrificing it on the altar of His Father's crucifying will for them, instead of hardening His heart when He heard the Voice. Messiah would be demonstrating in the "set apart" human body of Jesus of Nazareth, how He was going to messiah every human being who yielded to Him. And while living within their fallen human flesh, just as He had lived within Jesus' fallen human flesh, He would prove that "Jesus revealed no qualities, and exercised no powers, that men may not have through faith in him." Ellen White, The Desire of Ages, pg. 664.

Being this "holy thing," this "set apart person" bearing the Holy Spirit, is the privilege of everyone who is saved, and must be their experience. Yeshua (Jesus) showed us what God does when He's living in a human. Those who came against us and persecuted us don't have that, they only have their own flesh that they judge me with. The so-called ministers of God who are not "that holy thing" are the false christs and false prophets that deceive the people. They are an unholy thing, they're common, not "set apart" for God.

Yeshua was "set apart" from conception. Then when he went to the temple for the first time at age 12 for Passover and witnessed the bleeding lamb on the altar and felt such inner identity with it as his mission began opening up to him, he became "set apart" by choice.

From the time the parents of Jesus found Him in the temple, asking and answering questions among the doctors, His course of action was a mystery to them, they could not understand it. Quiet and gentle, he seemed as one who was set apart. His hours of happiness were found when alone with nature and with God. Ellen White, condensed from The Desire of Ages pg. 89 & Youth's Instructor 12-05-1895.

Yeshua knew he was a "set apart thing," set apart wholly for God's purposes, a "holy thing." But he knew he was not a "good thing." He conveyed this when he said to the rich young ruler, "Why do you call me good? There is only one good and that is God." He knew very well that he himself was not good, but he did know that he had been "set apart" for the divine Spirit of Messiah to live in. He keenly understood that his fallen human nature was not good, nor was anyone else's, and that he continually laid it down instead of acting on it or giving agreement to it, so it always remained subservient to Messiah Who lived within him. The tabernacle in the wilderness made of animal skins was called a "holy thing," prepared, set apart and dedicated to God for the Shekinah light to tabernacle in. It was designed to be a symbol of God's Shekinah Light dwelling in our prepared and set apart skin.

People get trapped in thinking that they're good if they do good things, or they profess "Jesus," so that makes them good. A person says, "Well, I'm a good person." But they're just not. Nobody is. No, not one. Our natural humanity is evil, period. Let's suppose a man is in a store when they announce that two discount tickets are being given away and the first two people in line will get them. So he gets in line really fast so no one else gets that ticket before he gets it. That's evil. Or taking that extra helping of food that's not needed, following after the desires of the flesh rather than the holiness of God, this is what human flesh is always like, evil. But, the flesh can be set apart by God for a holy purpose, and then that flesh is crucified again and again by the events that He arranges for the soul until it is quiet and still, always yielding to the leading of the Spirit of God dwelling within it, instead of its fallenness.


"Messiah [in Yeshua (Jesus)] was the first-fruits ['set apart' for a holy purpose]; afterwards, they that are the Messiah's, at his coming." 1 Cor. 15:23. Like Yeshua at 12 years of age, when he consciously yielded to be "set apart" as the sacrificed Lamb," so "they that are the Messiah's at his coming" consciously yield to God to be "set apart" for His holy purpose when they hear His Voice opening up to them their calling, and they don't harden their hearts at the cost of the sacrifice. I was "the first of many" of the "set apart ones" that "are the Messiah's at His coming."

Indeed, this is the end of the world. The children of light follow me on white horses of conquest, for it is written: "His name is called the word of God." Rev. 19:13. And, "I saw heaven opened and behold a white horse and he that sat on him was called Faithful and True and in righteousness he doth judge and make war." (v 11) In the beginning of our sojourn in the wilderness the Father told me that I was "Faithful" and "the Word of God." The Scriptures testify of me and the work God gave me to do. My posts and this "little book" is how I have judged and made war by the sword that is in my mouth.

Those who believe my testimony, those who let the divine power of my words from the Anointing go into themselves, will receive into their very experience of life the benefits of my crucible of testing, and the complete victory and rest from my human nature and flesh that followed. They will be empowered to yield fully to the Anointing within them, and He will be allowed full expression in them. He will bring them through their crucible of testing and "the death" into Himself, into the same victory and rest into which He brought me, and He will "come to His rightful place" in them, as well. Then this same Anointed Spirit Who has taken each soul through their preparatory process and has come to His rightful place in them, will Himself complete the final step of "the change":

Who shall transform our body of humiliation into conformity to His body of glory, according to the working of the power which He has even to subdue all things to Himself. Phil. 3:21, Darby.

To the people in Yeshua's (Jesus') day, he appeared to be just a man; a man they judged as crazy, mad and whom they accused as having a devil. Nevertheless, the Anointing Spirit of Christ spoke through this "man" and He gave Yeshua's generation of professed worshippers in God the same warning He is giving this final generation of professors:

You have your heads in your Bibles constantly because you think you'll find eternal life there. But you miss the forest for the trees. These Scriptures are all about me! And here I am, standing right before you, and you aren't willing to receive from me the life you say you want. John 5:39, 40, MSG.

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