~ PART I ~

The Testimony of Wayne Curtis Bent
In the Dead Sea Scrolls Hymns Scroll
~ Introduction
~ Dead Sea Scroll Profile by Scroll researcher B.L. Rich
~ Hymns Scroll Highlights by Anaiah Bent with Actual Fulfillment photos

I would like to give my testimony from the Dead Sea Scriptures. I did not know until 2016 that my entire testimony was contained in the Hymns Scroll, and that it had been spoken prophetically in first person. The following Hymns from the Dead Sea Hymns Scroll which contain my testimony were compiled and gifted to me by Anaiah Bent. After having been a personal witness of my testimony since 1987 she was led to the Hymns Scroll itself in 2016. She told me, "The very things I have heard you say, I am now reading in these Hymns. This is your prophetic testimony – being spoken in first person in the Hymns Scroll."

One of the things that offended the public the most with Jesus (Yeshua) was his testimony of himself. They were offended and jealous, and that clear answer to their question of who he was led directly to his crucifixion. But when Michael stands up he does the same thing, and his testimony is the same as with Jesus. This testimony causes the people to awaken, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. On July 5, 2000, God named me "Messiah." He anointed me as a messenger, and to show judgement in the world. Others were given this witness also, as it was with Jesus at his baptism. I have witnesses and I would be denying God to deny His testimony to me. I testify of myself, and the Father testified of me in the Dead Sea Scriptures as well. You may read the evidence below. 

The Dead Sea Scroll Hymn stanzas in this book, and Anaiah's Actual Fulfillment Commentary on them, with photographs, are from her book, Final Prophet, Volumes I - VIII. From the Introduction in her book comes the following Dead Sea Scroll overview of the Final Prophet and Teacher of Righteousness written by B.L. Rich, and condensed from his book, The Last Prophet. This was written around 1997, just before the appearing of the Anointing in 2000. I am described here in fine detail:

Dead Sea Scroll Profile
of the Final Prophet and Teacher of Righteousness,
condensed from The Last Prophet by Scroll researcher B.L. Rich

One of the main objectives of the Scrolls' texts is to paint a verbal picture of this prophet/teacher ("The Final Teacher of Righteousness" Dead Sea Scrolls) who is to surface in the final years of this age. The Dead Sea Scrolls contain important messages concerning the LAST DAYS of this present age. These Qumran Scrolls have specific messages concerning these very events and the people who are to be involved. Much was written about the leader of this community at Qumran, called the "Teacher of Righteousness", and yet another "Teacher of Righteousness" (TR) scheduled to appear in the Last Days. Therefore we see a FORMER and LATTER Prophet known as the "Teacher of Righteousness." This latter Teacher of Righteousness is to appear as interpreter of end time Scriptures and prophecy as revealed to him by God, and far more details are presented in the Scrolls concerning this latter TR. This individual is described in the Scrolls as the final "Teacher of Righteousness" to whom God gives ALL UNDERSTANDING of all that the prophets have written in the Bible, and who is to serve as a plumb line of distinction between good and evil. This future "Elijah" will possess the VISION of the end.

The Scrolls provide intimate details of the final prophet's personal life, problems, health, and certain physical descriptions. These details prove to be directly extracted from specific heretofore enigmatic Biblical Psalms. This yet to appear prophet is described as older, with weakening eyesight, in very poor health, scorned, and has suffered a loss of reputation unjustly due to betrayal by someone he trusted. "ALL WHO HAVE EATEN HIS BREAD HAVE LIFTED THEIR HEEL AGAINST HIM" as the Scrolls reveal. There is no evidence this betrayal is to the death as it was for Christ {Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus)}. Friends and family members stand aloof, believing him to be a broken vessel.

There is a time when the Prophet will be on trial. He goes to prison. A large number of other identifying details are provided and we find God Himself SCOURGING this prophet for a definite PURPOSE in order to present a message to others. The mystery of his end time vision has been shared with others before it becomes public but has not been well received, bringing upon him more troubles because of it. After this, God will begin to establish and reveal this prophet and his mystery.

Only one promised Prophet in the Bible corresponds to this LATTER "Teacher of Righteousness" – the symbolic "Elijah" Prophet promised in the book of Malachi, the New Testament gospels, and elsewhere in the Bible under various terms (Plumb line, Latter Rain etc.). The Hebrew words used in the Scrolls for "Teacher of Righteousness" also translate literally "latter rain". According to the Scrolls and the Bible the "Elijah" is to furnish the standard for all end time understanding of prophecy. This Biblically promised final prophet is to further prepare for the next coming of the Lord. The Scrolls will be an obvious echo of the last Prophet's message. B.L. Rich, The Last Prophet

This is describing me. The events here mentioned occurred with me. I am that Final Prophet foretold in the Dead Sea Scriptures. I do not proclaim this out of any personal imagination or self-glory. I say this only because God spoke this to me. He made me who I am. He made me to do all that I do and have done. When He came into me it was not simply adding divinity to Wayne. Wayne disappeared and all things became new. When He anointed me and spoke "Messiah" into me in 2000 it happened again. He then caused me to fulfill the prophecy of the "prince to come" in Daniel 9.

When I was young and fathered a child I acknowledged that I was the father of the child – not because I thought I was special, or was boasting, but because it was simply a fact. The same is true when I acknowledge that I am the Final Prophet, the final Teacher of Righteousness. God made me who I am, and forced me to do what I have done, and I testify of that. And God testifies of me. He is the One Who determined I would be the Final Prophet and anointed me for that work, and testified of it in advance in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The anointed work of this Teacher of Righteousness over the past 21 years was to help his people prepare for the coming of the Messiah in themselves, as it had been experienced by him in 2000. This time we are in is the coming of Christ (the Messiah). Since 2000 I have testified repeatedly that I am the "sign of the Son of man." That is, when Christ appeared in me in 2000, I became the sign that the coming of Christ had commenced in His people. The Final Prophet of the Scrolls is this sign. This is the time that Messiah now appears in all those who are His, at His coming. Luke 17:21; 2 Thessalonians 1:10; 1 Corinthians 15:23

I have openly and publicly testified that if persons deny my testimony they will perish, for my testimony of the coming of Christ in me is the testimony all must have to ascend and enter into the next world. It is the coming of Christ. This event is when He comes to His temple. The Christian world in general is waiting for an event that they describe as the second coming of Christ, but which is actually the event that will destroy the earth in fire, just as the second coming of Christ did in 70 A.D. when Jerusalem was destroyed. In Yeshua's day, the Spirit of Messiah's first coming was when He appeared, hidden in Yeshua's person. He had come to prepare His people during Daniel 9's time prophecy to make its Messianic Covenant with them. More than 30 years after the Jews crucified him, the Spirit of Messiah then came again in clouds of judgment for Jerusalem's destruction. Matthew 26:64 That pattern is occurring again. The first coming of the Spirit of Messiah in this final generation is His appearing in each one of His people. He appeared first, hidden in the Final Prophet foretold in the Dead Sea Scriptures. The Spirit of Messiah had again come during Daniel 9's time prophecy to prepare His people for the ending of the world in this final generation. And He came to make its Messianic Covenant with them. This was its second Messianic fulfillment of Daniel 9. When He comes again in clouds of judgment in this final generation, it will be for its destruction. In this generation, the Christ did not descend to the roof of a Jewish temple. He descended into me, His temple. "Know ye not that ye are the temple?"

There is one more Dead Sea Scroll overview. This one provides actual excerpts from the Hymns themselves that give a brief glimpse into the prophetic details of the Final Prophet's unjust imprisonment, malignant cancer in prison, court trial, release from prison, and ascension, foretold of him. This overview is "Hymns Scroll Highlights," compiled and condensed by Anaiah. 

Hymns Scroll Highlights
of the Final Prophet and Teacher of Righteousness,
condensed from The Final Prophet by Anaiah Bent

Hymn Scroll Highlights are short excerpts from the Dead Sea Hymns Scroll which describe the media and "legal" attack of the Final Prophet and Teacher of Righteousness, his trial and imprisonment, his intensive, spiritual process during his prison crucible where he was 'placed in the melting-pot like gold in the fire to be purified seven times' – seven years, his malignant cancer while in prison, and his release from prison. These Hymns were written by the Qumran Teacher of Righteousness under inspiration around the 1st century B.C.E., and were written prophetically in first person as the Final Prophet's own testimony. No human being could have known in advance all of these details. The accuracy of these prophetic Hymns which have been fulfilled so strikingly to the letter in the Final Prophet's life, aka Wayne Bent, reveals their divine authorship. Nothing could be more exact than what was written here in the Scrolls. Emphasis is mine:

These first Hymn Highlights foretold and described the physical aspects of the Final Prophet's time in prison, and the spirit of it. I now quote from the Dead Sea Hymns Scroll itself.

Truly, I am bound with untearable ropes and with unbreakable chains a thick wall fences me in iron bars and gates … my prison is counted with the Abyss as being without any escape … My spirit is imprisoned with the dead, for my life has reached the Pit … I cannot step forward lightly, for my legs and arms are bound by shackles which cause me to stumble …

These next Hymn Highlights foretold and gave descriptive detail of the cause of the Final Prophet's malignant cancer in prison. The Final Prophet's personal observation to me after his 11-hour cancer surgery was, "The prison hospital refused to take care of my cancer until it had devoured my ear."

The members of my Covenant have rebelled and have murmured round about me; they have gone as talebearers before the children of mischief concerning the mystery which Thou hast hidden in me. … With devilish schemings they unsheathe a perfidious tongue from whichever springs the poison of dragons. … And this has brought incurable pain, a malignant scourge {cancer} within the body of Thy Servant … My sore breaks out in bitter pains and in incurable sickness impossible to stay. … My wound breaks out like burning fire … whose flames devour me for days on end … diminishing my strength for times on end and destroying my flesh for seasons on end. … The pains fly out towards me … my strength has gone from my body … my flesh is dissolved like wax

The following Hymn Highlights foretold and revealed details of the Final Prophet's court case, trial and being sent to prison:

There is no rest for me in my trialThey sound my censure their murmuring and storming … According to the mysteries of sin, they change the works of God by their transgression {because of their own guiltiness, they alter the pure works of God and make them vile and violent "sex crimes"}For they, an assembly {courtroom} of deceit, and a horde of Belial, know not that my stand is maintained by Thee, and that in Thy mercy Thou wilt save my soul since my steps proceed from TheeFrom Thee it is that they assail my life, that Thou may be glorified by the judgement of the wicked, and manifest Thy might through me in the presence of the sons of men; for it is by Thy mercy that I stand … Mighty men have pitched their camps against me, and have encompassed me with all their weapons of war {war weapons of national and international propaganda media; officers of the "law" with their innumerable guns, SWAT Team and helicopter at his arrest; and officials of the court with their weapons of deception, insinuation, unlawful activities and jury manipulation} … For I am despised by them and they have no esteem for me that Thou may manifest Thy might through me. They have banished me from my land like a bird from its nest.

The following Hymn Highlights foretold descriptive details of the Final Prophet's divine preservation in prison and his release from it:

Thou hast preserved the soul of the poor one in the den of lions Thou hast dealt wondrously with the poor one to manifest Thy might within me in the presence of the sons of men. … Thou hast placed him in the melting-pot, like gold in the fire, and like silver refined in the melting-pot of the smelters, to be purified seven times {seven years in prison} The wicked and fierce have stormed against me with their afflictions; they have pounded my soul all day. But Thou, O my God, hast changed the tempest to a breeze; Thou hast delivered the soul of the poor one like a bird from the net and like prey from the mouth of lionsThou hast redeemed my soul from the hand of the mighty.

And these Hymn Highlights foretold the ascension of the Final Prophet, his 'beloved,' and those who 'wing their way' 'to fly, go away' to the 'assembly with the holy ones.':

I thank Thee, O Lord, for Thou hast raised me up to everlasting heights … And Thou, O my God, hast provided it for 'those that wing their way' 'to fly, to go away' to the holy counsel …

'I am made to stand with the 'holy ones'
Chant, O beloved, sing to the King of glory'
Announce and say: Great is God, Maker of marvels. For He humbles the proud spirit with no remnant and from the dust He lifts up the poor to eternal heights.
He lifts him up to the clouds to share a common assembly with the 'holy ones.'

We know Thee, O God of righteousness … O King of glory … Thou hast established us according to Thy pleasureby removing all ancient things and creating new ones, by breaking asunder things anciently established, and raising up the things of eternityThou hast lent an ear to the issue of our lips {the issue He put in us, "We shall be changed" and "the dead shall be raised incorruptible …" 1 Corinthians 15:51-52} … That bodies gnawed by worms may be raised from the dust … to be renewed together with all the living and to rejoice together with them that know.


Hymns foretelling Media & Legal Attacks 'in a Wilderness'

Parts II – VII now contain the Hymns themselves from which the Hymn Highlights were taken. The Hymns have been put in paragraph form for ease of reading.

The first lines of this Hymn below describe physical details of our wilderness home here where Father brought us, cryptically describing the appearing of the Anointing of Christ in the Final Prophet as 'the bud of the shoot of holiness' – 'a shoot of the everlasting Plant.'

The Hymn goes on to cryptically foretell the commencement of the flood of attacks against the Final Prophet on all fronts – media, former 'members of my Covenant,' and the "legal" system, as 'tumultuous rivers' who 'despised' and 'cast their slime' upon 'the bud of the shoot of holiness' who appeared in the Final Prophet.

Hymn 18 (formerly 14)
Géza Vermes, translator

I thank Thee, O Lord, for Thou hast placed me beside a fountain of streams in an arid land, and close to a spring of waters in a dry land, and beside a watered garden in a wilderness.

For Thou didst set a plantation of cypress, pine, and cedar for Thy glory, trees of life beside a mysterious fountain hidden among the trees by the water, and they put out a shoot of the everlasting Plant.

Its stem was trodden by all who passed on the way and its branches by all the birds. … And all the trees by the water rose above it …

And the bud of the shoot of holiness of the Plant of truth was hidden and was not esteemed; and being unperceived, its mystery was sealed. …

No man shall … drink the waters of holiness … who seeing has not discerned, and considering has not believed in the fountain of life, who has turned his hand against the everlasting bud.

And I was despised by tumultuous rivers for they cast up their slime upon me. 

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'Thou hast placed me close to a spring of waters in a wilderness'

Father placed our little encampment of RVs close to this spring in a wilderness, just as this Hymn foretold. Shortly after our arrival in this arid and dry land we discovered this literal, physical spring of waters quietly bubbling up through the water in the "wash" (arroyo) that had been recently filled by the spring rains.

'Thou didst set trees of life beside a mysterious fountain hidden among the trees by the water'

Those of us who were with the Final Prophet are cryptically described here as 'trees of life' that Father set here beside him. He was among the trees – among us – and the mysterious fountain – the Anointing of Christ – was hidden within him and sprang up within him. It is the same everlasting spring of living waters that sprang up from within Yeshua (Jesus): It was the Spirit of the Son of God within Yeshua – the Anointing of Christ – that Yeshua promised to all who believe in him.

'And they put out a shoot of the everlasting Plant'

We, the trees of life, put out a shoot of the everlasting Plant. This is the same event which Revelation described in other imagery as "the woman … which brought forth a man Child." Revelation 12:4-5 And this is the same event which is described in Jeremiah, "And their prince will be one of them, and their ruler will come from the midst of them." Jeremiah 30:21 AMPC The word "midst" has a dual meaning in this verse: it means 'from among a number of persons,' and also 'inner part.' These Scripture verses and Scroll line were foretelling the reality which we experienced here: that our "Ruler," our "Prince," our Champion of redemption, arose not only from "among" those of us whom Father had gathered together here – externally, in the person of the Final Prophet, but our Ruler began arising internally, too, from within our "inner part."

'Its stem was trodden'

Theodor Gaster's footnote says,

Literally, 'Its stock (stump) is trampled by wayfarers'. These lines may also be understood in the sense that the holy tree is now being ravaged and despoiled by birds and beasts (i.e., by the impious), and its roots are being carelessly trampled." Theodor Gaster, The Dead Sea Scriptures in English, pg.

'all the treesrose above it'

All of the trees that were not 'trees of life' considered themselves superior; they "esteemed him not." Isaiah 53:3 Just as the Spirit of Messiah was not esteemed in the human person of Yeshua (Jesus) during His first fulfillment of Isaiah 53, so this Hymn foretold that the Spirit of Messiah would not be esteemed in His second prophetic fulfillment of Isaiah 53, either, in the human person of Wayne Bent aka Michael Travesser.

'The bud of the shoot of holiness of the Plant of truth was hidden and was not esteemed'

The Plant of truth – also described further down in this Hymn as the Plant of heaven, was the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of Messiah – the "Seed of David" hidden within the Final Prophet. And the words 'the bud of the shoot of holiness' were a cryptic description of the beginning of the appearing of the Spirit of Christ in Wayne Bent, the human being 'anointed by the Spirit' – 'the anointed leader,' 'the herald,' whom the Melchizedek Texts had foretold. He was 'the messenger' announcing the beginning of the appearing of the Shoot of holiness in all of God's people in the last days. This coming or appearing of the Spirit of Messiah in His people had been promised in the Scriptures and in the Dead Sea Scrolls. This was the Actual Fulfillment of the Scripture, "A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit." Isaiah 11:1

'No man shall drink the waters of holiness who seeing has not discerned, and considering has not believed in the fountain of life, who turned his hand against the everlasting bud'

Just as soon as 'the everlasting bud' was starting to begin to appear in Wayne, those who beheld it, but who were not discerning what it actually was – i.e. the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of Messiah beginning to appear again in a human being, as He had appeared the first time in the human being, Yeshua (Jesus) – turned their hand against it. That is, they turned their hand against Christ. They came against the Spirit of the Anointing appearing in a human being. That, in its most fundamental essence, is the spirit of anti-Christ – those who are against Christ. They considered it, the Holy Spirit brought the thought across their minds that they were seeing 'the fountain of life,' but they did 'not believe' that thought. In the symbolism of 'the everlasting bud' is conveyed the meaning that the appearing of the Anointing in a human being in this final generation was still somewhat nascent – in its infancy, as it were, when they turned against it.

Theodor Gaster translated the preceding lines in this way:

… This one, which puts forth the shoot of Holiness upon the stock of Truth, keeps its secret hidden, unknown, sealed and unsuspected.

Moreover, O God, Thou hast hedged in its fruit … by a flaming sword turning this way and that; that the wicked may not drink from the Fountain of Life nor, like those evergreens, imbibe the waters of Holiness; that he never may bring his fruit to blossom through the showers of heaven, because, though indeed he has seen it without recognizing it, he has never sensed what it was. Though he has had thoughts about it, he has never believed in the Fountain of Life, but, instead, keeps laying violent hands on what is really a flower unfading. Hymn 14, translated by Theodor Gaster, The Dead Sea Scriptures, Literal footnote translations used

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'This one, which puts forth the shoot of Holinesskeeps its secret hidden, unknown, sealed and unsuspected'

This 'One' was the Spirit of the Son of God hidden within Wayne, Who put forth the Shoot of Holiness upon the stock of Truth – His Father's Word and Presence; while the Son Himself was sealed within Wayne – the divine was unsuspected in a human body, the Messiah unknown.

'The wicked may not drink from the Fountain of Life'

"The wicked" are those who may be religious but they do not sense the hidden One Who put forth the shoot of Holiness upon the stock of Truth, and they come against him. They unknowingly live out the spirit of "that Wicked" – that spirit that is against (anti) Christ. 2 Thessalonians 2:8 It is the spirit that says that Christ has not come in the flesh of the Final Prophet, or anyone else who is testifying that the Spirit of Christ has come in them. 1 John 4:3; 2 John 7. The human self (ego) does not have the capacity to see the realities of the kingdom of heaven. It will not believe any evidence beginning to be given, but immediately cuts off its entrance into its mind. At the very outset of any intimation of divine evidence or truth that begins to make it feel uncomfortable, or that does not fit its own peculiar religious paradigm, it immediately chooses not to believe and closes its mind to it. And, equally, as this Hymn brings out, the powers of heaven do not allow the fallen human ego into its mysteries, either. 1 Corinthians 2:9-14; Luke 8:10; Matthew 13:13-14; Isaiah 6:1-12; 1 John 2:14

'And I was despised by tumultuous rivers for they cast up their slime upon me'

We witnessed the first tumultuous river despising the Final Prophet and Teacher of Righteousness when Channel 4 KOB TV showed up, uninvited, in the land in 2002 to interview him, and then cast their slime upon him when they gave their "news" report. They put their spin on the truths he had shared with them and came against him with their "fake news."

Many more despising, tumultuous rivers were to follow, including the UK's so-called documentary "End of the World Cult," and National Geographic's two televised pogroms against us, "Inside A Cult," and "Messiah on Trial." This slime casting and despising of the Final Prophet was foretold in other places in the Dead Sea Scrolls as well. The following words in 4Q541, fragment 9, describe these despising, tumultuous rivers in very plain words. The Actual Fulfillment of every detail of this Dead Sea Scripture fragment in the life experience of the Final Prophet is self-evident to those of us that Father anointed to be with him from the beginning of his anointed mission:

… his Wisdom will be great. He will make atonement for all the children of his generation. He will be sent to all the sons of his people. His word shall be as the word of Heaven and his teaching shall be according to the will of God. His eternal sun shall shine brilliantly, and his fire shall be kindled to all the ends of the earth. Upon the darkness it will shine. Then the darkness will pass away from the earth and the deep darkness from the dry land. They will speak many words against him. There will be many lies. They will invent stories about him. They will say shameful things about himutter everything dishonorable against him. He will overthrow his evil generation and there will be great wrath. When he arises there will be lying and violence, and the people will wander astray in his days and be confounded. 4Q541, fr. 9; a compiled translation: translated by Robert H. Eisenman and Michael Owen Wise, The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered, and Géza Vermes, The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English

God's secret plan in the state's attack of the Final Prophet

The next Hymn describes the year 2008, after the ending of our first seven-year Covenant from 2000-2007. The year 2008 was the year that Father said, in essence, to the Final Prophet, "Stay with Me one more year." And what Father didn't say, but meant was, "'Stay with Me one more year' while I get your "legal" case going – in preparation for the second seven-year Covenant in which you are to be the 'covenant sacrifice' of Messiah while 'confirming' that 'Covenant with many for one week' in prison." Daniel 9, second fulfillment

The first three lines of the Hymn below describe the intended physical taking of the Final Prophet's life that Father preempted. This was at the very time that the "legal" investigation of him was starting up with CYFD in the state's determined efforts to initiate a court case against him.

