Evil is Created By the Heart

When I was a small child in grade school, I remember the time when I saw a friend draw a picture of a monster. The monster was a man with his eyes bulging out and hanging down his cheeks. I had never seen a picture like that before and so I copied it, thinking it was an interesting thing to do. I showed the picture to my daddy, thinking he might appreciate my drawing skills. My daddy quietly looked over my drawing and then said to me, The things we draw are only those things that come from our own soul. In other words, if I can draw a monster, that only means I have a monster within me that I put on the paper.

This principle has followed me through my life, and I came to realize that when one creates a monster movie with all kinds of ghouls, zombies or demonic aliens from space, that is only evidence for those things existing in the soul of that person creating it. President Biden named President Putin "a killer." Mr. Putin only responded that it "takes one to know one." I remember that phrase from my childhood when we were called a name by another person on our playground. Oh, I thought I was so smart exposing my accuser in that way. But it was so true. "It takes one to know one."

When President Bush railed away with his charges against Saddam Hussein, naming one evil motivation after another in his 2003 speech to Congress, I thought, How would Mr. Bush know those things if they were not in himself? It was then that I realized the dark nature of our government. George Bush was exposing himself, for he was assuming things that he could not prove except from his own dark imagination and the poison of his own soul.

When I was charged with sex crimes and put in prison when there was no evidence for it, I thought, Oh, those charging me were guilty for the very things they charged me with. I was horrified at the time when I was charged and convicted for things which were not even in my thinking or imagination. But they were in the imagination of Governor Bill Richardson, CYFD, and the district attorneys. I was amazed that these evil souls were not in prison for their own crimes, for what they saw in me were only visions that came out of themselves. I know this because there was no evidence or testimony that sex crimes were committed. It was all in their imagination and all made up. There were those who were witnesses for the state who were guilty of many hours of scanning pornographic material on their computers, but I never did that. The pornographic heart can only imagine those things in others.

Lucifer took out a third of the heavenly angels by imagining bad motives of our Father in heaven. It was his own bad motives that he was looking at in order to charge God with them. It was his own darkness that he projected onto God. The angels deceived by him allowed that projection to take root just as did Eve in the garden of Eden. Lucifer appealed to her selfishness and it was allowed to grow until she took the forbidden fruit of rebellion. Satan's own evil took root in her and she imagined that his lies were the truth.

In these present days in the end of the world we observe this very principle flowering to an unprecedented degree. All sides charge the other side with motivations that are only within themselves, and their own selfishness finds fuel to grow and mature until the final fire is ignited and they all die in that fire. Satan has been successful in putting his own self hatred into the mob and they cannot help but hate others for the self hatred that exists within themselves. I do not make these assertions out of empty charges and prejudice. I see the evidence. I watch the obvious revelations of these things, and I know the laws of cause and effect. My accusers are guilty of those very things they charge me with when there is no evidence to back up those charges. 

But I have learned from this some very important things. After what was done to me and my family, I could see the condition of our present system of things and it is not good. I learned something else, the people do not want to know the truth. I speak of Christianity. I have learned from "Christians" that they actually do not want Christ. They do not mind worshipping some historical figure of their own imagination, whom they named J-e-s-u-s, but they do not actually want to be saved from this world. They love it. THAT is why they hate me, because I have reminded them that what they have is not Christianity, it is the love of the world. When one loves the world, the love of God is not in him. That is a fact.

I have not hurt my haters but I have not worshipped at the feet of their false kingdom of God. I have the true kingdom within me, and I have put out immense energy to share that kingdom with them. But as it was with Jesus and his time, the people were offended in him and attacked him. All he did was share what the truth was. That is all I did. But the masses do not actually want the truth. They want to be their own God just as Lucifer does. They do not want to yield up their selfishness to the emptiness of the Father. They want a messiah that will give them a house, food, clothing and a nice respectable job. They want all of their adversaries to be killed. They might name their adversaries "heathen" or "liberals" or some other lower class but that does not come from the Messiah of heaven that came into me.

The revelation that I have finally come to is what I stated. The great population of souls, whether good or evil, do not actually want the Messiah that is offered. They want to be the dictator and ruler over their world with their agreers. They want to be praised and applauded and swooned over. They want to prosper and be successful. They do not want a cross, so when I brought that up to them they were offended in me. But blessed is that soul who is not offended in me.

While in prison I met a man there who professed to be a Christian. He was a nice sort of guy, but he made it very clear to me that his salvation came because he mentally accepted that Jesus was the Son of God. What he meant was that his profession alone would save him no matter the spirit within. He could not accept that there might be some righteousness required of him. That righteousness comes from the blood (Life) of God. THAT is not something the multitudes actually want. They want the kind of messiah that the Jews wanted at the time of Christ Jesus. They want a hero to deliver them from their enemies