Hymn 7 (formerly Hymn 3)
Géza Vermes, translator
I thank Thee, O Lord, for Thou hast placed my soul in the bundle of the living, and hast hedged me about against all the snares of the Pit.

Violent men have sought after my life because I have clung to Thy Covenant.

For they, an assembly of deceit, and a horde of Belial, know not that my stand is maintained by Thee, and that in Thy mercy Thou wilt save my soul since my steps proceed from Thee.

From Thee it is that they assail my life, that Thou may be glorified by the judgement of the wicked and manifest Thy might through me in the presence of the sons of men; for it is by Thy mercy that I stand.

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'Thou hast placed my soul in the bundle of the living'

Theodor Gaster's footnote says,

The word rendered 'bundle' can also mean 'pouch, wallet', and the poet evidently understood the sentence—as did several medieval Jewish commentators—to imply that God will keep the faithful, like a treasure in a wallet, safe from Death."

This, God fulfilled for the Final Prophet – His 'treasure,' many times.

'Violent men have sought after my life'

We learned, after the fact, about one of those who sought after the Final Prophet's life. This man was a former 'member of his Covenant' who was no longer living in the land. He became so inflamed over a lie he had heard about him, that he was driving out to the land and planning to kill him, when Father blew up his engine and he was unable to carry out his plan. Father kept His faithful one, 'like a treasure in His wallet, safe from Death.'

'An assembly of deceit and horde of Belial know not that my stand is maintained by Thee'

If ever there was an assembly of deceit, it was all those who were assembled against Wayne Bent in his trial. But they knew not that his stand was maintained by Father, since all of Wayne's steps – in every single event he had carried out in the land – had proceeded from Father.

'From Thee it is that they assail my life'

It was an act of Father Himself, in which He intentionally caused the state to initiate "legal" action against the final Teacher of Righteousness. Father brought them against the Spirit of Messiah in the human body of the Final Prophet, so that God would be glorified by the perfection of His divine way of judgment being manifested. For the way by which they passed judgment on His Messiah in human flesh, was the way by which they passed their own judgment on themselves.

And I said, Mighty men have pitched their camps against me, and have encompassed me with all their weapons of war.

They have let fly arrows against which there is no cure, and the flame of their javelins is like a consuming fire among trees.

The clamor of their shouting is like the bellowing of many waters, like a storm of destruction devouring a multitude of men; as their waves rear up,

Naught and Vanity spout upward to the stars. But although my heart melted like water, my soul held fast to Thy Covenant, and the net which they spread for me has taken their own foot; they have themselves fallen into the snares which they laid for my life.

But my foot remains upon level ground; Apart from their assembly I will bless Thy Name.

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'Mighty menhave encompassed me with all their weapons of war'

Those weapons were all of the lying "news" stories they manufactured, their propaganda of "child molestation, controlling cult leader, self-proclaimed Messiah," etc. – their "fake news" that was discharged through the national and international "news" media, as well as the talk shows. Those weapons of war included also the illegally-set grand jury's  indictment of him, and the false accusation of "criminal sexual contact of a minor" by the district attorney's office.

'They have let arrows fly against which there is no cure'

Once those lying, inflammatory weapons of "fake news" went out, they were truly like these Hymn lines described, 'a consuming fire … like a storm of destruction devouring a multitude of people.'

'My soul held fast to Thy Covenant'

Father's Covenant with the Final Prophet is how he held fast to Father, and how Father held fast to him. This is what caused his foot to remain upon level ground during the intense pressure of his national and international trial by media when the accusations of the whole world came against him, his court trial, his imprisonment, and his malignant cancer and extreme sickness in prison. Michael shared with me on the phone during his imprisonment:

These hard things that I have to go through – the cancer, and some of the very worst neighbors you could possibly get – are part of the covenant that I'm supposed to confirm: that in Christ, the sinner can bear it all. See, that's my responsibilityto bear everything that Father gives me, and not try to get out of it. I just bear where He puts me. In other words, what's the covenant for, if it doesn't do anything – and also, when it's not in my human nature to bear it. That's not my human nature, nor Jesus' human nature, either. On the cross he was strongly tempted to kill everybody and go back home. But he bore it. He bore it. And it's like, somehow what I've experienced in "confirming the covenant" is going to be the keeping power of those who believe my testimony during the collapse.

It's so easy for people to "lose it" and blow off when they've finally had enough. When I've had enough, I just have to keep it: I bear it, I just take it, – whatever it is. I bear it, rather than lose it – my temper. Your temper is your abiding, and when you lose your temper you lose your abiding. When people lose it, they usually lose their problem because the devil won, so the devil backs off then. But it's really Michael in me bearing it, that's for sure. Wayne wouldn't. Wayne would have had a fit. Michael, excerpt from prison phone call, July 30, 2015, one day before his cancer surgery

'the net which they spread for me has taken their own foot'

Now, in 2018, those who spread the net have themselves fallen into the snares which they laid for the life of the Final Prophet. By the universal law of cause and effect, they now receive the very things that they planned for and did to him. They falsely accused him and condemned him, and now through their "fake news" they are being falsely accused and condemned by each other.

'But my foot remains upon level ground; Apart from their assembly I will bless Thy Name'

Nothing that the world did or said could overthrow the Final Prophet and Teacher of Righteousness. He had excruciatingly hard issues to bear in prison, but nothing could separate him from the Spirit of the Messiah within him. Now, in 2018, two years after his release from prison, and the publication of his testimony in "The Little Book" three days later, it has been abundantly proven just how securely his 'foot remains upon level ground.'

Final Prophet 'apart from their assembly' and back at the land during his first visit on March 22nd 2016 after his release from imprisonment.


Cause of Final Prophet's Court Trial and Cancer

'The members of my Covenant have been talebearers'

Hymn 14 (formerly Hymn 9)
Géza Vermes, translator

The members of my Covenant have rebelled and have murmured round about me; they have gone as talebearers before the children of mischief concerning the mystery which Thou hast hidden in me.

And to show Thy greatness through me, and because of their guilt, Thou hast hidden the fountain of understanding and the counsel of truth.

They have overtaken me in a narrow pass without escape and there is no rest for me in my trial. They sound my censure upon a harp and their murmuring and storming upon a zither.

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'The members of my Covenant have rebelled and have murmured round about me'

These were former members of the Covenant that took place on June 10, 2000, between Father, the Final Prophet and Teacher of Righteousness, and us as a congregation, when Father proposed to us, "Will you marry Me?" and we had all said "yes."

'concerning the mystery which Thou hast hidden in me'

In this Hymn the Final Prophet prophetically testified of 'the mystery' that God had hidden within him. This is the very mystery which we saw lived out in the Final Prophet since July of 2000 – the mystery of divinity appearing in a human soul during "the coming of Christ" (Messiah) in that soul. The mystery is divinity and humanity combined in the soul as it was in the life of Yeshua (Jesus). Scripture says,

Great is the mystery ('the hidden thing') of godliness: God was made manifest ('what had been hidden or unknown was made manifest or visible or known') in the flesh … 1 Timothy 3:16 with 'Greek definisions' in parenthases

This is the mystery: that 'the hidden thing' – the Messiah Who had been hidden in the flesh of the Final Prophet, invisible and unknown since 1967, became visible and known in his flesh in the year 2000. This was the mystery as Yeshua had experienced it: the Seed of Messiah was hidden within his embryo at his own conception. The Messiah grew within Yeshua as he grew, though still hidden. Yeshua always yielded to the Messiah within him, letting Him live out His divine life in his human flesh. At Yeshua's baptism the Messiah within him became known, or visible, as revealed by two witnesses: John the Baptist testified Who He was, "the Lamb of God," and the Father Himself testified Who He was. "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." Matthew 3:17 Yeshua let the Messiah use his body to carry out His divine sacrifice of Himself as the Lamb of God on the cross.

During the 2000 years since the time of Yeshua, 'the mystery' had not been understood clearly nor experienced fully – until the Final Prophet was brought into it by God in 2000. The pattern was the same: The Seed of Messiah was 'hidden' in the Final Prophet when God converted him in 1967 and he became a 'new creation.' 2 Cor. 5:17 DBY The Messiah grew within the Final Prophet as he grew, though still hidden. The Final Prophet was always knowingly yielded to the Spirit of God within him, letting Him live out His divine life in his human flesh. In 2000, when Father spoke the words to him, "You are Messiah," the invisible Messiah became visible, the unknown became known – to the Final Prophet and to us. This is 'the mystery' of the coming of Messiah in His people. Yeshua was the Spirit of Messiah's first person in whom He became visible or known. Then, in this final generation, the Final Prophet was the first person in whom the Messiah became visible or known. The Final Prophet then let the Messiah use his body to carry out His divine sacrifice of Himself in "the marriage of the Lamb." The Father Himself testified Who He is, and the Two Witnesses testified Who He is – the Son of God Who is living within the Final Prophet – the One Who came to marry us to the Father in the Lamb's marriage. And, the One Who appeared and revealed Himself in the Final Prophet, is within each of us who have yielded fully to Him.

It was in 2016 that God brought me into 'the mystery' of the coming of Christ, the Spirit of Messiah, in my flesh. It was at my Jubilee deliverance. That is when the Messiah, Who had been hidden within me since my conversion, now became visible in me. It was then that Father led me to the Hymns Scroll for the first time. Because I was experiencing the reality of 'the mystery' within myself, I was in a place where I could clearly identify it in the prophetic testimony of the Final Prophet in the Hymns Scroll. I could recognize the expressions which came from his human nature, and the expressions which came from the divine nature of the Spirit of Messiah residing within him. I could see how the Messiah in the Final Prophet's soul was guiding him with His own divine faith through every impasse that had looked and felt totally impossible to the Final Prophet's human nature – just as I had experienced the Messiah within me, guiding me in my own soul. I had first witnessed this Messianic guiding in person in the Final Prophet, and now I was witnessing it in the expressions of his prophetic testimony in the Hymns Scroll.

The Final Prophet was foretold by the Scrolls to be the first in this final generation to be brought into 'the mystery.' The Melchizedek Texts of The Dead Sea Scrolls had described him as 'the forerunner,' 'the messenger,' 'the anointed leader,' 'the one anointed of the Spirit.' And in Qumran's cave 4, manuscript 287 speaks of 'the anointed ones of His holy spirit' (4Q287, fr. 10) in this final generation.

'and because of their guilt Thou hast hidden the fountain of understanding and the counsel of truth'

The guilt of the former 'members of his Covenant' came from their decision to become disloyal to the Covenant that they had each made to God when they said "yes" to His personal proposal to us, individually and collectively as a congregation, to become one with Him.

'They have overtaken me'

This was the State of New Mexico and its notorious "legal" system.

'There is no rest for me in my trial'

This was the court trial of Wayne Bent aka Michael Travesser from December 8-15, 2008, in Taos, New Mexico.

'They sound my censure upon a harp'

The state's "expert" witnesses and attorneys were continually harping on the unfounded lies and gross insinuations of the state against him. And their 'murmuring and storming' were especially obvious in the state's lying motions and briefs.

Anguish and sufferings seize me like the pangs of a woman in travail, and my heart is troubled within me.

I am clothed in blackness and my tongue cleaves to the roof of my mouth; for I fear the mischief of their heart and their inclination towards evil appears as bitterness before me.

The light of my face is dimmed to darkness and my radiance is turned to decay.

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'Like the pangs of a woman in travail'

Hymn 9, translated by Géza Vermes goes into much greater detail regarding this travail of childbirth of which the Final Prophet was in the midst. He translates several of the Hymn lines there,

'the child-bearing crucible in which there shall spring fortha Marvellous Mighty Counsellor, and a man shall be delivered from out of the throes. And when he is brought forth every pang shall come upon the child-bearing crucible.'

Theodor Gaster translates those lines,

'at last there enters the world the man-child long conceived. Now, amid throes of death, that man-child long foretold is about to be brought forthAnd when he comes to birththat crucible of conception will take a sudden turn.'

This childbearing crucible of conception began in 1967 when the Seed of the Messiah was conceived in the soul of the Final Prophet at his conversion. His baptism on June 10, 1967, on the final day of the Six-Day War, signaled the beginning day of the final jubilee period, or final 49 years, of a Messianic prophecy – "The Messianic End Time 490." That entire final jubilee from 1967-2016 was the 'childbearing crucible' for the whole world. Hymn 5, translated by Theodor Gaster is a description of that very period of time and its end results. In the court trial of the Final Prophet in December of 2008, when they withdrew their consent for him to have a right to live here freely on this earth, they withdrew their own right to live here. They began ending their own world.

'I am clothed in blackness'

The Final Prophet was made to look as evil as possible by the state and the media.

'I fear their inclination toward evil'

This "fear" was not fear of people, as in terror, making him want to change his mind, for he had no fear of people. But it was a concern borne out of knowing very well the effects of talebearers who could no longer discern the truth that they had once seen when the Spirit of God illuminated their minds. Because of their guilt, they now could only spread their own perverted imaginations of the Final Prophet, which came out of the evil of their own guilty hearts. He was not afraid of hurt to his person, but he felt a fear of what might happen to God's testimony that he had borne regarding God's pure and holy events in the land. The bitter hatred of the talebearers would put an offended, lying spin upon those holy events and mar them. Yet, this very marring of them was an Actual Fulfillment of Daniel 9's second Messianic fulfillment which had been prophesied: " … the people {former members of the covenant} of the prince that shall come shall 'mar' the city and the sanctuary ('holy, set-apart thing') {the Final Prophetthe living human sanctuary for the Messiah Who lived within him}." Daniel 9:26, with 'Hebrew definitions'

For Thou, O God, didst widen my heart, but they straiten it with affliction and hedge me about with darkness.

I eat the bread of wailing and drink unceasing tears; truly, my eyes are dimmed by grief, and my soul by daily bitterness.

Groaning and sorrow encompass me and ignominy covers my face. My bread is turned into an adversary and my drink into an accuser; it has entered into my bones causing my spirit to stagger and my strength to fail.

According to the mysteries of sin, they change the works of God by their transgression.

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'I eat the bread of wailing and drink unceasing tears'

When I read these Hymn stanzas above to Michael, he said, "That's exactly how I felt inside."

'According to the mysteries of sin'

Within their own souls, the former members of his covenant changed the pure works of God that He had done in the land, into impure ones. It was through their offense and lying accusations that they did this. As the earlier lines in this Hymn revealed, it was because of their guilt that God hid from them the fountain of understanding and the counsel of truth. Because of their personal guiltiness, they were no longer partaking of the mind of God as they had done previously. They now only had their own guilty minds left and this caused them to change, i.e. reinterpret, God's pure and holy works, making them into "sex crimes" instead.

The court, also, changed the works of God by their transgression. They knowingly took the Final Prophet to trial over a lie – the lie of "criminal sexual contact of a minor" – because they were offended over the "Messiah" word and his testimony that God had come into him and possessed him and directed him in everything he had done in the land. So the court changed the unspoken crime of "Messiah" into the spoken crime of "criminal sexual contact of a minor" by their transgression – i.e. by their lying.

The final lines of this Hymn now reveal the impossible looking appearances that the Final Prophet saw by human sight, and the overwhelming extremity of human feelings that engulfed him in prison. His sensitive nature felt these to the extreme:

Truly, I am bound with untearable ropes and with unbreakable chains.

A thick wall fences me in, iron bars and gates of bronze; my prison is counted with the Abyss as being without any escape . . .

The torrents of Belial have encompassed my soul leaving me without deliverance . . .

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'Truly I am bound with untearable ropes, unbreakable chains, a thick wall fences me in'

These are all descriptions of the physical features of the Final Prophet's prison experience in the New Mexico prison system. These were exceedingly oppressive and torturous to the sensitive and innocent Spirit of God's Son Who resided within the Final Prophet and Teacher of Righteousness.

'My prison is counted with the Abyss, the torrents of Belial have encompassed my soul leaving me without deliverance'

These spiritual descriptions reveal the Final Prophet's time of being tested to the uttermost in prison. Belial is known elsewhere in the Scrolls as "Beliar," and in prison BeLIAR was torturing him with all of the appearances of extreme impossibility that surrounded him – in order to break the connection of the faith of the Son of God within him, to Father.

But seven years in prison is where his human nature's strong belief in its own feelings – because of the way things appeared to it – was trained right out of his flesh. It was in the very darkness of those hopeless appearances that the Anointing within Wayne trained him, over and over again – until it became "first nature" to him to not believe the evidence of his human senses, but to believe only Father's personal word to his own heart – no matter what things looked like or felt like to his human nature.

Final Prophet's Cause of Cancer In Prison Foretold

The Scrolls foretold the poison that would cause the Final Prophet's malignant cancer during his imprisonment. It was foretold as the same poison that had fueled his court trial. In the first Scroll paragraph below, the first stanza of Hymn 14 which I quoted in the court trial section translated by Géza Vermes, I now quote from translator Theodor Gaster, in order to show the context for the stanzas which follow it regarding the Final Prophet's cancer.

Hymn 10
Theodor Gaster, translator

By reason of the secret which Thou hast hidden within me they have spread slander against me to men that were bent on mischief.

Because they have hemmed in my way and because they are laden with guilt, Thou hast perforce {"by force, out of necessity" Dictionary} kept hidden from them the fount of understanding and the secret of truth, while they—they go on contriving the mischief of their hearts, opening their shameless mouths, unleashing their lying tongues which are like the venom of adders fitfully spurting forth; …

It becomes like a constant pain, a fretting wound {a wound that doesn't heal} in the body of Thy servant

Géza Vermes translated that last line in this way:

And this has brought incurable pain, a malignant scourge {cancer} within the body of Thy servant, causing his spirit to faint and draining his strength so that he maintains no firm stand. Hymn 14, translated by Géza Vermes, The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English

'By reason of the secret which Thou hast hidden within me'

The rebellion and murmuring of the former members of the Covenant of the Final Prophet was indeed 'by reason of the secret which Father had hidden within him.' At some point, the truth that he spoke had became offensive to them and they broke their Covenant to Father and to the Final Prophet – to be one – married in heart and purpose – to God.

'they have spread slander against me to men that were bent on mischief'

They went as talebearers to the sheriff's office and the district attorney's office in the Final Prophet's prosecution, to VICE Magazine, and to various talk shows, etc. They profaned and distorted the pure events that Father had divinely orchestrated in the land, attaching to these events the baseless accusations of vile sex crimes, human control and manipulation. The word 'mischief' archaically meant "a person responsible for harm or annoyance, trouble, distress; literally, come to an end adversely." This was the true intent of the talebearers and the 'men who were bent on mischief.'

'and this has broughta malignant scourge within the body of Thy servant'

This Hymn was foretelling and describing the Final Prophet's skin cancer, the squamous cell carcinoma that began growing in front of his left ear within the first year he was imprisoned.

'malignant' – "very virulent or infectious; cancerous; (of a tumor) tending to invade normal tissue or to recur after removal;" Dictionary

The reason why the devilish schemings and poisonous darts of the former members of his covenant affected the final Teacher of Righteousness in this way, is revealed by something he shared with us eight years before he went to prison and before his 'malignant scourge' began growing during his first year there. He wrote,

In a vision of the night someone wanted to kill me because I had changed his family and divided his home. I felt the troubled soul in my heart and was unconcerned as to my welfare. It seemed as though I had entered into his complaints with my own heart and borne him onto myself. My work is of that nature. I bring fire and a sword, and the Truth is forever pouring out of my heart. I, then, must bear the repercussions. I take their hit upon myself. I do not cast off the offended soul. Wayne Bent aka Michael Travesser, Michael's Diary, August 9, 2001

The final Teacher of Righteousness was bearing his former 'covenant members' upon himself. He was bearing those who broke the covenant that they had each made with him and with Father – and the consequences of them breaking it. And his spiritual bearing of these excruciating matters was manifested physically in the bearing of the 'malignant scourge' that he bore in his body.

'they go on contriving the mischief of their hearts, opening their shameless mouths, unleashing their lying tongues which are like the venom of adders fitfully spurting forth'

The former members' shameless contrivings were unleashed all over the world on internet blogs and talk shows. As venomous witnesses, their lying tongues were also unleashed in the so-called "documentaries" (pogroms) about the Final Prophet, as well as in his sentencing hearing, as they bore lying testimony against him.

God's purpose in the set up of the Final Prophet's imprisonment
"He came as a thief" – criminal

The following Hymn gives a complete overview of the "legal" case that the State of New Mexico pursued against the Final Prophet. It is full of cryptic descriptions. It describes the state's district attorneys as 'lions prompt to spring on the guilty.' It describes why God 'set' the sights of this state's notorious "legal" system on the Final Prophet. And it foretells his miraculous and unexpected release from prison seven years later when God 'snatched' him 'from the very jaws of the lions' when he was 'nigh to be rent.'

Hymn 9
Theodor Gaster, translator

Though Thou hast set my soul amid lions prompt to spring on the guilty—fearful lions that break men's bones, mighty lions that drink their blood, and though Thou hast placed me full oft in ready reach of their haul who spread their nets for the froward like fishers upon the waters, or seek, like hunters, to trap them, yet, when Thou hast placed me there, Thou hast dealt justly with me.

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'Thou hast set my soul amid lions prompt to spring on the guilty'

This was a prophetic description of the district attorney and state attorneys whose job is to spring on the guilty. They assumed the Final Prophet was guilty and they were prompt to spring on him. The Actual Fulfillment of this Hymn began at the commencement of the State of New Mexico's "legal" case against him. Theodor Gaster's footnote connects this Hymn with Psalm 57. That entire psalm is a Messianic prophecy of the Final Prophet. This is verse 6:

They have made ready a net for my steps; my soul is bent down; they have made a great hole before me, and have gone down into it themselves. (Selah.) Psalm 57:6 BBE

'Thou hast placed me full oft in ready reach of their haul'

God is the One Who made the Final Prophet look like a 'wrongdoer' in the eyes of the 'lions.' Father's very specific instructions which He gave the Final Prophet in the land, and his carrying out of those specific events, were what placed him 'full oft in ready reach of the haul' of the district attorney and governor of New Mexico. To them, it looked like "criminal sexual contact of a minor" must have occurred.

But the Final Prophet was the bait that God used to disguise His hook which He was setting for them, because they were the real wrongdoers in His Court of Justice. They didn't love Truth. The Final Prophet and Teacher of Righteousness spoke, practiced and wrote the truth. He was Truth Personified – because the Spirit of Truth is the Spirit of the Son of God living within him. In the Habakkuk Peshur, one of those who was prophesied to come strongly against the Teacher of Righteousness was called "the Man of the Lie." So Truth and the Lie met in the trial of the Final Prophet and God gave the state what it wanted. It didn't love the Truth, but wanted to believe the Lie about him, so God gave them "a strong delusion that they should believe a lie." 2 Thessalonians 2:8-12

'who spread their nets for the froward like fishers upon the waters, or seek, like hunters, to trap them'

I quote Theodor Gaster's footnote here in which he gives the literal translation of this cryptic line and cites Habakkuk 1. That chapter is a Messianic prophecy of the Final Prophet, and the Dead Sea Habakkuk Commentary on Habakkuk clearly identifies him as the Teacher of Righteousness.

3. Literally, 'And Thou hast placed me in the drag (Hebrew magor; cf. Habbakuk 1.15), with many fishermen spreading their nets on the face of the waters (cp. Isaiah 19.8) and huntsmen after wrongdoers'.

That is, "Thou hast caused me to dwell with many DAs and state attorneys." In Michael's pre-trial hearings and trial there was a district attorney and two state attorneys who were pitted against his one defense attorney paid for by the state. At the end of the trial when the jury was hung and we had to take a break over the weekend, the district attorney told the Final Prophet's attorney that if the state didn't get a conviction on him at this first trial, they would take him to trial two more times in order to get one. They were determined to make him guilty and put him away. Yet, as this Hymn foretold, this was all according to God's will and for His purposes. It wasn't going to turn out like they thought.

'yet, when Thou hast placed me there, Thou hast dealt justly with me'

Theodor Gaster's footnote states, "An interpretation of Hab. 1.12." In the Dead Sea Habakkuk Commentary, by inspiration the Qumran Teacher of Righteousness connected Habakkuk chapters 1 and 2 to very specific prophetic events that would be fulfilled by the final Teacher of Righteousness in 'the Last Days.' Those very events God caused the Final Prophet to fulfill to the letter – and then showed us afterwards what prophecies had been fulfilled. It was written that they would come against the Teacher of Righteousness on the Day of Atonement, which is precisely what they did. It was the antitypical 2300-day Day of Atonement, and the issues that the Final Prophet bore in prison were the internal, spiritual issues of that final atonement of the human soul with God. The Hymns Scroll is full of stanzas describing this season in the last days when God takes every soul to trial. As the forerunner, in prison the Final Prophet was the first among many who would experience this. The Dead Sea Serekh Scroll goes into great detail regarding this as well. This was a momentous time and this Hymn goes on to give further details of what occurred internally within the Final Prophet during his seven years in prison, revealing how God dealt justly with him during his unjust imprisonment.

Géza Vermes translated that line this way:

'Thou hast established me there for justice.'

God established the Final Prophet in New Mexico's judicial and prison system for the purpose of exposing the hypocrisy, deception and injustice of it. God was judging them while they were judging His Son within the person of the Final Prophet. The notoriety of the New Mexico judicial system was revealed in a conversation that a relative in another state had with a phone company. This relative was making arrangements to be gone on vacation and it came up that New Mexico was the destination. The phone lady said, "Oh you don't want to go there. They don't follow the law. They do what they want." And then an inmate shared with the Final Prophet as to why, when he shared with him a well-known saying in prison: "You go to New Mexico on vacation and leave on parole." That is the very place God 'established' the Final Prophet 'for justice' – to thoroughly expose its injustice.

'Thou hast set firm in my heart Thy deep, deep truth; and to them that seek after that truth Thou bindest Thyself in pledge.'

Géza Vermes' translation of this Hymn line sets it home in a very powerful way to those of us who were personal witnesses of what the Final Prophet actually accomplished during his seven-year imprisonment, as well as what the Messiah within him accomplished internally in him:

'Thou hast confirmed the counsel of truth in my heart and the waters of the Covenant for those who seek it.'

God put the Final Prophet in prison to 'confirm the Covenant.' This Hymn line is a witness from the Scrolls testifying to the Final Prophet's fulfillment of Daniel 9:27, during its second Messianic fulfillment. "And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week." The Messiah within him was the One confirming the Covenant for seven years in prison. God purposed in the Final Prophet's "legal" case and imprisonment to make public His Son's Covenant of atonement before the whole world. And specifically, God was lifting up His Son's final atonement before the whole world. Those who were seeking after truth would identify with the deep truth that God had set firm in the heart of the Final Prophet. Those souls would recognize the Voice of that same Spirit Who was speaking within them and would yield to Him so He could bind them to Himself in Covenant union, as well. The Messiah's second fulfillment of Daniel 9:27 was carried out just as His first fulfillment had been – He carried it out from within a human being. His first fulfillment of Daniel 9's Messianic Covenant was in the person of Yeshua (Jesus), and His second Messianic fulfillment was in the person of the Final Prophet.

Continuing on with Theodor Gaster's translation of Hymn 9,

So hast Thou put a lock upon the mouths of those lions, whose teeth are like a sword, whose fangs like a sharp spear, whose breath is the venom of serpents. Though ever they seek to raven, and though ever they lie in wait, they have opened not their jaws against me.

Thou hast sheltered me, O my God, in the face of all mankind, and hidden Thy teaching within me, until it be shown unto me that the hour of Thy triumph is come.

In all the distress of my soul Thou hast not abandoned me. In the bitterness of my spirit Thou hast heard my cry, and in my sighing discerned the song of my pain.

When I have found myself in a very den of lions, whetting their tongues like a sword Thou hast rescued me in my plight. Yea, O my God, Thou hast locked their teeth lest they rend a hapless man apart; and Thou hast drawn back their tongue like a sword into its sheath, lest it do hurt to Thy servant.

Moreover, to show forth Thy power in the sight of all men, Thou hast singled me out, a hapless wretch, and worked a wonder in me, passing me like gold through a furnace, even through the action of fire, and like silver that is refined in the crucible of the smith, to come forth sevenfold pure.

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'Thou hast sheltered me, O my God, in the face of all mankinduntil it be shown unto me that the hour of Thy triumph is come'

God was the Final Prophet's shelter in the face of national and international contempt over the false charges against him that were gullibly believed as true. The hour of God's triumph was the afternoon when He arranged the release of the Final Prophet from prison. But He didn't show him for sure that it was the hour of His triumph until the very afternoon of the very day that He turned the tide and brought about his very speedy release from prison on February 11, 2016. When I shared with him these Hymn lines after his release from prison, he said, "Yes. This I was conscious of. I would guard myself until I was shown the moment of triumph."

'in all the distress of my soul Thou hastdiscerned the song of my pain'

The Final Prophet's keenest internal distress was that God had forced him to carry out the events in the land, and then put him in prison because of them. But Father did not abandon him. He heard his inner cries and 'the song of his pain.' That touches me to the core of my being – revealing how intimate Father is with us in our keenest pain. The Final Prophet shared with me that this scene from "The Passion" by Mel Gibson is a picture of the intense internal suffering and crying out to Father that he felt within him during the entire time he was in his seven-year prison crucible.

But suffering unjustly was the very tool that God used as a catalyst to bring about the perfection of His atoning work within the Final Prophet 'in the sight of all men' – in order to reveal for the first time in this final generation what it looks like to 'come forth sevenfold pure.' It was for the sake of strengthening those who would follow in his footsteps, that God gave this revelation.


'Purified Seven Times' to Manifest God's Power Within

Seven Years of 'Purified Seven Times'
December 30, 2008 – February 11, 2016

These two photographs taken of the Final Prophet mark the beginning and the ending of his seven-year imprisonment. The top picture was taken in 2009 where he was incarcerated in Central New Mexico Correctional Facility (CNMCF) in Los Lunas, New Mexico for 5 ½ years. In this photograph he was on the witness stand in a court hearing which the prison had initiated because of his religious fast. He was testifying of his deep personal convictions that had motivated his fast. It was the fourth week of it, and the 3rd day since he had taken no water. The judge ruled that he be force fed by the prison with a feeding tube. The bottom picture was taken in 2016 where he was incarcerated in the Penitentiary of New Mexico (PNM) for 1½ years, and the place from which he was released. He was standing at the window where he could see the parking lot, waiting for some of his family to come for a visit. Those seven years from 2009-2016 were the seven years when the Son "confirmed the covenant with many" from prison in his person. Daniel 9:27, second Messianic fulfillment

We continue now with the Actual Fulfillment commentary on Hymn 9 of the Hymns Scroll translated by Theodor Gaster.

'To show forth Thy power in the sight of all men, Thou hast singled me out, a hapless wretch, and worked a wonder in me, passing me like gold through a furnaceto come forth sevenfold pure'

These Hymn lines reveal God's purpose in publicizing the Final Prophet's trial and seven-year imprisonment, and making him a "high profile case" through the National Geographic "documentaries" (pogroms). God was showing forth His power in the sight of all men by the results He was going to bring from the Final Prophet's crucible of humiliation in prison. He was working the wonder in him of causing him to come forth 'sevenfold pure.'

Géza Vermes translated these lines in this way:

Thou hast dealt wondrously with the poor one to manifest Thy might within me in the presence of the sons of men. Thou hast placed him in the melting-pot, like gold in the fire, and like silver refined in the melting-pot of the smelters, to be purified seven times {seven years}.

Truly, a 'hapless wretch' describes the natural condition of every human being – of itself, without God – and God singled out the Final Prophet as His demo model. Father was going to demonstrate through him what the power of His Son could do within every yielding soul who was willing to be purified by God seven times.

In prison, the Messiah within the Final Prophet began his purifying ministry in his soul by shining His exposing spotlight on events in his life prior to his conversion. As He showed him every aspect of his natural human nature, its fallen attitudes and feelings and its deep, inborn selfishness, the Final Prophet agreed with each revelation of it that Messiah gave him, and took His side instead of defending himself. He yielded to Messiah's exposing light instead of fighting against His righteous judgments of him.

In a most trying crucible, the Son of God purified the Final Prophet's character. And it was to such a depth and extent that his automatic habits are now spontaneously and perfectly reflecting the Son's divine context of life and His responses within him. And this is without his conscious thought or intention because the Son trained them into him in prison.

The Final Prophet is living proof of the maturation of the new Covenant reality within God's people that He had promised they would experience in the last days. Géza Vermes described those results as "inner transformation of every individual" where "the will of God was to become, as it were, second nature." The Dead Sea Scrolls in English, Revised Edition, pg. 68 After the Final Prophet was released from prison, the words he used to describe to me the results of the inner transformation and purification he had experienced in prison, was that the Messiah's will and character within him had become "first nature" to him. This is his description of what that looked like:

Everything changed when Messiah came in me {in July of 2000}. Something new happened then, just like at my conversion {in 1967}. I was converted 33 years before, but what happened in Safford {in spring of 2000} was I stepped down off of my whatever I was on and said to Father. "Just put Your footsteps out there, I'll walk in them." And it's because I saw I was not savable. I saw I was just a pile of poop. And so I said, "Well, just use me the best You can use a pile of poop." But the pile of poop didn't change – until the Anointing came {three months later}. And then it changed big. I mean, it was just awesome. And then I had to battle in that new place. Like in my conversion I had to battle through the natural world. Now I had to battle through in the unnatural world {of God's un-earthly instructions to him}. I had to go to war the second time, but with different things.

My biggest battle was in prison. I didn't feel there would be a possibility of failure. That never occurred to me. The possibility was that I could just die there because it was so much outrageous pressure. But it was part of my process to have to be deceived into abandonment to God – so that I could learn more. See, before, the Holy Spirit just drew me, but it wasn't natural. None of it was natural to me – it was the Holy Spirit doing it all. Then in prison He processed me through to where my natural self is not natural of the world, but natural Wayne now is to let Him do whatever He wants with me. I don't have to argue with Him, "This isn't right to do – what You're asking me to do!" Whatever He wants me to do, I'll do. Michael, personal conversation, February 22, 2017

The Final Prophet's life revealed what 'sevenfold pure' looks like in a human being in this final generation. God demonstrated it in him. And what kept him during the "outrageous pressure" of his imprisonment was his Covenant with Father. He 'confirmed the Covenant' with God under severe pressure and intense pain in prison – revealing the keeping power of God's Covenant within a human soul. Prison was the 'graving-tool of life' for the Final Prophet:

Thou hast recorded for them, with the graving-tool of life, the favours of Thy blessings and the Covenant of Thy peace, that Thou mayest reign over them {from within them} for ever and ever and throughout all the eternal ages. … By the hand of Thine anointed, who discerned Thy testimonies … by the hand of Thy poor {designation of the Final Prophet in the Hymns Scroll} whom Thou hast redeemed by Thy might and by the fullness of Thy marvellous powerThou hast opened the door of hope to the melting heart. Dead Sea "War Scroll," Column XI-XII, translated by Geza Vermes, The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English, Revised edition 2004

Those Seven Times Refined – God Makes a Sanctuary for Himself

The following Scroll fragment reveals exactly for whom the Final Prophet opened the door of hope by being 'purified seven times.' It was for all those who would follow in his footsteps, letting the Messiah within them take them through the experience of becoming 'seven times refined' by Him, just as the Final Prophet had. These ones are described in detail in the following Scroll fragment. This damaged fragment no longer contained the first part of the first sentence when it was discovered. I asked Father what the missing thought was and He brought the following words to my mind: "The time of His visitation in the final age is for":

. . . God in all flesh, and an avenging judgement to destroy wickedness, and for the raging anger of God towards those seven times refined. God shall sanctify some of the holy as an everlasting sanctuary for himself, and purity shall endure among the cleansed. They shall be priests, his righteous people, his host, servants, the angels of his glory. 4Q511, fr. 35, translated by Géza Vermes

The Final Prophet was the first among these 'some' foretold to be 'seven times refined. When I printed this Scroll fragment for the Final Prophet and took it to him to read, shortly afterwards he came down to my house, paper in hand, and said to me,

Remember when I was in prison and I told you that I felt like the wrath of God was upon me? When I read this, what stood out to me was, "the raging anger of God towards those seven times refined," and I thought, "Yes, that's exactly how it was in prison." Those who survive the wrath of God get to go to heaven and live with Him.

Now, His wrath is not poured out on me. He stopped pouring out his wrath after seven years {after he came forth 'sevenfold pure' as the Hymns Scroll foretold of him}. So when I got out of prison I poured the wrath of God out onto the earth in my "Little Book" – no mercy, just burning hot, and God lets the devil have the whole thing, just like He did with Satan and Job.

Job had the wrath of God on him. That's when God tells the devil not to destroy you, but He lets him do everything else to you. Everything that the devil's had on you in the past he gets to try you for now – to the uttermost. He knows where he's been able to tempt you in the past so God says to him, "All right," and lets him try you. And those who survive it, they are the Christians {Lit. "followers of Christ" – followers of the Messiah within them}. They are the ones that God will dwell in. These are the people that God won't let the devil kill in this final generation. If the devil killed them that would prove that the devil is stronger than God.

What His wrath is actually released on are all those things in our previously-formed character that were not from Him but which Messiah's intercession had covered – human ways of thinking and feeling, natural reactions, etc. God is for us, and against them, but they have been such an inseparable part of us that it feels like He's coming against us when He comes after them – to expose them to us and get our agreement so He can separate them from us.

The Melchizedek Texts reveal how this 'raging anger of God' purifies His own:

The future King of Righteousness – that is, Melchizedek redivivus {Melchizedek 'reborn' in each soul – 'come back to life, living again'} will execute upon them God's avenging judgments, and at the same time deliver the just from the hands of Belial and all those spirits of his ilk. 11QMelch, 9, 13, translated by Theodor Gaster

Géza Vermes translates those Melchizedek Texts lines in this way,

For this is the moment … for Melchizedek. And he will, by his strength, judge the holy ones of God, executing judgement as it is written concerning him … Melchizedek will avenge the vengeance of the judgements of God . . . and he will drag them from the hand of Belial and from the hand of all of the spirits of his lot. 11QMelch, 9, 13, translated by Géza Vermes

The next morning Michael and I visited more about 'the raging anger of God towards those seven times refined.' I had read several more Scroll fragments which contained his prophetic testimony and which described details of his process of purification in prison. These I printed for him and as we visited together Father brought out greater light yet regarding the divine science of the Final Prophet's internal experience in prison. The following are condensed excerpts of our visit:

Anaiah: These fragments you are speaking in first person and describing some of your process of purification and what you were dealing with. They're very fragmented, but this one is in a section called Fight against Evil Spirits:

As for me, on account of my fear of God, He has opened my mouth, and through His Holy Spirit . . . {given me the} truth for all these. They have become spirits of dispute in my body, from the frame of the flesh.

And God has placed in my heart the spirit of knowledge and understanding, truth and righteousness. And fortify yourself by the precepts of Godto fight against the spirits of wickedness and not . . . His judgements. 4Q444, fr. 1-4 i, translated by Géza Vermes, The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English

Michael: That's very good – 'not fight against His judgments.' 'Dispute' there, I would take that to be like Job's arguments when he was arguing with God about how he felt he was mistreated. And he got cured of that when he said he didn't know what he was talking about. The 'spirit of dispute' to me was, "God, this isn't fair" when I was in court. I'm disputing, and it comes from 'the frame of my flesh' …

Anaiah: … from the context of the flesh: "This isn't right! You forced me to do these things and then You put me in prison and made me suffer for them. I'm disputing this."

Michael: Yes. Job did, and God told him he was right in what he said.

Anaiah: God was getting at other things that Job didn't see.

Michael: Yes, in other words, I was suffering the wrath of God, but it wasn't over some sin I committed. I didn't see that. I was having to bear the wrath of God against my nature and overcome my nature by it. And I had that – 'the spirit of dispute.'

Anaiah: So it says 'spirits' here. Did you identify more than one issue, like, "Why are You hurting me?" Is that another one?

Michael: Yes, and I had depressed spirits almost the whole time in prison. I wasn't in depression, but my spirits were depressed. And a lot of it had to do with dispute – maybe all of it had to do with that.

Anaiah: Well, and when you're in that place, you're judging from human appearances, human feelings and it's not the faith of the Son of God. It's like you were being switched over from the human faithand the appearances and how bad they lookedto His faith.

Michael: Exactly. That's right. That's exactly right, Mom.

Anaiah: This fragment said,

I, the Master, proclaim the majesty of His beauty to frighten and terrify all the spirits of the destroying angels. 4Q510, ibid.

Michael: I feel that way. I was in prayer this morning and praying for Father just to make me His temple – where I am His friend, His companion, and that we did things together. I want to be enrolled in Him: I want Him to be able to use me at every move He has, and that I'll not blip on the screen at all, I'm just with every move He makes; I desire to be conscious and active within it, as if I was His body – only His body. He didn't have to talk to this body to get agreement from it, like He did before. So that was my prayer this morning. And, you know, you get nothing out of it.

I am His temple – and it came from that quote you gave me yesterday. I just thought, Oh yes, that's my heart's desire. So, in that space is where I 'frighten and terrify all the spirits of the destroying angels.' They can't overcome that. There is no way. They have to get agreement to be destroying, and my agreement is with the Father. And I need nothing from it, I just want to walk with Him. That's how I felt when I came here and I felt Him across the wash {arroyo} there. I heard Him in the trees and I just felt so unified. And that's what this land feels like to me, it's so unified with Him.

Anaiah: Yes, in "Union County." And then this fragment said,

Let them rejoice, before the God of justice with shouts of salvation, for there shall be no destroyer in their territories {within them}. And no spirit of wickedness shall walk in there {walk in them - because God is walking in them} for the glory of the God of knowledge has shown forth in His words and none of the sons of iniquity shall endure. 4Q511, fr. 1, ibid.

Michael: The spirit of wickedness – as I identify it – that 'walks in them' is the spirit of offense. It's not like they're out wanting to steal something, but they're offended at somebody. That would be the 'spirit of wickedness' in them that had to be done away with.

Why we Have to be purified seven times

Anaiah: This fragment is revealing why you had to be purified seven times – why we have to be purified seven times.

I will thank thee, for because of Thy glory Thou hast set knowledge on my foundations of dust to praise Thee … out of a shape of clay was I molded; and from darkness was I kneaded, and iniquity is in the limbs of my flesh. 4Q510, fr. 28-9, ibid.

Michael: We come from the earth, that's what we're made from – the earth.

Anaiah: And that's why our "earthliness" has to be removed. That's why iniquity has to be removed from 'the limbs of our flesh.'

This is the quotation from which I was referencing "earthliness." It is from a chapter entitled, "The Time of Trouble," and was foretelling this very time we've been in while being 'seven times refined' by the Messiah within us:

The Lord's eye is upon His people, and His ear listens to their cries. Their affliction is great, the flames of the furnace seem about to consume them; but the Refiner will bring them forth as gold tried in the fire. … It is needful for them to be placed in the furnace of fire; their earthliness must be consumed, that the image of Christ {the Messiah living within them} may be perfectly reflected. Ellen White, The Great Controversy, pg. 621

Earthliness is what kept Yeshua's disciples from really comprehending Who was hidden in his human flesh until after his ascension and the Holy Spirit was poured out:

Because of their selfishness and earthliness, even the disciples of Jesus could not comprehend the spiritual glory which He sought to reveal unto them. It was not until after Christ's ascension to His Father, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the believers, thatthey began to realize that they had been in the very presence of the Lord of glory. … Their minds were opened to comprehend the prophecies … and they were as men awakened from a dream. … The disciples now seemed, to themselves, of much less importance than before they realized this. {Self-importance is earthliness.} … His lessons, which they had but dimly understood, now came to them as a fresh revelation. Ellen White, The Desire of Ages, pg. 506

Anaiah: And then I thought you might be able to shed some light on this:

I have hated all the works of impurity, for God has caused the knowledge of understanding to shine in my heart. Just chastisers deal with my perversity, and faithful judges with all my sinful guilt for God is my judge. 4Q510, fr. 18, ibid.

'Just chastisers deal with my perversity …' Is that like circumstances?

Michael: Yes.

Anaiah: And 'faithful judges' – is that talking about within you – like convictions? Would they be faithful judges?

Michael: Oh that sounds right to me, Mom, convictions – it's like when He opens my eyes to things and I see what they are, things in myself. Those are the faithful judges, yes.

Anaiah: 'For God has caused the knowledge of understanding to shine in my heart. … for God is my judge.'

And then this is the quote:

. . . the raging anger of God towards those seven times refined. God shall sanctify some of the holy as an everlasting sanctuary for himself. And purity shall endure among the cleansed. They shall be priests, his righteous people, his host, servants {bondslaves of divine Love}, the angels of his glory. 4Q511, fr. 35, ibid.

Michael: Yes, that word in the Hebrew is "slave," that's what the word means.

Anaiah: "Bondslave" – permanent bondslave.

Michael: Your servants were slaves.

Anaiah: And, when they decided they loved their master and didn't want to leave when their time was up, then they became a slave forever. That's what the Jubilee and 'those seven times refined' is all about. Because we've had time to be a slave of God, and then we decide we don't ever want to not be a slave in His household.

Michael: Well, that was like my prayers this morning. I got conscious of the fact that I wanted to be a slave – His room: And He could walk around, He could do whatever He wanted, take me wherever He wanted. And that's exactly what I was feeling this morning, Yes, I wanted to be a bondslave of God. Whatever He wants to use me for, I'll be used for that – and I don't have to judge it.

Literal meaning of Christian:
bondslave to Messiah within you

Anaiah: Yes. I asked for the literal definition of "Christian" in Google and it brought up this definition from Wikipedia:

The Greek word Χριστιανός (Christianos), meaning "follower of Christ", comes from Χριστός (Christos), meaning the "anointed one", with an adjectival ending borrowed from Latin to denote adhering to … belonging to, as in slave ownership. Wikipedia, Christian

Michael: That's it.

Anaiah: And that's why at my Jubilee deliverance the song that Father gave me, one of the verses was, "And now that I'm a Christian" – now that I'm a slave of the Anointing – "I am the least of all."

Michael: You know, the thing that makes this very clear and helpful is the knowledge – if you're not that, then you get to be the slave of the adversary, with all of his torments and trouble and suicide, you know. That's what you get as an alternative. And until we've made our decision, God's helped us and been very gentle with us and not forced us beyond our capacity to comprehend Him. And we come to the place, like this morning my decision was, Yes, I want all of that. I want to be used of God. So, through 77 years of my life He brings me to that place.

Anaiah: And He brings you over and over again, because that was your place you've been. {It gets set home deeper within every time.}

Michael: And the alternative is, you get to be demon possessed.

Anaiah: Demons get to walk in you and live in you.

Michael: That's right, and do whatever they want in you. But that's all there is: We have freedom of choice between one or the other ruler, but the rest of it is up to them they are the chooser of what we do. But we can choose which one we want. The human is just deceived into thinking that it can kind of take a little bit of this and a little bit of that …

Anaiah: … exercise its "independence."

Michael: Yes. No, that's not going to happen.

Anaiah: That exercising of "independence" is the dark side.

Michael: Yes. I really feel the light from this. This goes right down into the core. And the world doesn't like people messing with their core, it's their own little private sanctuary for their selfishness and their lying. All their little idols are in there and they want to keep that all, they don't want that to be exposed. This is for the holy ones who can connect with those kinds of issues.

See, for us to go to heaven, we're standing in all that light and holiness there. Unless we're prepared for it – unless we're partakers of it now – we couldn't stand to be there. It's too bright, too light. So here, Father is preparing us to go to heaven without dying. The people who've been His in the past are going to have to be given a miracle to stand heaven, because the ones that died weren't prepared for it. But it can be given as a gift –if it's been worked out by others

Anaiah: … by those that God purified seven times. He worked it out in us.

Michael: Yes. You know, I know how it will seem – that one statement I made there, "Now I pour the wrath of God out onto the earth." In other words, my judgments are withdrawing support from them – I'm not supporting them. And that's the wrath of God, when He turns away. So that's how I pour it out. In other words, I don't pour out grace to cover their crimes. I won't allow that anymore. I said, "This is what you did, you are wrong," and it doesn't give them any space – except outright repentance, which is very unlikely in the legal world. Yeshua said to his generation, as I say to mine, "Your house is left unto you desolate." Luke 13:35

Anaiah: As you're talking, I'm transferring it over to the experiences that I've gone through, where something that has been covered by intercession – I've been doing just fine with it the whole time. All of a sudden when intercession is removed, I'm not doing fine with it anymore. The cover comes off and you don't feel God at all, you just feel that – whatever it is, and you get to feel it 100%. And then Michael within me, He starts making a way through this maze of familiar thoughts and feelings, and He separates the flesh – He separates that thing from me. And then I'm delivered from it. But it's just what you talked about, you're withdrawing your support:– support is withdrawn from me when intercession is removed, and I have to bear those things and see them.

Michael: The way it works with me, I'll describe it the best way I can. I do not overcome anything. What God does is open up to me what it was, place the Spirit of overcoming in me, and I walk in Him {in the Messiah living within him} having overcome whatever it is. He's the Overcomer. I don't have any strong will, "Well I'll be this way now" or "I'll be that way now." I don't have any of that.

Anaiah: It's totally futile.

Michael: Yes. It's God's Spirit {the Messiah inside} that gives me that, and I agree with Him. I agree with His Spirit and STEP OUT in it. But He's the Worker. He's the One that makes the changes. He's the One that brings the deliverance. He's the One that shows the Light on it. I'm an agreer.

Anaiah: Yes. And I'm an un-agreer with that thing – whatever it is, because that came from previous agreement. And so I withdraw my agreement, and I agree with Him.

Michael: Yes. And it's God that does the work.

Anaiah: Yes. But He maneuvers me through this maze: It's like I'm totally in the dark and He's just walking me through it. And He's showing me, at the same time, what it looks like and feels like. Because it's the exposure of it, the identifying of it, that makes it lose its power.

Michael: Yes. I've never overcome sin. God overcame sin in me.

Anaiah: Yes, it's the Messiah.

Michael: People can't. I have God Who works the miracle. I haven't had any success in fixing myself. My efforts have always been disputing with God about what He wants me to do, you know, like in prison. That's where I am. And finally I get to the point where I say, "Okay."

Anaiah: "Just and true are Your ways."

Michael: "Just and true. Thy will be done. I agree." That's the overcoming

Anaiah: … that you were given.

Michael: … from Him. You know, we don't throw our crowns at His feet as a humble symbol. No, it was really earned by Him. He earned the whole thing. And I'm very clear about that. When I read about "overcoming" and all this – these self-help books "ways to overcome" this and that and the other thing – it just grosses me.

Anaiah: It's like ways to re-form this turd so that it looks different.

Michael: And how to see the turd in a different way – you put a flower in it; take away the smell – put perfume on it.

Anaiah: … change the shape.

Michael: That's right, Mother. You know, from the very beginning, God has been my Manufacturer.

Anaiah: What I'm seeing are the three periods of purification in a soul that the Serekh Scroll talks about. The third purification is where you're 'purified seven times.' The first one is from your first love until your conversion. And then from your conversion to the coming of Christ in you. And then after the coming of Christ in you is when He has married you to Himself – and now He takes you through that 'purified seven times.' Because we have to be married to Him – He has to be our anchor – in order for Him to take us through that. We wouldn't stand otherwise. It would just be way too much for us.

Michael: I wouldn't have ever handled prison until the Anointing. And most of the way I handled it was to submit, that's how I handled it. But it was horrific internally. I mean, even the wires would scream a message to methe iron doors, the windows that were too small to get throughthey all had a message that they gave me: "You are our captive" – you know, the devil's talking – "You are our captive."

And every natural holy instinct was absolutely not in prison, there isn't any holy instinct there. Very hard for me to live in an environment like that. And that's where this came from {pointing to what was left of his ear where the cancer had been removed}. Conversation with Final Prophet, September 10, 2018

This is Theodor Gaster's footnote for 'sevenfold pure' is Psalm 12:6:

The 'Word' of the LORD {'the Word of God' – the Messiah – living within a human soul} is a 'purified' Word: as silver 'refined' in a furnace of earth {our fallen earthly nature - that is what He is refined in}, purified seven times. Psalm 12:6, with 'Hebrew definitions'

It is in this context that the true meaning and significance of the first lines of this Hymn can now be comprehended. This is Géza Vermes' translation:

I thank Thee, O Lord, for Thou hast not abandoned me whilst I sojourned among a people burdened with sin. Thou hast not judged me according to my guilt, nor hast Thou abandoned me because of the designs of my inclination; but Thou hast saved my life from the Pit.

Thou hast brought Thy servant deliverance in the midst of lions destined for the guilty, and of lionesses which crush the bones of the mighty and drink the blood of the brave. Hymn 13, translated by Géza Vermes, The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'Thou hast not abandoned me whilst I sojourned among a people burdened with sin'

The people burdened with sin were those in the judiciary as well as those in prison. And Father didn't abandon the Final Prophet during his temporary stay in their world.

'Thou hast not judged me according to my guilt, nor hast Thou abandoned me because of the designs of my inclination; but Thou hast saved my life from the Pit'

The 'guilt' of the Final Prophet was not what the state charged him with. He was not guilty of "criminal sexual contact of a minor." His guilt was that he was born a human being with a fallen human nature. We humans are born guilty, naturally. But the Final Prophet's experience reveals that God doesn't hold our fallen human nature against us. He doesn't abandon us because of the built-in designs of our fallen inclinations. But He personally does whatever we need to have done to save us from our Pit. Prison is referred to in the Hymns Scroll as the Pit. Prison is a visible picture of our natural fallen human nature – the Pit into which we were born. God saved the Final Prophet internally and externally from the Pit. In prison, the Son of God dwelling within the Final Prophet cut the final nerve that had connected him to his fallen human nature. He now had no more complaints about Father imprisoning him because of an unjust conviction. He was now bonded inseparably to the Son's divine nature and was singing a new song. Instead of 'the song of his pain,' he was singing "the song of the Lamb" within him: "Great and marvellous are Thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are Thy ways, Thou King of saints. Revelation 15:3

'nigh to be rent'

This very aptly described the Final Prophet's low physical condition at the moment of his miraculous release from prison by Father's hand. His parole picture, taken on the day of his release from prison on February 11, 2016, tells it all. (PART II, 2nd picture from the end)

'They knew not that my steps were directed by Thee'

Hymn 8 (formerly 3)
Géza Vermes, translator

I thank Thee, O Lord, for Thou hast fastened Thine eye upon me. Thou hast saved me from the zeal of lying interpreters, and from the congregation of those who seek smooth things. Thou hast redeemed the soul of the poor one whom they planned to destroy by spilling his blood because he served Thee.

Because they knew not That my steps were directed by Thee, they made me an object of shame and derision in the mouth of all the seekers of falsehood.

But Thou, O my God, hast succored the soul of the poor and the needy against one stronger than he; Thou hast redeemed my soul from the hand of the mighty.

Thou hast not permitted their insults to dismay me so that I forsook Thy service for fear of the wickedness of the ungodly, or bartered my steadfast heart for folly.

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'Thou hast saved me from the zeal of lying interpreters'

Those were the lying interpreters of the "law" – the attorneys and judges who interpreted the law of "felony criminal sexual contact of a minor" to include the Final Prophet's nonsexual healing touch on the sternum/clavicle of a minor who had asked him for healing.

'Thou hast redeemed the soul of the poor one whom they planned to destroy by spilling his blood because he served Thee'

The Final Prophet's long prison sentence was intended to be a life sentence, but God overruled their evil designs. His real crime in the eyes of the state was that He faithfully followed God's Voice to his soul and couldn't be moved from that. The Final Prophet's timely release from prison before his original long prison sentence was up, was Father's fulfillment of this Scroll line and Mark 13:20:

And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect's sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days. Mark 13:20

'an object of shame and derision in the mouth of all the seekers of falsehood'

God used the Final Prophet's trial and imprisonment to expose and accomplish many things, but the bottom line is revealed in two things that these two Hymns specifically noted: It revealed "all the seekers of falsehood" and it revealed "them that seek after that truth."

January 26, 2016 prison release hearing in Taos, New Mexico


Messiah's Work in Prison – Bearing Our Malignant Cancer

"He carried our suffering and 'bore' – 'removed' 
– the things that made us sick"

Hymn 18 (formerly 14)
Géza Vermes, translator

Behold, I am carried away with the sick; I am acquainted with scourges. I am forsaken in my sorrow . . . and without any strength.

For my sore breaks out in bitter pains and in incurable sickness impossible to stay; my heart laments within me as in those who go down to Hell.

My spirit is imprisoned with the dead for my life has reached the Pit; my soul languishes within me day and night without rest.

My wound breaks out like burning fire shut up in my bones, whose flames devour me for days on end, diminishing my strength for times on end and destroying my flesh for seasons on end.

The pains fly out towards me and my soul within me languishes even to death. My strength has gone from my body and my heart runs out like water; my flesh is dissolved like wax and the strength of my loins is turned to fear.

My arm is torn from its socket and I can lift my hand no more; my foot is held by fetters and my knees slide like water; I can no longer walk. I cannot step forward lightly, for my legs and arms are bound by shackles which cause me to stumble.

The tongue has gone back which Thou didst make marvelously mighty within my mouth; it can no longer give voice. I have no word for my disciples to revive the spirit of those who stumble and to speak words of support to the weary. My circumcised lips are dumb.

For the throes of death encompass me and Hell is upon my bed. My couch utters a lamentation and my pallet the sound of a complaint.

My eyes are like fire in the furnace and my tears like rivers of water; my eyes grow dim with waiting, for my salvation is far from me and my life is apart from me.

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'Behold, I am carried away with the sick'

On March 17, 2015, several months before Michael underwent his 11-hour ear surgery for the removal of his squamous cell carcinoma, Father brought three words to my mind, 'He took our …' When I looked those words up in the Bible I found them in Matthew 8:17. The following four translations really stood out to me, each shining their light on a peculiar aspect of what the Son, dwelling in Michael Travesser, was paying for on our behalf by his imprisonment, and by His divine bearing of the malignant cancer of our souls in His physical body for this purpose:

So that the thing might be fulfilled having been spoken through Isaiah the prophet saying "He took our weaknesses and carried our diseases Isa 53:4, infirmities, sicknesses. Matthew 8:17 Disciples Literal New Testament

He did these things to bring about (fulfill) what Isaiah the prophet had said: 'He took our suffering (sicknesses; weaknesses) and carried (bore; removed) our diseases' (Is. 53:4). Matthew 8:17 Expanded Bible

What the prophet Isaiah said came true. He said, 'He took away the things that made us weak. He took away the things that made us sick.' Matthew 8:17 Worldwide English New Testament

This happened so that what Isaiah the prophet had said would come true. He had said, "He suffered the things we should have suffered. He took on himself the sicknesses that should have been ours. (Isaiah 53:4) Matthew 8:17 New International Reader's Version

When Michael called from prison the next time, I shared these translations with him. After I finished reading that last sentence to him, he said to me,

It's sure all right with me. My little people, my little family, they're important to me, and I sure feel that way about them. I'm not giving up my family for anything. No. No. No. It's not alright. Saving myself is nothing to me, saving my family is where my values are. Michael, phone call from prison

"Among the names they give to the Messiah, 'a leper' is one"

The following commentary from John Gill's Exposition of the Bible on Matthew 8:17 became especially meaningful to me during this time. It describes the heart-feelings of the Son for those whom His Father put upon Him to bear during His second fulfillment of Isaiah 53 in the person of Wayne Bent. The Son's work from Father was to bear us while He was taking us through the process of bringing us to full salvation. Hebrews 9:27-28 PHILLIPS This commentary is the documentation of a reality that I had already witnessed for 15 years – ever since the Spirit of the Son of God had appeared in Wayne in the year 2000:

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible:

Matthew 8:17 "That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Esaias the prophet (Isaiah 53:4), "He hath borne our griefs and carried our sorrows", here rendered, himself took our infirmities and bare our sicknesses: very agreeable to the Hebrew text, (awh), "he himself", not another;  "took up", upon himself voluntarily, freely, as a man lifts up a burden, and takes it on his shoulders; "our infirmities", diseases, sicknesses, whether of body or soul, (Mlbo wnybakmw), "and bare", or carried, as a man does as a burden upon his back, "our sicknesses", or diseases, which occasion pain and sorrow. And that these words are spoken of the Messiah, the Jews themselves own; for among the names they give to the Messiah, "a leper" is one; which they prove from this passage.

The Rabbins say, "a leper" of the house of Rabbi is his name; as it is said, "surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows, yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God and afflicted". Says R. Nachman, if he is of the living, he is as I am, as it is said, (Jeremiah 30:21). Says Rab, if of the living, he is as our Rabbi, the holy. T. Bab. Sanhedrim, fol. 98. 2.

Upon which last clause the gloss {highlight} is,

If the Messiah is of them that are alive, our Rabbi the holy is he, "because he bears infirmities".

Elsewhere they say,

There is one temple that is called the temple of the sons of afflictions; and when the Messiah comes into that temple, and reads all the afflictions, all the griefs, and all the chastisements of Israel, which come upon them, then all of them shall come upon him: and if there was any that would lighten them off of Israel, and take them upon himself, there is no son of man that can bear the chastisements of Israel, because of the punishments of the law; as it is said, "surely he hath borne our griefs". Zohar in Exod. fol. 85. 2.

And in another ancient book of theirs, God is represented saying to the Messiah,"wilt thou bear chastisements", in order to remove their iniquities? (the iniquities of the children of God,) as it is written, "surely he hath borne our griefs": he replied, "I will bear them with joy". Pesikta in Abkath Rochel, l. 1. par. 2. p. 309. Ed. Huls.

Hence it is manifest, that according to the mind of the ancient Jews, this passage belongs to the Messiah, and is rightly applied to him by the evangelist. John Gill's Exposition of the Bible on Matthew 8:17

Michael's words on the phone from prison that day sharing with me what it meant to him to save us, as well as his life of divine bearing among us that I had already been a witness of, testified to me of these very things that had been foretold of Him.

Father's habeas message to us

Two weeks after Father spoke those words to me, "He took our…" we attended Michael's first habeas hearing on April 1st. Michael hadn't seen all of us together as a family since his appeal bond hearing six years earlier, and he told me later that he wasn't expecting what he felt when he walked into the room and saw all of us. He was brought into the court room through the double doors behind us, shackled between two prison guards – his hands and feet each shackled together and connected to a chain around his waist. When we caught sight of him we stood up and faced him, and as he made his way up the aisle between us he broke into tears. Then it was all he could do to make it over to his seat at a table in front of us, where he leaned over with his face in his hands and great silent sobs shook his body. His sobbing came in waves that kept coming. One wave would subside only to be succeeded by a fresh wave that came over him. Michael had no idea this would be his response. It had been such a long time since he had seen us all together, and for him to see all of our faces – still with him, still loving him with all of our hearts and souls – was overwhelming to him.

At the conclusion of that hearing, Hope shared with me a very specific communication that she had received from Father the day before. I asked her to write it out and send it to me, which she did a few days later:

Dearest Mother,

The day before the "hearing" I was impressed to ask Father if there was a fitting scripture He could give me that would apply to the hearing about Michael the next day. He told me Isaiah 53. I looked it up on Bible Gateway and even though we are all familiar with this scripture and Michael bearing our sins and our humanity, it had a different impact on my heart and mind than ever before.

When I saw him enter the court room, in hand cuffs and chains around his waist, and when he broke down and cried, I felt like my heart was ripped from my chest. I could feel he was a walking reality of every word of these scriptures.

I can't tell you even in words why I sobbed so much after I saw him. I couldn't stop crying. I saw the scars and the marks of how deeply he has borne and how deeply he has paid the price, even though he is completely innocent. I saw all the years of heartache and suffering and being locked away from love. The world could never get it or understand. I have the tears streaming down my face again now . . . . .

So here is the whole chapter of Isaiah 53 God gave me. I used the NIRV because some of the phrases are said so well.

Love her muchly,


In the translation below which Hope sent to me, I also added a few poignant lines from two other translations which described more graphically the details of the second fulfillment of this Messianic prophecy – fulfilled by Messiah from within the Final Prophet. They are noted below respectively:

Isaiah 53 NIRV (with AMP & CJB)

1 "Who has believed what we've been saying? NIRV Who has seen the Lord's saving power?

2 For He, the Servant of God, grew up before Him AMP like a tender shoot, And like a root out of dry ground;

There wasn't anything special about the way he looked that drew us to him.

3 People looked down on him. They didn't accept him. He knew all about pain and suffering. He was like someone people turn their faces away from. We looked down on him. We didn't have any respect for him.

4 He suffered the things we should have suffered. He took on himself the pain that should have been ours. But we thought God was punishing him. We thought God was wounding him and making him suffer.

5 But the servant was pierced because we had sinned. He was crushed because we had done what was evil. He was punished to make us whole again. His wounds have healed us.

6 All of us are like sheep. We have wandered away from God. All of us have turned to our own way. And the Lord has placed on his servant the sins of all of us.

7 He was treated badly and made to suffer. Like a lamb that is led to the slaughter, and like a sheep that is silent before her shearers, in the same way, he didn't open his mouth.

8 After forcible arrest and sentencing, he was taken away; and none of his generation protested his being cut off from the land of the living for the crimes of my people, who deserved the punishment themselves.

9 He was given a grave {'the Pit,' 'prison' Hymns Scroll} with those who were evil. He had done no wrong and had never deceived anyone. NLT He hadn't harmed anyone. And he had never lied to anyone.

10 The Lord says, "It was my plan to crush him and cause him to suffer. I made his life an offering to pay for sin. But he will see all his children after him. In fact, he will continue to live. My plan will be brought about through him.

11 After he has suffered, he will see the light of life.And he will be satisfied. My godly servant will make many people godly because of what he will accomplish.He will be punished for their sins.

12 So I will give him a place of honor among those who are great. He will be rewarded just like others who win the battle. That's because he was willing to give his life as a sacrifice. He was counted among those who had committed crimes. He took the sins of many people on himself. And he gave his life for those who had done what is wrong.

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

"It was my plan to crush him and cause him to suffer. I made his life an offering to pay for sin"

The day after sharing with Michael this letter and Isaiah 53 that Hope had written to me in 2015, he shared with me his inner feelings regarding the suffering that he had experienced in prison when the Spirit of Messiah used his person to carry out His second Messianic fulfillment of Isaiah 53 at the end of this age. This had been the Son's vicarious atonement provided for the antitypical Day of Atonement and had been clearly foretold in the Dead Sea Melchizedek Scroll. Regarding all of the excruciating things that the Final Prophet suffered in prison, he shared with me the following:

God had to abuse me in prison as though I had committed the crime I was accused of, in order to test my faithfulness in distress and injustice. You have to be tested by the injustice of your circumstances. It's easy when you've actually been guilty, to bear the consequences patiently. But when you're innocent of the crimes you're accused of, and you bear it patiently, that tests the faithfulness of the soul to God and forms trust of Him in the character. That is what He has to do with every soul who is His, because that proves to the devil, "These are mine."

So God had me tried for all my offenses – "self-proclaimed" Messiah being one of my offenses – as though I actually had committed the crimes, and had the evil intent to commit them. The ones who complained to the district attorney and accused me, were actually guilty of what they had charged me with. Yet I had to patiently bear that, I couldn't get back at them.

I feel no specialness in all of these things. It's what I do. It's just who God made me and forced me to be in order to carry out His purposes as the yielded, laid down vessel of His Son. How can a woodpecker get any credit for doing what he does? He just pecks wood and eats worms. I was made to be what I am. So God gets any credit, if there's any credit given. It's not my fault.

When Father began bringing the Son's vicarious atonement home to my own heart and applying its benefits to me at the end of the antitypical Day of Atonement, He drew my heart out to His Son's sacrifice of suffering in this final generation and our specific situation with the song words,

I love You for wearing my cancer on Your face,
If ever I love You, my Michael, 'tis now.

At His first coming in the person of Yeshua, Messiah did not bear in His physical body the infirmities and sicknesses of those he was bearing, for He had come into a human being to be the Lamb of sacrifice "without spot or blemish." The details of fulfillment in Isaiah 53 of Messiah physically bearing our sicknesses and dis-eases were to be revealed and fulfilled at His second coming in a human being, in the "anointed leader" of all those in whom Messiah would be appearing at His return.

The Final Prophet's Emotional and Physical Distress in Prison

'I am forsaken in my sorrow and without any strength'

These were the emotional and physical feelings which strongly pressed the Final Prophet and Teacher of Righteousness – the natural human feelings of what appearances looked like by human sight.

'My sore breaks out in bitter pains'

The photograph of Wayne Bent's 'sore' – his squamous cell carcinoma that 'broke out in bitter pains' in front of his left ear – was taken by the ENT surgical specialist who performed Wayne's 11-hour cancer surgery at the end of July 2015. (Final Prophet's Cause of Cancer In Prison Foretold) At the conclusion of his April 27th habeas hearing, after the court had been made aware of the serious stage of his cancer, a picture had been requested by the court as documentation for his legal records. By the time of surgery, however, three months later, the cancer had enlarged greatly. It had not only grown down into his ear canal, but had also invaded the flesh of the entire front portion of his outer ear – from the top, up where his glasses rested on his ear, down to the bottom, into his ear lobe.

'My wound breaks out like burning fire'

On March 18, 2017, when Father led me to this Hymn and I read this line to Michael he said, "That's exactly what it was like, too. I'd pat the blood that was oozing out of my cancer and it felt like just what it says there, "burning fire."

'My flesh is dissolved like wax'

Not only did the cancer 'dissolve' or eat away the flesh that was in its path, but after Michael's cancer surgery, what remained of his outer ear looked like it had been 'dissolved like wax' which had gotten too hot and slid down into a different shape on the side of his face.

'My arm is torn from its socket'

A few months after Michael was released from prison he shared with me a vivid description of what "My arm is torn from its socket" felt like to him internally and spiritually during his imprisonment. As he was describing to me his emotional feelings during the internal process of his personal 2300-day Day of Atonement as Father was showing him in great detail the desperately fallen nature of human beings – his own included, I was amazed at his spiritual description of the event he had experienced which fulfilled this Hymn line. In prison Father showed him the details and depths of his natural fallen human nature "over and over and over again." Even though it was the same fallen humanity that we have all inherited and share in common, as the "covenant sacrifice" for the antitypical Day of Atonement, he had to suffer the full effects of being shown the extreme depths and utter depravity of it – in order to provide the way out of it for all of us – making a way where there wasn't a way before – for our final separation and complete deliverance from living by our fallen human nature and its context, in any way. What Michael shared with me was, "I felt like Father twisted my arm off and beat me to a bloody pulp with it."

When I asked him if he could describe what Father was doing, or how He was doing it, that had made him feel that way, he said,

I felt beat up in my sternum. Heartbreak and heartache were my food. It felt like God was against me, punishing me for what He had brought to pass. In reality, however, it was more like I was punishing myself for all of the vanity I was being shown in the natural man.

But I had to bear the revelation of it all, and not succumb to death because of it. I had 2300 days of having to deal with all of these things that the devil uses to overturn people, and I overcame them ALL, in prison. I had to watch everything Father showed me, and see it all for a very long time, and I had no escape from it.

The Final Prophet had to stay in the circumstances in which Father had ordained for him to bear and overcome. And he did bear and overcome. He is Father's demo model of the power of the Father and Son to do this for every yielding soul who trusts Them to do in them and for them what They did in the Final Prophet.

'I can no longer walk'

This Hymn line was signally fulfilled during the months just preceding Wayne's cancer surgery. He was very sick during that time with severe nausea and bronchial symptoms. These are found among people with squamous cell carcinoma, especially males over 60 years of age, and they were being produced by the toxins that the malignant cancer was pouring into his body. He had violent coughing spasms during which he was not able to breathe because of his body's involuntary, continuous coughing as it forcefully attempted to get rid of the mucous obstructing his bronchioles and lungs. This violent coughing re-injured a previous sacroiliac injury which he had sustained earlier in his imprisonment. He was in bed with great back pain and he could no longer walk by himself, but needed assistance from his "bunkie" (the inmate who slept in the bunk above him and helped him during his extremity) in order to walk.

'My foot is held by fetters and my knees slide like water I cannot step forward lightly for my legs and arms are bound by shackles which cause me to stumble'

These Hymn lines were strikingly fulfilled by the prison's procedure of "shackling" Wayne whenever they transported him to his court hearings, and to the hospital for his cancer surgery. "Shackling" included handcuffs around his wrists that were attached to a chain around his waist. Another chain led from the waist chain to the feet chain, where ankle cuffs kept his legs only inches apart. A prisoner can't actually walk in shackles, it's more like the feet and legs can only shuffle. This is described in this Hymn as 'my foot is held by fetters and my knees slide like water.' And the Hymn line 'my legs and arms are bound by shackles which cause me to stumble,' reveals the hazard of trying to walk when one's feet are shackled together only inches apart. It easily causes stumbling.

Wayne Bent – shackled – catching sight of all of us as he entered the court room on January 26, 2016, for a hearing on his release from prison; he was released two weeks later

'I can lift my hand no more'

This photograph of the Final Prophet leaving the courtroom after his hearing, trying to wave goodbye to us with shackles on, revealed the physical Actual Fulfillment of the Hymns Scroll words, 'I can lift my hand no more.'

"How I responded to God's wrath is how I was judged"

The spiritual Actual Fulfillment of those prophetic words, 'I can lift my hand no more,' also became true for the Final Prophet internally by the end of his prison crucible when the Messiah within him brought him forth 'sevenfold pure.' It was in a recent conversation with the Final Prophet that the details of this came to light:

Michael: My deliverance came when my hands were off of it.

Anaiah: That's the spiritual application of "I can no longer lift my hand"!

Michael: Yes. That's true. Well, see, I was "righteous," so Father comes to me and says, "Well, error #1, you are not righteous. No one is." It's so natural for the human to think thatwithout even recognizing it. Humanly we are just so prideful and selfish, so easily, without even feeling that we are. But my human nature is not better than anyone else's. I've needed to receive humanity's effects in order to separate me from the errors of it. I'm worthy of anything God would want to bring against my human nature – it deserves it all: put me in prison, or shoot me with a firing squad, or put me back in prison a dozen times, my human nature deserves it all. That I see clearly.

This natural selfishness of our human nature that Father showed me again and again in prison, is invisible and hidden to humans. It requires a divine revelation to see it as God sees it. As He was showing me my life before I was converted, I was just watching it and realizing that everybody's human nature is like that. The root of this hidden human selfishness is revealed when our regard is instantly for our own welfare. We're not thinking of somebody else's, we're thinking of our own. We're self-focused, self-oriented, self-interested. "I'm doing the right thing for God and I'm important." That's selfish.

Anaiah: Every impulse that comes from our human nature is selfish. It's built into it. It's full of self-will.

Michael: That's what Yeshua meant when he said, "Why do you call me good? Only God is good." Humanity is evil by nature. The prophet Isaiah said he looked and saw that no one was righteous, no, not one. And he included himself. The difference is when God leads us to do something, it is selfless. And we're invisible to ourselves, not self-conscious, when we're doing it. So, when we change, when we translate, our character has been brought to the place of acceptance of God's leading only. We become like the angels. That's how they are.

No, I'm not naturally a good person. No one on earth is.

Anaiah: And so God was making you the demo model to show how that could totally be "blotted out" of your character, and your nature.

Michael: Yes. I know I'm unworthy. The bottom line is God can do anything with me He wants. He is going to always do the right thing. I'm not in an argumentative mode anymore. My mouth is shut. He doesn't have to explain anything to me now, I'm not going to question what He does. Prison set it in me – it caused me to be still long enough to see it and understand it.

You know, to me, it's anti-Christ to think, "Well, I'm going to learn how to think better so that I don't do this, or that, or the other." Nonsense! You need God. He puts you into action. The whole focus for me now is just God alone. Without Him, all your hard work is going to be for nothing.

Anaiah: Yes. He works in you "to will and to do His pleasure."

Michael: That's right. Back in Ellen White's day it was alright to try and do better. She said, "You can't be the same as the Pattern, but you can copy it." That's what she said.

Anaiah: We have to have the Pattern in here {inside} being the same Pattern in us that He was in Yeshua or it's not going to work.

Michael: Yes. See, she was still overcoming Catholicism in her. But she also had some of the other, too, that it's the Lord that does it. But now I know it's only the Lord Who does it and I just flow with Him. I just do what He gives me to do, but I'm not going to get better. I'm not going to become more patient. He is my patience. I will be as patient as He is. He is the One. And if He doesn't do it, it doesn't get done. You're not going to do it yourself.

Anaiah: We don't get better, we get deader.

Michael: You know, when Father gave me the name of our church, The Lord Our Righteousness, I hardly knew the fullness of it, but it is absolutely so. God is our Saviour, He's our life, He's our righteousness. I had to see my human nature as lost. Christ is our righteousness. The Lord is our righteousness. And all of this process causes us to see it. It doesn't put pressure on us, it takes pressure off – unless we want to keep our own righteousness, and then it's hell fire! We don't have anything, and we're not going to ever have anything, except Him. And when we understand that perfectly, we're not troubled anymore. When God is our righteousness we have perfect peace. Morning conversation with Final Prophet, September 15, 2018

The Final Prophet said, "My deliverance came when my hands were off of it." To have one's hand "on something" means you are feeling the need to "fix something" that doesn't look right to you; however, it is something that has been perfectly arranged by God, but you're not seeing it as such, yet. For the Final Prophet, his unjust imprisonment which felt and looked so wrong to him was what needed to be fixed. But after he had borne the exposing, cleansing wrath of God against his human nature for 2300 days of atonement in prison, and had agreed with every one of God's judgments against his nature, as each one came to him, he overcame his nature by God's wrath being upon it. That is when God's unfathomably painful plan for him had become perfect, perfect perfect to him (Isa. 6:1-6) and he could say from his heart, 'I can lift my hand no more.' He shared with me,

Judgment came to me again and again and again. Father would give me His judgment against something in my human nature and then let me consider it. He gave me time to come into agreement with Him on it. The Final Prophet, in a phone conversation from prison

During that intense time the Son within the Final Prophet, the Messiah, brought him around again and again and again into His own view and His own knowing of His Father – training his mind and heart to remain in the realization that everything Father does is always arranged with the utmost perfection and for the highest good of those who are His.

In the following conversation the Final Prophet revealed the most important key in this process of being 'purified seven times' by "the wrath of God." That is, 'the raging anger of God against those 'seven times refined,' as the Scrolls described it, and which does not feel good to our human nature when it is receiving that wrath:

Anaiah: You overcame your nature by the wrath of God. It all of a sudden isn't a curse anymore.

Michael: Yes, I did. I knew at the time I was under the wrath of God. That was how it felt to me. Nothing could be worse than what I felt. And so I just bore it, I just stuck with it.

Shema: Is wrath the same as judgment?

Michael: It is. How I responded to God's judgment, His wrath against my human nature, is how I was judged: whether I bore it or not. That's what judged me. And that's what vindicated methat I stuck it out. I could repent of it. If the Messiah in me had not been real, I couldn't have done that. The proof is that I stuck it out. Job had the wrath of God on him and argued with God, just like I did. Same arguments, same exact words. I'd read Job {and think}, I just said that! I was just amazed. So, I had to grow up and be a child, because our walk with God is simplicity. We trust Him with all of our stuff. You just trust Him. He just has us in the situations we need to blossom. Evening conversation with the Final Prophet, September 15, 2018

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'The tongue has gone back which Thou didst make marvelously mighty within my mouth'

In prison, Wayne was known as "the inmate who minded his own business." This was because he had no words in his mouth and could no longer give voice for correction and for those who stumble. He was being taken through the third purification process described of him in the Dead Sea Serekh Scroll, the final purification process to occur during God's 'visitation' of the final generation. This was a very internalized spiritual process and it was all consuming.

Divine Faith Within the Final Prophet Foretold

In the previous stanzas of this Hymn the Final Prophet expressed what appearances looked like and felt like to his human nature. Now in the final stanzas of this Hymn he turns from his human view and feelings and begins expressing how things look and feel to his divine nature – the nature of the Son of God within him, the divine nature of which he has become an inseparable partaker. 2 Peter 1:4; Galatians 2:20

These Hymn stanzas are the clearest revelation of the divine faith and testimony of the Son of God within the final Teacher of Righteousness that I have found to date. They stand out in such a bright light because of their contrast with the preceding human viewpoint and feelings. They reveal in advance the Final Prophet's personal experience of "the faith of Yeshua (Jesus)" and "the testimony of Yeshua" Revelation 14:12; 19:10, Aramaic Bible in Plain English. Scriptures foretold that those who are God's in this final generation would experience the Son's same divine faith and testimony that Yeshua did.

But behold, from desolation to ruin, and from the pain to the sore, and from the travail to the throes, my soul meditates on Thy marvellous works.

In Thy mercies Thou hast not cast me aside; season by season, my soul shall delight in the abundance of mercy.

In other words, even though the Final Prophet's human nature and physical body were experiencing such extreme pain and suffering, he was drawn out to Father to meditate on the way that He had led him in the past. He was remembering all of Father's marvelous workings in our midst, and being grateful that in His mercies He had not cast him aside.

I will reply to him who slanders me and I will rebuke my oppressor; I will declare his sentence unjust and declare Thy judgement righteous.

'I will' These knowings-in-advance which were prophesied of the final Teacher of Righteousness were actually the faith of the Son of God within him. There was no evidence for any of these things in the Final Prophet's human senses. Rather, they were the pure knowings of the Son of God that He had received from His Father which arose up from the depths of his soul, just as the divine knowings had arisen up from the depths of Yeshua's soul.

The quality of the faith of the Son of God in a human body had been written of in Isaiah. This had been fulfilled literally and physically in the Son's first Messianic fulfillment of Daniel 9, in the person of Yeshua:

I gave my back to the smiters, and my cheeks to them that plucked off the hair: I hid not my face from shame and spitting. For the Lord GOD will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed." Isaiah 50:6-7

Yeshua read in advance those painful things he would be facing, and the knowing of what he would be facing them with: "The Lord GOD will help me I shall not be confounded I know that I shall not be ashamed."

In Revelation it was foretold that there would be a people in the final generation who would "keep the faith of Yeshua (Jesus)" the same faith of the Son of God that Yeshua had kept and lived by. And that they would also have "the testimony of Yeshua." For when Yeshua audibly expressed the Son's divine knowing-in-advance within him, "the faith of Yeshua" became "the testimony of Yeshua." And "the testimony of Yeshua is the spirit of prophecy {testifying in advance, under the Spirit of Inspiration}. Revelation 19:10 Aramaic Bible in Plain English

The Final Prophet was the first in this final generation to experience the gift of this divine faith and testimony. The Son's faith and testimony was part and parcel of the Spirit of the Son, the Spirit of Messiah, who was conceived in him at his conversion in 1967, and the One Who then appeared in him in 2000. But it was in prison, while confirming the Covenant, that the Final Prophet's keeping of the faith and testimony of the Son of God was tested to the uttermost and brought to maturity, just as Yeshua's had been tested to the uttermost and brought to its maturity on his cross. In Revelation it is recorded of the Final Prophet,

I am your coworker and a co-worker of the Christians who hold on to the testimony of Yeshua. Worship God, because the testimony of Yeshua is the spirit of prophecy!" Revelation 19:10 NOG

And it is particularly in this Hymn that "the testimony of Yeshua" – the Son's testifying-in-advance, under the inspiration of His Father – is revealed so strikingly in the Final Prophet and Teacher of Righteousness. The Actual Fulfillment of those Hymn lines occurred on February 14, 2016: 'I will reply to him who slanders me and I will rebuke my oppressor; I will declare his sentence unjust and declare Thy judgement righteous.' February 14th is when the Final Prophet published his "Little Book" on the internet. This was three days after his February 11th release from prison and it contained his testimony which he had written during his seventh and final year in prison.

For I know by Thy truth, and I choose Thy judgement upon me: I delight in my scourges for I hope for Thy loving-kindness.

Thou hast put a supplication in the mouth of Thy servant and Thou hast not threatened my life nor rejected my peace.

Thou hast not failed my expectation, but hast upheld my spirit in face of the scourge.

For it is Thou who hast founded my spirit and Thou knowest my intent; in my distress Thou hast comforted me.

I delight in forgiveness, and am consoled for the former transgression; for I know there is hope in Thy grace and expectation in Thy great power. For no man can be just in Thy judgment or righteous in Thy trial.

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'No man can be just in Thy judgment or righteous in Thy trial'

The Final Prophet's court trial was a visible, physical event mirroring an invisible spiritual event that was taking place at the very same time in the realm of the Spirit – the judgment (trial) of the living. At this specific time it was God's trial and judgment of the human being, Wayne Bent, the Final Prophet. Much of his prison time included his personal 2300-day Day of Atonement during time which the Spirit of Messiah within him, brought him before Father, the "Ancient of days," and the "book" of his entire life was "opened." Dan. 7:9, 13, 22 He shared with us his internal experience of this event in "Letter Six" of his Prison Letters.

In God's trial of the Final Prophet, He was giving him an unprecedented view of his natural human nature as He sees it. It would be seen whether the Final Prophet would agree with God's view, or with his own natural human view. His seven Prison Letters to us at the end of his internal process revealed that he had given his agreement with God's view, God's judgments of his human nature. And they also clearly delineated the soul issues that are involved for each of us personally when God brings us, one by one, into His trial and judgment of us.

Though one man be more just than another, one person more wise than another, one mortal more glorious than another creature of clay, yet is there no power to compare with Thy might.

There is no bound to Thy glory, and to Thy wisdom, no measure; to Thy truth there is no . . . and all who forsake it . . . and my oppressor shall not prevail against me.

I will be a stumbling-block to those who swallow me up, and a snare to all those who battle against me; I will be for my enemies a cause of shame, and a cause of disgrace to those who murmur against me.

For Thou, O my God, Thou wilt plead my cause; for it is according to the mystery of Thy wisdom that Thou hast rebuked me.

Thou wilt conceal the truth until its time, and righteousness until its appointed moment. Thy rebuke shall become my joy and gladness, and my scourges shall turn to eternal healing and everlasting peace.

The scorn of my enemies shall become a crown of glory, and my stumbling shall change to everlasting might.

My light shall shine forth in Thy glory. For as a light from out of the darkness, so wilt Thou enlighten me.

Thou wilt bring healing to my wound, and marvellous might in place of my stumbling, and everlasting space to my straitened soul.

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'Thou wilt conceal the truth until its time, and righteousness until its appointed moment'

This was strikingly fulfilled in the Final Prophet's release from prison. Theodor Gaster translated these lines in this way:

Though now, in Thine inscrutable wisdom, Thou rebuke me, yet art Thou but hiding the truth until its time and Thy glory until its season.

These Hymn lines had two events of Actual Fulfillment and deliverance for him. The first fulfillment that Father brought to my mind was when He 'hid the truth' from him that he was going to be released from prison on February 11th 2016 – until the very afternoon that He actually brought it about. Father 'concealed' the 'glory' that his release from prison would be on the exact day of a timed prophetic fulfillment. Father was purposefully 'hiding until its appointed moment' the awesome perfection of bringing about the Final Prophet's release from prison – until 'its season' – not a day before and not a day after. By human sight it appeared that his release from prison was going to be a few days earlier. And then appearances changed and it looked like his release was going to be delayed for a week. But Father's prophetic timeline was what was fulfilled, and that was Daniel 12's 1335.

The second fulfillment that Father brought to my mind was the ending of the Final Prophet's personal 2300-day Day of Atonement process in prison. His suffering was extreme as the Father and Son showed him the depths of evil of our natural fallen human nature, and brought back to him every specific detail and event from his past life where he had acted on its selfish impulses and lived by its context of life. The Final Prophet had said in this Hymn, 'It is according to the mystery of Thy wisdom that Thou hast rebuked me.' God's process of exposing to him the depths of his natural human nature was how God rebuked it. And, at the same time, God was concealing the truth until its appointed moment of what He had actually accomplished within him during his imprisonment. God was hiding the fact that after He had given the Final Prophet intimate revelations of his fallen human nature over and over and over again for seven years, what that very depth of exposing did, was completely sever him from his connection to it. The Final Prophet's emotional and mental excruciation at having it fully exposed to him was intense, but that full exposure was the very thing that liberated him from it. Even his connection with his automatic human responses was severed in the exposing light. Now the Son's consciousness, the Son's context of life, and the Son's character were the only realities left within the Final Prophet. The Anointing of Christ in him had finally come to His rightful place within him. The Final Prophet's experience revealed the full Atonement with God that the antitypical Day of Atonement was meant to bring to pass in the human soul.

'My stumbling shall change to everlasting might marvellous might in place of my stumbling'

The Qumran Teacher of Righteousness, under inspiration, wrote these prophetic, detailed descriptions of the experience of the final Teacher of Righteousness. He connected the physical "stumbling" of being visibly shackled, to the spiritual 'stumbling' that occurs in our internal experience when our soul is shackled. 'Stumbling' isn't falling, it is having a difficulty with something that God did, or arranged. The Final Prophet's difficulty, his personal issue with God, had to do with why God would force him to carry out events that resulted in his being imprisoned for them. But after Father came and shined His light on His glorious purpose of his imprisonment, the shackles of human judgment and difficulty fell off, and the Final Prophet saw that he wouldn't choose to have been led in any other way than the way Father had led him.

Prison was the place where the most intimate spiritual processes with the Father and Son occurred within Wayne which resulted in his complete deliverance from the last of his "earthliness." His spiritual stumbling was changed to everlasting might after Father had brought His light out of the darkness and enlightened him. This is how Father brought marvelous might to the Final Prophet's soul in place of his stumbling over something he couldn't make sense of. And this resulted in everlasting space to his soul that had formerly been so constricted by his internal and external circumstances.

For Thou art my refuge, my high mountain, my stout rock and my fortress; in Thee will I shelter from all the designs of ungodliness, for Thou wilt succour me with eternal deliverance. …

Thou hast upheld me with certain truth; Thou hast delighted me with Thy Holy Spirit and hast opened my heart till this day.

Thy just rebuke accompanies my faults and Thy safeguarding peace delivers my soul.

The abundance of Thy forgiveness is with my steps and infinite mercy accompanies Thy judgement of me.

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'Thy just rebuke accompanies my faults andinfinite mercy accompanies Thy judgement of me'

In prison the Final Prophet bore in his person the cleansing, 'raging anger' of God against his human nature. And, at the same time, God's judgment of him was 'accompanied by infinite mercy.' God's judgment mingled with God's mercy are what caused the Final Prophet to 'come forth sevenfold pure.' He was the first human being in this final generation to receive the cleansing, purifying wrath of God. This revealed the third purification period in 'the Renewal' foretold in the Serekh Scrolls.

By the end of this time of wrath and Renewal, this same wrath of God will have completely cleansed this planet of iniquity and injustice – and all those who refused to be separated from them. We are in the "Great Day of the wrath of God" foretold in Revelation, and the Final Prophet's experience in prison was the visible sign that the presence of the wrath of God was in the earth to accomplish its final cleansing work.

Then the earth's kings, the rulers, the generals, the rich and the mighty — indeed, everyone, slave and free — hid himself in caves and among the rocks in the mountains, and they are saying to the mountains and the rocks, "Fall upon us and hide us from the face ('presence') of the One sitting on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb. For the Great Day of Their wrath came, and who can stand?" Revelation 6:15-16 Complete Jewish Bible, Disciples' Literal New Testament

The answer to this question, "Who can stand?" was given prophetically in Psalm 24:

He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who has not lifted up his soul to what is false, nor has sworn oaths deceitfully {saying, but not meaning what they say}. He shall receive a blessing from the Lord, and righteousness from the God of his salvation. Psalm 24:4-5 AMP

The Final Prophet's experience revealed the reality of these words. He had "clean hands and a pure heart and had not lifted up his soul to what is false." That is why he could be brought forth 'sevenfold pure' at the end of seven years of the purifying wrath of God upon him. At his conversion in 1967 he was given a divine Gift which contained "clean hands," "a pure heart," and Father's personal Word to him, "You will always tell the truth." Ever since that time the Final Prophet has never lifted up his soul to what is false, but has been drawn to truth alone. He has been a man of his word because of that, and every covenant and promise he has made – with God and with man – has been made in truth and verity.

The world has mocked his statement before going to prison saying that he would not eat there. But the Messiah in him was the One Who was speaking that word, and He was speaking in the same way He spoke through Yeshua when he said, "Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up." John 2:19-21 But Messiah's words were interpreted now in the same fleshly way that those of the world in Yeshua's day interpreted them, for the world can't understand what the Spirit is saying. Messiah never did eat their food in prison, i.e. their BS, their lies, their unholy judgments of the events that God had carried out in the land, their accusation of "felony criminal sexual contact of a minor," and all of their attempts to get him to "assimilate" into their world. He never did. He said, "I didn't eat a crumb. I was wondering why the Spirit of God came upon me so strongly to say that. Now I see why. I never ate their 'food' (lies) and I never drank their 'water' (spirit)."

The words in Revelation 6, "hide us from the face ('presence') of the One sitting on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb" are highly significant. In the face of the Final Prophet is revealed the presence of the One Who is sitting on the throne of his heart. And, the "wrath of the Lamb" is revealed there, too. That is what made the National Geographic "documentaries" (pogroms) so controversial. Those who had the Spirit of God within their own soul saw God's presence in the face of the Final Prophet. But those who had "lifted up their hearts to what is false," did not. By each person's judgment of the Final Prophet they pronounced their own judgment of themselves before God. This has been "the Great Day of the Lord" – "the judgment of the Great Day" – "the battle of that Great Day of God Almighty." Zephaniah 1:14; Jude 6; Revelation 16:14

The Final Prophet was the first in this final generation to experience the cleansing wrath of God – before it was poured out upon the rest of the world. All those in whom the Messiah has become Sovereign Ruler on the throne of their heart will experience what the Final Prophet experienced – 'infinite mercy accompanying God's judgments' of their natural fallen human nature as the Messiah within them purifies them seven times. He will strengthen them to bear the 'burning anger of God towards those seven times refined' and to 'come forth sevenfold pure' just as He did the Final Prophet.

But those souls who have not received the Messiah into their own souls, have no mercy within them accompanying God's judgments of them and they will experience the wrath of God unmingled with mercy, as did the Jewish nation gathered in Jerusalem at the time of its destruction in 70 A.D.

In Yeshua's day, during Messiah's fulfillment of Daniel 9 through his person, the pattern of Messiah's first and second coming in that generation is self-evident history now. In His first coming to that generation He was hidden in the person of Yeshua, drawing all to Him who would be drawn to Him, in order to purify them and save them from the effects of their iniquity and the coming destruction that their nation had been accruing for themselves. If all had let themselves be drawn to Him, His coming in judgment in 70 A.D. would have been completely averted. The Messiah sent from God to save the the Jewish nation would have fulfilled His highest mission in them. But very few allowed themselves to be drawn to Him, so the judgments could not be averted. Messiah's second coming in that generation, 40 years after they had crucified Him, was in the clouds of judgment that brought the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., just as He had sworn under oath to Caiaphas the high priest, during their trial of Him.

The High Priest said to him: "I adjure you, by the Living God, to tell us whether you are the Christ, the Son of God."

"It is true," Jesus answered; "Moreover I tell you all that hereafter you shall 'see the Son of Man sitting on the right hand of the Almighty, and coming on the clouds of the heavens.'"

Then the High Priest tore his robes. "This is blasphemy!" he exclaimed. "Why do we want any more witnesses? You have just heard his blasphemy!

What is your decision?" They answered: "He deserves death." Matthew 24:63-66 TCNT

After Messiah's triumphal entry into Jerusalem, when He wept as He overlooked the city, His agony was for them:

Christ's heart had said "How can I give thee up?" He had dealt with Israel as a loving, forgiving father would deal with an ungrateful, wayward child. With the eye of Omniscience He saw that the city of Jerusalem had decided her own destiny. For centuries there had been a turning away from God. Grace had been resisted, privileges abused, opportunities slighted. The people themselves had been loading the cloud of vengeance which unmingled with mercy was about to burst upon them. With choked, half-broken utterance, Christ exclaimed, "O that thou hadst known, even thou in this thy day, the things that belong unto thy peace; but now they are hid from thine eyes." Luke 19:42 The irrevocable sentence was pronounced. Ellen White, Bible Commentary, Vol. 5, pg. 1098 (Manuscript 30, 1890)

That very same pattern has been unfolding in this generation during Messiah's second fulfillment of Daniel 9. The Messiah appeared first, hidden in the Final Prophet's person, just as the Scrolls had foretold. He had come to draw all who would be drawn to Him in order to save them from the destructive consequences that the world has been accruing, and particularly this nation – the destruction, unmingled with mercy, which He would be bringing at His second coming in this final generation. Those who have not received the testimony of the Messiah sent from God in the person of the Final Prophet, those who have not let the Messiah rule on the throne in their own soul, will not have the mercy of God within them to bear the wrath of God and be cleansed by it. They will instead be destroyed with the sin and falseness and injustice that they have loved when it is purged from this world.

The Result of the Wrath of God – the Place to Which It Brings You

Father arranged the following special visit with the Final Prophet in which he shared the place to which he had been brought as a result of bearing in prison the wrath of God and His judgments of his natural nature:

Michael: Last night I was just feeling how close Father is to me, you know, it's just a friendship – and how faithful He's been to search me, inside and out, and find every little thing that contradicts Him. And then, just like you wrote there, He takes time, He's gentle, He never gives you more than you can stand.

Anaiah: Yes, even though it feels like it to your human nature at the time.

Michael: Yes. Yes, it's very painful. And you feel forsaken. But He's just gently taking you through, and I just feel so grateful for Him, what He's done.

Father is a different kind of "cult leader." He knows everything He's doing. And He takes His "cult" – His Anointing culture – and brings His people through the necessary things, intimately …

Anaiah: … individually, personally.

Michael: He had to break us all up in our life. It's like, He had to stick the shovel up in and He had to overturn it so He could replant. And so I was just thinking this morning, The God of heaven is so the true God. He's just so fair and non-condemning. And, you know, we're all in our tither and He says, "Okay, okay. Well, let's look at the tither." And we begin to see that we're the ones that make the tither. He just shines light on it. And so right now, what the world has without intercession, is they're tethering against each other, and they'll end it by destroying each other. Death is the only thing you can love if you're not going to succumb to God. You're going to want to die.

Anaiah: … if you don't love His wrath. You don't love the feeling of it, but you love what He's doing.

Michael: Yes, you're going to just die, because you can't stand it forever. But when you see Him as your loving Caretaker, you can stand it. You can take that, forever.

Anaiah: Yes. And He gives us enough evidence in the beginning. I remember when He would take me through something painful, and then I would see and feel the effects of it, and I would realize, It's worth it. So the next time I go through something that's painful, I'm remembering, He knows what He's doing, it's worth the pain, I welcome it because I want that out of my character, and out of my nature, too. Because each time we get more intimate with Him, and it makes it worth it.

Michael: Yes. What I feel since I've been out of prison is, I'm not working through any of those things, I did that in prison. The sorrow I feel is for other people, I watch other people, I feel sorry for them – their struggle, their tether, or dysfunction. I feel the sorrow of that. But I feel accepting in my life. And if Father shows me something out there that I've had, it's very accepting to me, I can accept anything. I agree with all His things. And He still shows me things of my past and my youth that are now not difficult to bear. I'm in agreement before He starts, and it's sweet. I don't have a hard life. It's really easy and I just get feeling closer and closer to God.

Anaiah: Well, you don't have a hard life, because the things that are in our natural human character are what make our life hard, and He blotted those out.

Michael: Yes, it's like we fight ourselves, we're at war with ourselves. And I've thought of the people that have left here, and how unnecessary it was to do that. The only thing that was necessary was just to yield and be satisfied with the process.

Anaiah: … and let Father consume you.

Michael: Yes. And He will, He does. And if we want to rebel and run off and get a life, He works with that. But we still have to come to the same place of giving it all away. We still have to get there, even if it's the hard way.

Anaiah: What you've shared, that's like the result of the wrath of God – this is what it brings you to.

Michael: Yes. And I am at peace, and completely thankful, completely grateful for God's actions in my life, especially since 2000. I had a lot to deal with, but He gave me a lot to deal with it with. It isn't like I didn't have anything to deal with it with. He says, "Here's 1,000,000. I'm only going to require of you 1,000,000."

Anaiah: Yes. Faithful Father and Husband.

Michael: Yes, He is.

Anaiah: I remember when Messiah first appeared in you, almost all of your prayers when we prayed together were, "Father Friend, Great King … "

Michael: Yes, and He has proven that to me.

Anaiah: … and to all of us that have been willing to stick it out.

Michael: Yes. We don't have to stick out anything – except what's in us. We've got to do it.

Anaiah: And He's not holding any of it against us.

Michael: No, He's not. No, He doesn't hold anything against us.

Anaiah: He's patiently taking care of it.

Michael: Yes. He's not accusing us when He comes with His wrath. He's just there! And the fire's burning and we're going, Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, you know.

Anaiah: But we don't feel He's there, that's the dichotomy of the wrath. The wrath is that He's real close, but like Yeshua on the cross, He didn't feel His Father's presence, so it feels like God's gone.

Michael: "Why have You forsaken me?"

Anaiah: But we have to feel ourself 100%, to know what we are like without Him.

Michael: Yes. Well, how it appeared to me, when Father got close to me and I saw things in my natural self, I would think, Oh, wow, is this what it was? Is this what I did growing up? And that was the pain, is realizing – like Shema's often used the word "treachery" – when we go back and look at our treachery. It didn't seem like that at the time, you know, things in my youth, things that seem just normal to people – sticking up for yourself or whatever.

Anaiah: No, we were oblivious to it.

Michael: And it's connected with being in control of our life, too. We're "treacherous" to get what we want for ourselves, and that's totally selfish. But we don't see it until He gets close to us and then, Oh, is that what it was? you know. But since I've been out of prison, it's like He's just been a Lover, and washing my wounds.

Anaiah: Yes, making even the pain of it go away.

Michael: Yes. It takes time to do that, but He puts my bandages on, and changes the dressing every day. And that's what He's doing now is just healing me. But I got the message. I've been burned in the fire. But, I told Him I wanted to go be in heaven with Him, and so He now had to do the work to make me be able to. But now it's healing me. There's something in the Bible about that. Oh, "He found her on the side of the road, and cleaned her up and washed her blood," and I feel like He's doing that to me. Eze. 16:9 He's washing all my blood off, and I'm accepting His washing.

I can accept being taken care of by Him because the natural human pride is so burned out of me. And human pride is natural, people have it. I didn't feel that very much in my life. A couple of times back in my early Christian experience I had a little touch and I knew that God had erased it all out of me, back then. And He did it through the fire. When the Anointing came on me, and probably before then, too, I didn't feel superior. The last thing was in 1984 and God just took it out of me then.

But prison, Why am I still hurting? Why is God hurting me? And it was a big hurt. It was Jesus, "Why have you forsaken me?" It was Job. We had to go through those things. God told me in court He was turning me over to the devil, He told me then. And I told Jeff, before they came out, that they were going to do that. And I thought God was going to deliver me from it, for His glory, but He didn't.

Anaiah: He sure did.

Michael: Well, not the way I thought. But Father's very close to me now, and He's healing me. He's washing the blood off and He's my Nurse and my Doctor. But I feel like the battle's over. I'm not in the war anymore. And I love your stuff, it's just really good. {Scroll Parts}

Anaiah: I just love Father testifying of you. Anyone who has a heart for Him will be strengthened by your testimony and yield to the 'raging anger' too. It's for our strengthening.

Michael: Yes, the 'raging anger.' And all it is, is He's just close to you.

Anaiah: And against all that stuff that's been a part of us.

Michael: Yes, and it's more like we're against all that stuff when He's close to us. He's just there.

Anaiah: Yes. Yes, it shows up when He's there.

Michael: Yes, it shows up when He's there.

Anaiah: We've never seen it that way before. Yes, because in the Serekh Scroll it talks about the two spirits that He put within us – the Spirit of truth and the spirit of injustice – and they're in equal measure until the final age. All of a sudden when He gets real close, it really shows up that spirit of injustice. IQSIII,15-25; IV,1-25

Michael: You know, Ellen White said that. She said when we're in our most difficult position God is closest to us. It comes up because He's close to us. That's why we get converted, is because He shows up.

Anaiah: Yes, and we have to have Him or die.

Michael: He's a wonderful God, Mom.

Anaiah: Yes, I agree.

Conversation with the Final Prophet, September 23, 2018


The Final Ascension

Hymns Revealing Our Anointed Mission To Ascend


By Anaiah

Addendum by Faithful

The Hymns from the Hymns Scroll of The Dead Sea Scrolls which clearly revealed our anointed mission to 'rise as on wings' and ascend off this earth and translate to heaven without dying physically, like Enoch did, are detailed and profound. This is the initial response to the physical statement. But there is much more to this than meets the eye. When the Holy Spirit takes His place in the soul, that soul then begins his ascension. From glory to glory he is destined for an eternal ascension toward God, the holy force which rules in the heavens. While the world carries out its Great Reset, so it is with heaven. The Great Heavenly Reset is underway.

I was amazed . . . . . astounded . . . . . awed . . . . . when Father drew me to the Hymn in which He had clearly foretold His 'terrible works' in this land – His unearthly events that He Himself brought to pass here, beginning in the year 2000 – the dissolution of our earthly marriages, the "seven women" who "laid hold of one man" – the Messiah; the seven last plagues put into reality by the seven who poured them out. None of us were expecting those shocking events, but here in the Hymns God had revealed in advance what He had planned to do 'from before eternity.'

Furthermore, in these Hymns God had made it clear in advance that He had 'shed His Holy Spirit upon His Servant' – He had sent the Spirit of Messiah into Wayne Bent aka Faithful, the very one 'born of woman' who was 'in the midst of all His terrible works,' anointed with the Spirit of Messiah Who would carry them out through him.

Our Actual Fulfillment of these striking Hymns took place during the period of time which The Dead Sea Scrolls had foretold as 'the Appointed Time' of 'the End.' And the Dead Sea Serekh Scroll contained specific, descriptive details of the purifying era of time at the 'end of the final age' which it described as 'the time of His visitation,' 'the appointed time of judgment … at the time of the visitation,' 'the determined end, and … the Renewal.'

These striking Hymns from the Hymn Scroll foretold the very distinctive preparation process that God would take us through in order to prepare us to be translated to heaven, alive, without dying physically.

'These that wing their way' 'to fly, to go away'

Messiah's 'holy community' – 'those that rise as on wings'

This Hymn revealed in advance the 'terrible works' – the unearthly events, that God and His Messiah brought to pass in this land from 2000 – 2007. These events have been grossly distorted and broadcast the world over, but here in the Hymns Scroll is revealed God's view of them, and His purpose for them.

This Hymn is the prophetic prayer of the Final Prophet to Father, written around the 1st century B.C.E.

Hymn 3 (formerly 25)
Géza Vermes, translator

I thank Thee, O Lord, for Thou didst shed Thy Holy Spirit upon Thy Servant . . .

. . . All these things Thou didst establish in Thy wisdom. Thou didst appoint all Thy works before ever creating them; the host of Thy spirits and the Congregation of Thy Holy Ones … for Thou hast established them from before eternity. . . .

And they shall recount Thy glory throughout all Thy dominion. For Thou hast shown them that which they had not seen by removing all ancient things and creating new ones, by breaking asunder things anciently established, and raising up the things of eternity. …

And Thou hast appointed all these things in the mysteries of Thy wisdom to make known Thy glory to all.

But what is the spirit of flesh that it should understand all this, and that it should comprehend the great design of Thy wisdom?

What is he that is born of woman in the midst of all Thy terrible works?

He is but an edifice of dust, and a thing kneaded with water, whose beginning is sinful iniquity, and shameful nakedness, and a fount of uncleanness, and over whom a spirit of straying rules. …

By Thy goodness alone is man righteous, and with Thy many mercies Thou strengthens him. … For Thou hast spoken and Thou wilt not take back Thy word.

And I, Thy servant, I know by the spirit which Thou hast given to me that Thy words are truth, and that all Thy works are righteousness, and that Thou wilt not take back Thy word.

Actual Fulfillment Commentary:

'I thank Thee, O Lord, for Thou didst shed Thy Holy Spirit upon Thy Servant'

'Thy Holy Spirit' that the Hymns Scroll was foretelling would be shed upon the Final Prophet aka Wayne Bent, for his anointed mission, was the Spirit of Messiah. This Holy Spirit of Messiah was first shed upon the human being, Yeshua, for Messiah's first Messianic fulfillment of Daniel 9. And John the Baptist testified that the Father had said that Yeshua would baptize "with the Holy 'Spirit,' and with fire." Matthew 3:11 The Source of Messiah's fire was the Father, the Ancient of days, for "A fiery stream issued and came forth from 'out of' him." Daniel 7:10 And the testimony that Messiah spoke through Yeshua's mouth was, "I speak that which I have seen with my Father." John 8:38 This is the Holy Spirit of Messiah Who was shed upon the Final Prophet for the second Messianic fulfillment of Daniel 9. This same "Holy Spirit, and fire" was shed upon Yeshua and the Final Prophet, baptizing each of them for their anointed Messianic mission.

'All these things Thou didst establish in Thy wisdom, Thou didst appoint all Thy works before ever creating them'

All of our unearthly events that are described in the next Hymn line, God 'established from before eternity' – 'before ever creating them' here in our land. They were God's divine markers during the seven years from 2000-2007 when Messiah "cut a Covenant" with Father and with 'the Congregation of His holy ones ('set apart for a holy purpose')' – those of us whom Father had appointed to be with the Final Prophet in these unearthly events. Daniel 9:26, second Messianic fulfillment: Hebrew definition of 'cut' is to 'cut or make a covenant.'

All of those unearthly events were events by which God 'removed all ancient things and created new ones.' They were the events by which He 'broke asunder things anciently established' in order to 'raise up the things of eternity.' Those unearthly events were designed by Him to prepare us to be married to Him and be at home with Him in His world.

'They shall recount Thy glory throughout all Thy dominion, for Thou hast shown them that which they had not seen by removing all ancient things and creating new ones, by breaking asunder things anciently established, and raising up the things of eternity'

This stanza is perfectly describing the things Father showed us here in this land by living parables, in His process of 'removing all ancient things' that He Himself had 'anciently established,' i.e. breaking asunder our earthly marriages that He Himself had established in order to raise up heaven's eternal marriage – "the marriage of the Lamb {Sacrifice of God}" – each soul being married to Father alone, as an emptied, utter-dependent, permanent slave of love to Him, with the Lamb, His Son. John 8:28, 29; Revelation 19:7; Luke 20:35

Messiah's First 'Terrible Work' in the Land

The first 'terrible work' that God had appointed 'from before eternity' to occur in this land was the Consummation of "the marriage of the Lamb." That event took place in October of 2000.

Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb {Sacrifice} is come, and his wife has made herself ready. Revelaton 19:7

What "the marriage of the Lamb is come" really meant was, "The time has come to marry the Son's sacrifice of Himself in heaven before coming to this earth into a human being. "Let the Sacrifice be in you as Yeshua let Him be in Him." Phillipians 2:5, Father's current version

The time had come for each soul to let the Lamb marry it to Himself in His Sacrifice of Himself: His emptiness of Himself – His inability to do anything of Himself, independently, of His own accord, in order to be an utter-dependent, permanent slave of love to His Father.

The Lamb of God, Who had first taken away the sins of the world at His coming in Yeshua, had now returned in the Final Prophet aka Wayne Bent, to marry each soul to Himself in His own marriage to His Father – the marriage of the Lamb.

The Lamb began this process within the Final Prophet and the Two Witnesses of that marriage of Sacrifice between the Final Prophet and the Lamb within him. That event began in the year 2000. The first living parable in our land that Father arranged was this 'marriage' that He had 'made for His Son' and the Two Witnesses from the congregation that He had anointed for this purpose. Matthew 22:2 The Two Witnesses were Father's fulfillment of His promise in Revelation 11:

And I will 'give forth from Myself' – 'give over' – 'My own' two witnessesThey will 'speak forth by divine inspirations that which can only be known by divine revelation for 1,260 days … These witnesses are … My two lights, which I have 'placed' in the presence of' the Lord of the earth {the Messiah – the Lord of our earth – our entire fallen human nature}. Revelation 11:3-4, BBE, Wey, with 'Greek definitions'

The Messiah had come to demonstrate in the person of the Final Prophet, and in the person of the Two Witnesses – by their anointed responsiveness to the Lamb Who was residing within the Final Prophet – how a soul is drawn off of this earth by marrying the Messiah – the Sacrificed Lamb – within one's own soul. Marrying the Son in His Sacrifice of Himself in heaven to become the Lamb of God, would be the consuming internal reality of every soul who would constitute the living sanctuary that the Spirit of Messiah was building in the Last Days.

The Dead Sea Scriptures had revealed this coming, living reality, though Father had not yet led us to those prophetic Scroll passages. The Final Prophet was the first one that the Lamb married to His Sacrifice of Himself in this final generation, and Father had anointed the Two Witnesses to witness the unfolding of the Son's Sacrifice in the Final Prophet's life-experience, so that we could testify to the rest of the body of Messiah what we had witnessed. Father anointed us to be married to him as personal, intimate witnesses so that the Son's Sacrifice could be formed permanently within our own hearts and minds. We were anointed to follow the Lamb wherever His Father took him, and then to be drawn off of this earth altogether with His Lamb, by Father's strong drawing power.

These are they which follow the Lamb wherever he goes {the bonded, married ones of the Lamb} … These were redeemed from among men {translated to heaven without dying physically}, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb" Revelation 14:4

The Final Prophet wrote much about the strong drawing that he felt the Lamb of God within him feeling from His Father, as well as the Lamb's immediate and innate response. The Lamb was "showing" it to us in the Final Prophet as the Lamb was living it out from within him – revealing how He would live it out in all who would let Him marry them in His Sacrifice without resisting. The following writing reveals the nature of the strong drawing of the Lamb that the Final Prophet experienced internally:

Last night while visiting the Witnesses for prayer, I suddenly became very tired and excused myself so that I might go home and go to bed. When home, I began to feel a moving within myself, a calling and drawing from my Father. Sleep was not now a thought. I walked out onto the road. It was about 9:00 P.M. As I walked, I felt a strong drawing of my Father. It was the strongest I had ever felt Him. I looked into the heavens desiring to be drawn up to my Father, then, I realized He was not up in the heavens, He was there with me, drawing me into Himself right there. He was in my space consuming my space into Himself. I almost could describe it as a physical thing. …

Heaven comes in only one way, it is when the heart and mind desire only the Father and are drawn to Him. His heart of love is knit with their heart and they become one. While I was walking I felt so drawn and that nothing at all had any attraction for me. My Father's drawing is all that I value. …

Michael has come again, and He has come with ten thousands of His angels. He has come with His Father and I am drawn into Him. Michael's Diary, Closer To My Father's Rest, August 9, 2001

Innumerable times Father drew the Two Witnesses to the Final Prophet's window to pray for him, to listen to his prayers and to hear the agonized distress and deep groanings of the Final Prophet's human nature at the intimations of Messiah's unearthly events he was being forced to carry out. We were intimate witnesses of the Final Prophet's repeated abandonment to Father as he was made to be Messiah's "covenant sacrifice" of Daniel 9's Messianic Covenant of the marriage of the Lamb. And we were intimate witnesses of the Lamb's emptiness of Himself and His slavehood to His Father, as He lived it out in the Final Prophet.

The 21-day Consummation of the Lamb's marriage in October of 2000, following the appearing of the Lamb in the Final Prophet 3 ½ months earlier, was the very beginning of that marriage process of the Lamb within the Final Prophet, in which the human nature of the Final Prophet was consumed into the Son's Sacrifice of Himself. The climax of his consummation process occurred 15 years later, in prison, at the end of his personal 2300-day Day of Atonement. The Messiah had used the human body of the Final Prophet for His living sacrifice, the "covenant sacrifice" whom Father used to "show" us how the Messiah – the Lamb within us, lives out His Sacrifice in our very persons, marrying us to Father in the process, and drawing us off the earth by that very marriage.

This 'terrible work' that Father brought to pass, and its results in judgment, was foretold in the Scriptures in the following words:

Malachi 3

1 Behold I send my angel (Michael), and he shall prepare the way before my face. And presently the Lord, whom you seek, and the angel of the testament {the marriage covenant of the Lamb}, whom you desire, shall come to his temple. Behold he cometh, saith the Lord of hosts.

2 And who shall be able to think of the day of his coming? and who shall stand to see him? for he is like a refining fire ….

3 And I will come to you in judgment …. Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (DRA)

1 I will send my messenger, who will prepare the way before me. Then suddenly the Lord you are seeking will come to his temple; the messenger of the covenant {the marriage covenant of the Lamb}, whom you desire, will come," says the Lord Almighty.

2 But who can endure the day of his coming? Who can stand when he appears? For he will be like a refiners fire or a launderers soap.

3 He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; he will purify the Levites and refine them like gold and silver. Then the Lord will have men who will bring offerings in righteousness,

4 and the offerings of Judah and Jerusalem will be acceptable to the Lord, as in days gone by, as in former years.

5 So I will come to put you on trial. I will be quick to testify against sorcerers, adulterers and perjurers, against those who defraud laborers of their wages, who oppress the widows and the fatherless, and deprive the foreigners among you of justice, but do not fear me," says the Lord Almighty.

I the Lord do not change. So you, the descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed. Ever since the time of your ancestors you have turned away from my decrees and have not kept them. Return to me, and I will return to you," says the Lord Almighty …

The Faithful Remnant

16 Then those who feared the Lord talked with each other, and the Lord listened and heard. A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared the Lord and honored his name.

17 "On the day when I act," says the Lord Almighty, "they will be my treasured possession. I will spare them, just as a father has compassion and spares his son who serves him.

18 And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not. NIV

Messiah's Second 'Terrible Work' in the Land

The second 'terrible work' that God had appointed 'from before eternity' was His anointing of seven virgins to pour out the seven last plagues. That took place during the year 2006.

"And I saw another sign in heaven – 'an indication, especially ceremonially, supernaturally' – great and marvellous, 'miraculous, tokenous,' seven 'messengers' having the seven last plagues; for in them is filled up – performed, completed, discharged' – the wrath of God." Revelation 15:1, 'Greek definsions'

Father used this divinely fulfilled event of judgment which He Himself brought to pass, to test the profession of the church, the messengers themselves, and the world.

Everyone became the recipient of this fire of the wrath of God – the messengers, the Final Prophet, the congregation of 'holy ones,' and the whole world. Truly, as it was written,

Who can stand before his indignation? and who can abide in the fierceness of his anger? his fury is poured out like fire … The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him. But with an overrunning flood he will make an utter end of the place thereof, and darkness shall pursue his enemies. What do you imagine against the LORD? he will make an utter end: affliction – 'tightness, distress, straits, anguish, tribulation, adversary, trouble' – shall not rise up the second time. Nahum 1:6-9

The effects from this 'supernatural' plague-pouring 'ceremony' – and the real-life events which it initiated in the invisible realm of the spirit – are still unfolding.

Now will I 'stand up,' says Yahweh; now will I be exalted; now will My power be seen. …The sinners 'exposed to condemnation' in Zion are afraid; fearfulness has surprised the hypocrites. Who among us shall dwell with the Consuming Fire? who among us shall dwell with everlasting flames? Dby He that walks righteously, and speaks uprightly; He shall dwell on high:Your eyes will see the king in his beauty: … There the Lord will be with us in his glory … For Yahweh is our judge, Yahweh is our lawgiver, Yahweh is our king; He will be our Savior. Isaiah 33:10, 14, 15, 16, 22 KJV, BBE, Dby


Messiah's Third 'Terrible Work' in the Land

The third 'terrible work' that Father brought to pass in this land was the anointing of seven women to marry His Messiah. This had begun in October of 2000 with Father marrying the Two Witnesses to His Son, the Messiah, in the Consummation of "the marriage of the Lamb." Now, it was completed from 2006 to 2007 in the Consummation of "Judgment."

And it shall be in that day, saith the LORD, that you shall call Me 'Husband;' … And I will betroth you to Me for ever. Hosea 2:16, 19

And in that day ("the day of the Lord") seven women will 'press, be urgent with, 'prevail to hold strongly to,' and 'fasten upon' one 'Husband,' saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel, only let us be called by Your name to 'receive' Your 'betrothal.' Isaiah 4:1, with 'Hebrew definitions'

This, then, is the divine conclusion in this Hymn of all the 'terrible works,' these unearthly events that Father orchestrated in this land and brought to pass through His anointed Messiah in this land:

And Thou hast appointed all these things in the mysteries of Thy wisdom to make known Thy glory to all'

The Hymn now goes on to describe the Final Prophet – 'Thy Servant' –that Father 'shed His Holy Spirit upon' in order to 'be in the midst of all these terrible works' that He forced the Final Prophet, and the rest of us through.

'But what is the spirit of flesh that it should understand all this, and that it should comprehend the great design of Thy wisdom?'

The natural human spirit, the spirit of flesh, cannot understand this. 1 Cor. 2:14 The Final Prophet's flesh couldn't either. Neither could his human mind. What Father was asking him to do, and compelling him forward in, looked like "adultery" to him. But Father would patiently sit with him and ask him, "Now how is this adultery?" The Spirit of Messiah within the Final Prophet is Who enabled him to understand the spiritual purpose of these events.

'What is he that is born of woman in the midst of all Thy terrible works?'

'He that is born of woman' was true in two ways. First, Wayne Bent was a human being 'born of' a human 'woman.' And secondly, the Spirit of Messiah, Who appeared in Wayne Bent and was the One Who carried out all of Father's 'terrible works' through him, was 'born of' the "woman" in "the wilderness." Revelation 12:6, 14 Messiah was the "male Child" foretold in Revelation 12 Who appeared in the Final Prophet 'in the midst' of all God's 'terrible works' to begin 'breaking asunder things anciently established' in order to 'raise up the things of eternity.'

'a fount of uncleanness over whom a spirit of straying rules whose beginning is sinful iniquity'

These words are a perfect description of the natural human being, of itself, without God – the fallen human spirit and nature and self (ego) that we have all been born with. But the Final Prophet was shown this by God about his natural, fallen human nature, and that is what delivered him from its power and influence. Yet very few humans will allow God to show them the depths of their natural self and nature so they can be delivered from it permanently.

'By Thy goodness alone is man righteous'

This was the Final Prophet's testimony after his conversion. Then it was much more so after the Anointing appeared in him. And then it was totally more so in 2015 after his internally excruciating 2300-day Days of Atonement in prison where he was shown the natural fallen nature of human beings, his own included, over and over and over again. The testimony of the Final Prophet's life is what has made these words real to us. They weren't his theology, they were his reality. He put us in touch with the Son of God's reality within our own soul which is, "Yahweh (Father) our Righteousness." Jeremiah 26:13 This is the Son speaking of Himself and including the person He is living in: "Father our righteousness." After He emptied Himself in heaven in order to become the Lamb (Sacrifice) of God, He no longer had any righteousness of His own, but voluntarily and permanently became an utter dependent on His Father's righteousness, just as we must. This is what we have seen in the Final Prophet's life – the utter-dependent life of the Son on His Father. Father is everything to Him.

'I, Thy servant, I know by the spirit which Thou hast given me that Thy words are truth … and that Thou wilt not take back Thy word'

Ever since the conversion of the Final Prophet, when the Spirit of the Son was conceived in him, he has recognized Father's voice. Knowing His voice was his keeping in every event in his life that he has been through since 1967.

And, I have witnessed his settled knowing that comes from the Son's divine nature within him, that Father will not take back His word to him. There are several very specific times that Father's word has been an anchor to him throughout his entire testing time since Messiah appeared in him, and especially so during his seven years of imprisonment. He knows, 'Thy words are truth … and that Thou wilt not take back Thy word': "The mouth of the LORD" spoke his new name to him in July of 2000 and said, "You are Faithful," and then instructed him to post The Song from Faithful. Isaiah 62:2; Revelation 19:11 Father's word to him was, "You are Messiah," when He anointed him for his mission. And then while laying on his bed Father's word to him was, "You are the Word of God." Revelation 19:13. And then in prison, on April 29, 2010 early in the morning while he was laying on his prison bed, Father's word to him was, "You won." And Father's personal word to him was his staying power all during the rest of his imprisonment.

Hymn 11 
Col. VII, 6-25
Theodor Gaster, translator
I give thanks unto Thee, O Lord, for by Thine own strength hast Thou stayed me, and hast wafted o'er me Thy holy spirit that I cannot be moved.

Thou hast braced me for all the battles that Wickedness wages against me, and hast let not the havoc dismay me to break faith with Thee.

Thou hast set me as a strong tower upon a high wall, and hast planted my structure firmly upon a rock, and eternal foundations serve as my basis, and all my walls are a tested bastion that cannot be shaken—a tower which Thou hast provided, O my God, for this holy communitythese that rise as on wings.

Thou hast brought me into Thy covenant. Words flow free on my tongue, as it were trained by Thee. … (4) Isa. 50:4-5

All them that challenge me Thou makest to stand condemned, distinguishing through me the right from the wrong.

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'by Thine own strength hast Thou stayed me and hast wafted o'er me Thy holy spirit that I cannot be moved'

Michael aka Wayne Bent, the Actual Fulfillment of these lines in your life is self evident to those of us who have been witnesses of your experience over all these years. They describe perfectly the Source of your consistency in God and your immovability in Him which we have witnessed. These were the result of Him holding onto you by His own strength and wafting His Holy Spirit over you.

'Thou hast braced me for all the battles that Wickedness wages against me and hast let not the havoc dismay me to break faith with Thee'

Father braced you for what lay ahead when He spoke Messiah into you in 2000. He named you "Faithful" and the "Word" at that time also. This is why all the "Wickedness" that raged against you was never able to make you "break faith" with Father. He would not let it, for He had given you His Son and His inseparable faith. That is how He held onto you, and how you held to Him.

'Thou hast set me as a strong tower upon a high wall, and hast planted my structure firmly upon a rock, eternal foundations serve as my basis, and all my walls are a tested bastion that cannot be shaken'

Michael, Father "set" you as a "strong tower upon a high wall" when He "set" Messiah in you. That is when He "planted your structure firmly" on the "Rock" within you. (Ps. 18:2) The "eternal foundations" that now "served as your basis" were the Son's eternal foundations within you. All of your walls were now a "tested bastion that could not be shaken" – because the Son's walls had been tested in a human being 2000 years ago. They were "tested" for 33 years, from the time the Son was conceived in Yeshua – at Yeshua's own conception – until the end of the Son's mission in Yeshua was completed on earth and he ascended to heaven. The Son's "tested walls" of salvation within you were now what you were living by.

It was in 1967 that Father "set" Messiah in you at your conversion. That is when Father's Seed came into you and the Messiah was conceived in you, changing you into a totally different person. Father confirmed the fact that the Messiah was within you and was now present on the earth, by ordaining that your baptism, the public expression of this reality, occur on June 10, 1967. That was the final day of the "Six-day War" when Jerusalem came back into the possession of the Jewish nation. And that was the very day which Rabbi Judah ben Samuel had foretold in 1217 "would signify the beginning of the Messianic end time." June 10, 1967 was the beginning day of his tenth or final Jubilee in his 10-jubilee "Messianic end time" prophecy. Father told you, "This is the coming of Christ."

In 1987 the Messiah was still hidden within you, but we became witnesses that the Spirit of God was within you – when the Spirit within us bore witness that you were of God and that He was leading us out of apostasy together by His Spirit into becoming a company of believers "of like precious faith" – "the faith once delivered to the saints, "the faith of God" – in reality, the faith of the Messiah. This is what Yeshua had – "the faith of the Son of God" within him – and he offered it to his disciples when he said to them, "Have the faith of God." (Mark 11:22 margin, literal Greek) At that time the Spirit of the Messiah was moving you, speaking through you, using you, yet the Messiah Himself was not obvious to us. But in 2000, after He had emptied you out in Safford and made you a voluntary, permanent bondslave of love to Father, with Himself, Father spoke the words to you here in the land, "You are Messiah." That is when the Messiah already in you appeared to us. The One Who had been hidden within you was now made fully manifest to us. At this time, again, Father said to you, "This is the coming of Christ."

Father "setting" you as "a strong tower upon a high wall" in our midst when He "set" Messiah in you, was the Actual Fulfillment of Isaiah 26:1 which also foretold our experience of the Messiah in Strong City:

In that day shall this song be sung in the land of Judah (the 'wilderness' of 'praise' Lit. Heb.); We have a strong city; a 'Savior, Deliverer, Preserver, Defender, Rescuer, Avenger, Liberator' will God appoint ('set' DSS) for walls and bulwarks. Isa. 26:1 with 'Hebrew definitions'

The cross reference of this Messianic Scripture in Isaiah 26 is found in Ezra in the description of the event when "the foundation of the house of the LORD" was "laid" ('set' DSS). This Scripture was also fulfilled to the letter by Father "setting" Messiah in you with His "eternal foundations":

And they sang together by course {men first, then ladies echoing: Sing Alleluia To The Lord … We have His faith and victory … Our feet now stand within thy gates, O Jerusalem} in praising and giving thanks unto the LORD; because he is good, for his mercy endureth for ever toward Israel {those who 'prevail to have power with God (as a prince),' and receive a new nature and 'new name' 'that the mouth of the Lord shall name' – just as Israel did, who was a type pointing forward to the antitype in the Last Days. Gen. 32:28 with 'Heb. def.,' Isa. 62:2, Rev. 2:17} And all the people shouted with a great shout, when they praised the LORD, because the foundation ('eternal foundation' DSS) of the house of the LORD was laid ('set'). Ezra 3:11

The "coming" of Messiah in you was when "the foundation of the house of the LORD" was "laid" ('set' DSS) in Strong City in the year 2000. This was the very "House of the Lord" foretold in the Dead Sea Scrolls"the House in the Last Days constituted out of mankind itself." The Scripture to which the following Scroll passage is an inspired commentary, is II Samuel 7, but the Scroll was so damaged that in this fragment the only part of chapter 7 still in existence are parts of verses 10 and 11. The essence of this chapter is that David expresses to Nathan the prophet that he was desiring to build a house for God because "the ark was still dwelling in curtains." Then that night God visited Nathan and gave him the following instructions:

Go and tell my servant David, Shall you build Me a house for Me to dwell in? The LORD tells you that He will make you a house. He said, "I will set up your seed after you and he shall build a house for my name, and I will stablish the throne of his kingdom for ever. I will be his father, and he shall be my son. (2 Sam. 7:5, 8, 11-13)

After Nathan left, David went in and sat before the Lord and said, Who am I, O Lord GOD? and what is my house, that You have brought me up to this point? And yet this was a small thing for You, but You have spoken also of a great while to come. You have revealed to Your servant, saying, I will build you an house: And now, O Lord GOD, Your words are true, and You have promised this goodness to Your servant. (2 Sam. 7:18-19, 27-28)

This was the covenant between God and David recorded in 2 Samuel 7 on which this Scroll fragment here is now commenting. Theodor Gaster translates this Scroll passage in his section entitled, "A 'Messianic' Florilegium":



A Messianic Florilegium
The Human Temple
II Samuel, 7.10-14
Theodor Gaster

The reference here is to the House which God will cause to be built for His abiding in the Last Days, even as it is written in the Book of the Law: A sanctuary, O LORD, have Thy hands established, whence the LORD shall reign for ever and ever [Ex. 15, 17-18].

Moreover, the words, whence the LORD shall reign for ever and ever mean that God will be manifest over it at all times. ...

What God here declares is that there shall be built for Him a sanctuary constituted out of mankind itself(2) a sanctuary in which performance of the things laid down in the Law {which God is giving to each one personally} shall rank as the equivalent of the burning of incense in His presence.

In other words, each person who is a part of God's living sanctuary in "the Last Days" performing whatever instructions Father is putting upon them at the moment, is the true incense rising collectively from His human sanctuary He made with His own hands.

Theodor Gaster's footnote on "a sanctuary constituted out of mankind itself," makes crystal clear the meaning of this living "sanctuary" that God promised to build for David:

(2) Literally, 'a sanctuary of man'. Some scholars have thought that this means a man-made sanctuary (temple), in contrast to that which God's own hands are said to have established. But the true, metaphorical meaning is apparent on comparison with Manual, ix.6 (above, p. 63). The same sentiment is to be found in I Cor. 3.16-17 and in Eph. 2.19-22. Theodor Gaster footnote

Michael, this living sanctuary built by God's hand started to become manifest when the Messiah Who had been conceived in you in 1967, came to be manifested in you in 2000, 33 years later. You were the first of many in this final generation who would compose this living "House of the Lord." Your life and testimony revealed how it would be the Messiah in each soul Who would be doing the living in each yielded human soul, hearing His Father's personal instructions and then performing the things laid out in those instructions. And all of us in whom the Messiah was to become manifested, would become freed – just as you became freed by the Messiah's emptying of you – to quietly yield ourselves as a living sacrifice to the Messiah within. He would be fully free to live out His Sacrifice of Himself in heaven, within us, simply following His Father's instructions just for the love of Him.

The essence of the Messiah's life – His pure Sacrifice of Himself as an emptied-out, voluntary, permanent bondslave of love to His Father –arises, exudes, emanates, radiates, flows out of each person who is a part of this living sanctuary that God Himself has been building with His own hands. God Himself is the Life of His own living sanctuary – His "House" where He dwells. And so it truly is, just as it was written in the Scroll, "God is manifest over it at all times."

This additional Scroll fragment on God's covenant with David reveals more details of the divine nature within the human "sanctuary constituted out of mankind itself" which God's hands would "establish" for David in "a great while to come":

[The Scion Of David]

(11c) Also the LORD telleth thee that He will build (5) thee an house . . . (12b) I will raise up thy seed after thee' . . .
(13b) I will stablish the throne of his kingdom [for ever]'.
(14a) I will be unto him a father, and he shall be unto Me a son'. (6)

The 'he' in question is that Scion of David {David's divine Seed – Christ, the Spirit of the Messiah} who shall function [and reign] in Zion {the "sanctuary constituted out of mankind itself"} in the Last Days, alongside the Expounder of the Law {the Expounder who would reveal by personal experience and testimony the true law that God was now inscribing into our very beings by His new covenant with us; you, the human vessel of the Messiah, the Scion of David, was the Expounder who revealed this}, (7) even as the Scripture says: I will raise up the booth of David that is fallen down [Amos 9.11]. These words refer to him who will (then) arise to bring salvation to Israel {antitypical Israel of the Last Days} (8) Psalm 1.1

Faithful, you were the human mouthpiece – the "Expounder of the Law" – through whom the divine Being – the "Scion of David" communicated. "In that day" when "the Son of man was revealed" – beginning in the year 2000 – you were the first one the "Scion of David" "took alongside.' (Luke 17:30-37, 'Greek definition') You were "the messenger of the covenant" who revealed the reality of the new covenant in operation in your own life: it was the reality that to all in whom the Messiah is dwelling, the "law" of God – which He imprints into every fiber of our being by the Messiah within us – is the law of love. Just for the love of Father we follow every personal instruction from Him to our soul, without ever deviating, because the Scion of David is reigning on the throne of our being.

'Thou, O my God, hast given (provided) it for 'those that wing their way'[ascend] to the holy counsel'(3)

These lines were provided in Theodor Gaster's footnote as the "literal" version:

The Hebrew says literally, 'And Thou, O my God, hast given (provided) it for the 'afim to the holy council'. The most natural meaning of 'afim is 'those that wing their way'.

I looked up 'afim' online and the literal Hebrew definition given was "to fly, to go away." Thus that line would read, Thou hast provided it for them "to fly, to go away" (ascend) to the holy council. Truly, that is the reason Father provided Messiah to us. Ever since 1987 when the light of "the faith of the Son of God" harvested us into a body of believers, translation has been an inseparable part of Messiah's harvesting light. Just after I had accepted the gift of His faith, Father brought the following Word to me from the Spirit of Prophecy and I received His knowing of it, for me personally, deep into my being as the Word (Seed) of God – the faith of God for me personally:

I saw that the people of God, who had warned the world of his coming wrath, would be delivered. They had faithfully warned the inhabitants of the earth, and God would not suffer the wicked to destroy those who were expecting translation, and who would not bow to the decree of the beast, or receive his mark. I saw that if the wicked were permitted to slay the saints, Satan and all his evil host, and all who hate God, would be gratified. And O, what a time of triumph it would be for his Satanic majesty, to have power, in the last closing struggle, over those who had so long waited to behold Him whom they loved. Those who have mocked at the idea of the saints going up, will witness the care of God for his people, and their glorious deliverance. Ellen White, Early Writings, pg 284

And then later when Messiah appeared in person here in 2000 in you, He hadn't even been here a month when He began writing about leaving. On July 26, 2000 you wrote "Time of Change" by Faithful. And three weeks later you wrote more on translation. Father made His Son to appear in your person to bring us into the spiritual realities that would enable us "to fly, to go away (ascend)." He brought with Him the living principles that would ensure our change and translation to heaven without dying physically or spiritually – if we followed Him in all of His light. He lived out these principles within you and you shared them faithfully with us from that time until now, 18 years later.

I quote a few excerpts from Time of Change by Faithful, your first new name that "the mouth of the Lord named" to you. (Isa. 62:2) These excerpts clearly reveal Who had come to dwell among us, and what His mission for us was {The emphasis that follows is mine.}:

Today, as I was returning home a brother asked if I would be leaving. Others have had such thoughts as well from some of the things I have said, like, I am not always with you.

A little while later, as I was doing some necessary chores around my abode, the Lord came to me as he often comes when we least expect him. Suddenly the Melchizedek priesthood was presented to me. It is the priesthood of an endless life with no beginning or ending. The Scriptures most definitive concerning this are in Hebrews 7:1-28.

The King of Salem came as the Melchiz'edek priest at the time of Abraham. This was at the time when the old way was passing away and the new way of faith through the patriarchs was beginning. Melchiz'edek was the priest who ushered in the new age dividing in two the old from the new.

Again, in the life of Jesus the Melchiz'edek priesthood was seen. Jesus divided the old patriarchal age from the new way and again introducing the endless life. Melchiz'edek blessed Abraham in faith and so he did again in the new way of Jesus the Messiah. Messiah is the Melchiz'edek priesthood.

Now at the end of the world and its old way and the beginning of the new, Melchiz'edek appears again. He is the one who oversees the transition from the old to the new. He oversees the transformation and nothing is ever the same again when he does.

This FAITHFUL high priest is after the order of Melchiz'edek, after the order of eternal life, after the life of God and at His direction. This FAITHFUL high priest is called the king of peace.

Messiah surely did just what He promised to do. Our continual overturnings here in the land proved the reality of His words to us through you at the very beginning.

Included here are also a few excerpts from Translation or Travesser by Faithful, in which you spelled out clearly what being able to "to fly away" really entailed:

The word "translate" used in the Scriptures, means to go from one thing to another. It means "to transfer" or to "pass or cross over." Translate means to "change." The word "Travesser" also has similar meanings. "To be doggedly determined to cross over."

Transformation changes the nature of the thing. Concerning translation, some souls have imagined the Messiah would descend and take their bodies up into the skies. They do not understand the nature of the "coming." They do not understand the nature of their "going." They want to take what they had here into there. Such thinking will simply not comprehend the nature of the change. It cannot grasp what must be sacrificed. Heaven is the domain of the Spirit, which domain shatters the old values and forms, transforming them into smoke and causing a whole new reality. Old things are passed away and we behold the new things as reality. This is the ascension.

When Jesus came the true had come and the old order was dissolved. The believers in Jesus had to repudiate the old in order to receive the new. This repudiating the old is not about a forced change. When one gives up something, it is not by force of law. It is by the conscious shedding of the earthly garment. The things of earth grow increasingly dim and unwanted. One is through with them. This is what constitutes translation. Being married to God is a greater thing than any earthly marriage could ever be. He binds them to His heart and carries them. He builds within them the very nature of Himself for He has caused the child to be born. He is the Father of them.

As this all occurs, an even more wonderful transformation begins to unfold. The bridge, who is the visible Messiah, is no longer needed, for the Messiah becomes the reality for every child of the Father.

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'false lips shall be stricken dumb' (**) Ps. 31:18.

Theodor Gaster Scripture reference: "Let the false lips be shut, which say evil against the upright, looking down on him in their pride." Ps. 31:18 BBE This entire Psalm is a Messianic psalm specifically prophesying about the experience of the Final Prophet. Strong City is specifically mentioned in it in verse 21, your time in prison is described as well as your internal process of the antitypical Day of Atonement in prison. Many of the identifying features of your life described there, are identified in the Hymns Scroll.

'All them that challenge me Thou makest to stand condemned'

Father made your set-apart ('holy') life and testimony to be judgment. You were His benchmark of it. By people coming against you or not coming against you they revealed about themselves whether they were in the right or the wrong. The purity of your integrity innately condemned those who opposed you. Thus He "distinguished through you the right from the wrong, "making" those who "challenged" you to "stand condemned."

Thou knowest the impulse of every act, and discernest the purport of every speech, yet, by Thy guidance and truth Thou hast directed my heart, to set my steps straight forward on paths of righteousness, and walk where Thy Presence is, within bounds of holiness, on roads of infinite glory and peace, ending all waywardness for ever.

Thou knowest also the nature of this Thy servant, how that I have not relied upon the things of the world, lifting my heart in pride, vaunting my strength.

No refuge have I in flesh, nor righteousness in my soul, that I may be saved from the snare except by Thy pardon.

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'by Thy guidance and truth Thou hast directed my heart, to set my steps straight forward on paths of righteousness, and walk where Thy Presence is'

Michael, these words so describe what I have witnessed in you. You have been on a straight forward path of righteousness ever since the Messiah was conceived in you at your conversion. He ensured it. It is Him in you that is going straight forward, and Wayne received His "direction to your heart to set your steps straight forward" and you went straight forward with Him. You walk where His Presence is because wherever He goes, there you go with Him.

'Thou knowest also the nature of this Thy servant no refuge have I in flesh, nor righteousness in my soul'

Yes, Father knows, because that nature is the fruit of His Son's work in you. These lines reveal His emptied-out, utterly-dependent nature which He patiently and painstakingly formed in your character from your conversion until His appearing in you 33 years later. That nature is the result of the Son making you an emptied-out and voluntary, permanently-dependent slave-of-love to Father, with Him. You have nothing but Father, with the Son. This reveals that the Son formed in your character His two-fold Sacrifice of Himself in heaven – where He was "'sacrificed' from the foundation of the world." Rev. 13:8, with 'Greek definitions'

And Thou, O God of mercy, hast in Thy bounty given me place among those to whom Thou art pledged; (5) Lit. those in Thy Covenant and unto Thy truth will I cling.

Thou hast shown me Thy grace and set me as a father to them Thou holdest dear, and as a nurse unto them whom Thou hast made exemplars of men. (7)

They open their mouths for my words, like sucklings at the breast, and like as a babe that plays on the bosom of its nurse.

Thou hast raised high my horn (8) Ps. 92.11, etc. over all that revile me, and all who wage battle against me are routed without remnant, and all that contend with me are as chaff before the wind; and all impiety bows to my sway.

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'Thou, O God of mercy, hast in Thy bounty given me place among those to whom Thou art pledged' (5)


Literally, those 'in Thy covenant'. These words touch such a deep chord within me. They reveal the deep reality of the Covenant that Father made with us through you during Pentecost of 2000. He pledged Himself to us at that time, and we to Him, when He asked us through your mouth, "Will you marry Me?" and we said, "Yes." Father, You have given me a place among those in Your Covenant to whom You are pledged. What an awesome privilege we have personally experienced.

If God be for us ('pledged to us' DSS) who can be against us? He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all {a second time – during His seven-year imprisonment, the divine Sacrifice in your person –provided for the antitypical Day of Atonement}, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things {that are required in order "to fly, to go away"}?" Rom. 8:31-32

This Hymn reveals that this is the very reason Father sent Him again – to pledge Himself to us for that purpose.

'Thou hast shown me Thy grace and set me as a father to them Thou holdest dear'

This is so precious, Michael. Father "held us dear" so He "set you" as a father to us. And truly you have been so to us, for His Spirit was the One being Father to us from inside your human skin. And, Michael, you couldn't have been more faithful to us, because He anointed you Faithful – He anointed you with Himself. "God is faithful." (1 Cor. 1:9) He anointed you to be Him, to us – physically and visibly, with human skin and "touched with the feelings of our 'weaknesses,'" (Heb. 4:15 BBE) You were a perfect, visible reflection of what He Himself is to us from within us invisibly.

For unto us a Child was born, unto us a Son was given … and His name was called Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. Isa. 9:6

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'Thou hast set me as a father to them whom Thou hast made exemplars of men' (7) Zech. 3:8.

This Hymn line is directly connected with the experience of "My Servant the Branch" foretold in Zechariah, the Hymn giving additional details that weren't revealed in that Scripture prophecy. It was specifically referring to Messiah's appearing among us here, and your companions who are with you – "Those who bore the yoke of my testimony" as you prophetically testified of us in the Hymns Scroll:

Give ear now, O Joshua, the high priest, you and your friends who are seated before you; for these are 'people' who are a sign ('miracle, portent, in the sense of conspicuousness, as a special display of God's power, token of future event'): for see, I will let my servant (My 'bondslave') the Branch ('shoot of Messiah from Davidic tree') be seen. BBE, 'with Hebrew definitions'

for they are 'people' of portent--for behold, I will bring forth my servant the Branch. DBY

We have surely seen the Actual Fulfillment of this Scripture and its prophetic amplification in this Hymn line. Father saw to it, with all of the documentaries that He had made of you and those of us who are with you. And His story of us will be completed when they see the "special display of His power" when we "fly" and "go away" and our change and translation become "conspicuous."

XII (formerly IV)

Hymn 12 (formerly 7)

Géza Vermès, translator

I thank Thee, O Lord, for Thou hast illumined my face by Thy Covenant, . . . I seek Thee, and sure as the dawn Thou appearest as perfect Light to me. …

Thou hast revealed Thyself to me in Thy power as perfect Light, and Thou hast not covered my face with shame.

All those who are gathered in Thy Covenant inquire of me, and they hearken to me who walk in the way of Thy heart, who array themselves for Thee in the Council of the holy.

Thou wilt cause their law to endure for ever and truth to go forward unhindered, and Thou wilt not allow them to be led astray by the hand of the damned when they plot against them.

Thou wilt put the fear of them into Thy people and wilt make of them a hammer to all the peoples of the lands, that at the Judgement they may cut off all those who transgress Thy word.

Through me Thou hast illumined the face of the Congregation and hast shown Thine infinite power.

For Thou hast given me knowledge through Thy marvellous mysteries, and hast shown Thyself mighty within me in the midst of Thy marvellous Council.

Thou hast done wonders before the Congregation for the sake of Thy glory, that they may make known Thy mighty deeds to all the living.

But what is flesh (to be worthy) of this? What is a creature of clay for such great marvels to be done, whereas he is in iniquity from the womb and in guilty unfaithfulness until his old age?

Righteousness, I know, is not of man, nor is perfection of way of the son of man: to the Most High God belong all righteous deeds.

The way of man is not established except by the spirit which God created for him to make perfect a way for the children of men, that all His creatures may know the might of His power, and the abundance of His mercies towards all the sons of His grace.

Actual Fulfillment Commentary

'Thou hast revealed Thyself to me in Thy power as perfect light'

The "power" of God in this Hymn is revealed not as His power that parted the Red Sea, but as His "power of perfect Light" that enabled you – a fallen, naturally blind and deaf human being to true spiritual realities – to "walk in the way of His heart." And then it was a further manifestation of His "power of perfect Light" that "caused truth to go forward unhindered" within you.

Perfect eyesight is the "power" of God manifested in its greatest form. By this highest form of divine "power," your blind, human eyes were anointed with perfect eyesight – God's perfect, divine eyesight by which you were "caused" to see things as they really are. You became Father's proof, His demo model, that His "power of perfect light" will cause this same divine miracle in every blind and trusting soul. Your Actual Fulfillment of this prophetic Hymn about you was also a revelation of your Actual Fulfillment of Revelation 3 when God invited you personally, "I counsel thee to buy of me … and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see," Rev. 3:18 and you accepted His offering with your whole heart and soul.

The effects of your reception of "His power of perfect light" and healing eyesalve are what these Hymn stanzas reveal so clearly. And it will be by His "power of perfect light" that we will see Father's door when He opens it for us to go through "to fly away."


by Faithful

Now we come to the struggle. Lucifer (Satan) has created a controversy. He has determined to undermine the authority of God in His creation. He works to take the light from the temple and place it outside. In its place he puts "strange fire." He is the usurper. But the Father has determined that His people ascend. They must now rise above the swill of the dark world below, sometimes referred to as the swamp. Lucifer determines that we shall not ascend but he is doomed to failure for the Word of God assures us that the evil side will perish in the flames. The plagues are poured out upon the world and the angel says to God's people, "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." Rev.18:4

I was anointed for judgment. First I cast the beast and false prophet into the flames. You can witness that now in the earth. The nations burn in the flames. This was written concerning me in Revelation 19:20. "And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone."

This revelation speaks of my appearing on a white horse. Next in Revelation 20:10, Satan is cast into the lake of fire where the beast and false prophet are. "And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever." How this is done is by my revealing of the light which has exposed Lucifer and his designs. He will lose all power over those who have believed my testimony. But those who disbelieve as did Jerusalem when Yeshua was with them, find themselves literally cast into the flames with their leader, Satan, the great adversary and divider. The world wants a new order, but only God's new order will remain. The world will perish in all of its good intentions.

We are now to ascend out of the world which is full of deception and corruption. But what is it that is such a whorish revelation? What is it that makes the work of Lucifer such an easy task? He diverts the mind from the true issues and causes men to believe a lie. I will give an example.

The masses today are driven by their guns. They fight for their right to possess a gun and the gun becomes their deliverer. Lucifer is pleased that he has diverted the masses from seeing their true destroyer. An example of this diversion can be seen in the actions of The Supreme Court. The President installed three "conservative" justices. The common man looks and says, "Oh, our side won" if he is a "conservative." But all three refused to look into voting corruptions. Why? It is simple. Roman Catholics are globalists. Pope Francis has expressed himself very clearly in this matter. The globalists are Luciferians. They are the "new humanism." President Trump presented himself as a Republican or one who defends the republic. What the population does not understand is that the republic was lost generations ago, probably beginning with the Civil War. After that it was the Federal Reserve, then the wars. Fighting for gun rights is stupid and off the subject. No AK47 with a million bullets will defend against a nicely placed bomb by the beast or some other false flag. If a state separates and defends patriots, the Luciferians just shut off your electricity, or food supply or fuel supply. They put an interdict upon you. They "sanction" you. You know, like they have been doing to other countries for many years. "If they don't play, we starve them out. We make a mess of their country." Look and see! Their guns do not feed them or save them, for the nations have been made to be dependent just as you have been. You need their money, their power, their fuel and food. If you finally do not throw incense to the goddess Diana, you are fed to the lions. But, the people of God have one recourse. We ascend and leave them. We do not fight their wars, we do not borrow their money, we do not need them. If they threaten us with death, so what! If they starve us, so what! If they put us in prison, so what! We have our soul. We can do whatever the beast demands of us, except to give the dragon our soul. No, no and no. We will not do that.

But the greatest deception is now evident. Liberals and conservatives war with each other. The patriots are now fully in the mix also. But this is all in Satan's plan. The devil seeks not for any of the parties. He works on all sides of the issue. The people are deceived and cling to corrupt personalities while condemning those personalities in the opposing party. What Satan is doing is simply this — to divide the people against each other. That is the whole point of his efforts. When the nation is divided, the nation falls and that is his goal. When I expose this, the devil also is cast into the lake of fire, for the people can see him. Our ascension is to leave him behind. Those Lucifer uses behind the great reset need to bring the people to despair as they are now doing. When in despair, the people will finally yield and ask for peace at last. THIS is the whole point and finally the reset is set. But, this will not finally be achieved, for the whole scheme will finally be in the fire, and nothing will remain.

There is no republic and there has not been for a long time. The Luciferians have been in the shade, but now they are not. This has nothing to do with conservative or liberal. It has nothing to do with socialism. It actually has nothing to do with globalism. It has only to do with one thing, your soul. The beast and the dragon want your soul. You must worship the "image to the beast." You do that or they will cause you to not be able to buy and sell, or they will kill you. So what is the answer? Is it to fight for your rights? Is it to keep your guns? No, the answer is simple. "Come out of her My people." The answer is in the word "No." We do not need to parrot the chant of the rebels in the 60's, "Hell no we won't go." We need not rebel. We just say "no." We say "no" to the sexual transformation of our children. We say "no" to war. We say "no" to debt. We only say "yes" to the Father's Voice to us. We always say "yes" to Him just as Jesus did and trust Him for our sustenance.

The Luciferians now rule over the planet. They rule over the money, the media and the politics. BUT, they cannot rule over your soul, except you agree to that and give your soul to them. They cannot make you agree to anything that compromises your soul. Fighting for guns, or conservatism, or liberalism or your identity is a vain exercise in futility. But keeping your soul is not futile and it is easy. "No." That is all. The religions of the day are all converted to Luciferianism. They trust in their identity, or their J-e-s-u-s, so-called. They play their bands and speak in tongues so-called, or unite in a one world religion of love and peace. But it never comes. Lucifer promises, but he cannot deliver. He does not have what it takes to make peace in the soul. Only God can do that. His Sabbath alone can provide the spiritual answers. We give up our soul to God. Lucifer promises that we can keep our soul, and this is what drove him from heaven. What he meant was, "You can keep your SELF," but he lies. Yeshua said, that if you fight to keep your soul that you will lose it. But if one lets his soul go for Christ's sake, he will save it.

If one ascends, he must give up his religion, his family, his job, his gun, his money, or whatever happens to interfere with his walk with God. Jesus put it this way, "If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple." Luke 14:26. What this means is that if anyone hates you for your faith in the Father, you must give them up and leave them. You must even leave your country as the believers did just before the destruction of Jerusalem. They even had to leave the love of their country. They had to leave their Jewish religion, they had to leave their hope in an earthly messiah. They took with them only one thing, their faith in God and His Voice to the soul through the Holy Spirit which was poured out at Pentecost. Say "No" to Lucifer's trickery. Say "No" to the deception. Leave the "party" that promises you freedom and grasp freedom right now. Walk in it. If they lie to you and say that we must fight for freedom, don't believe them. You don't need to fight for freedom. You only need to, "Arise shine for thy light is come and the glory of the lord is risen upon thee." Isa. 60:1. We ascend out of self protection and our own way. We ascend out of our own safety net and trust the Father with our safety. Lucifer can do nothing to us without the permission from the God he hates. And whatever God permits, will be good for us and bad for the devil and his swarm of deviants. It is time for Daniel 12.

And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.

And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.

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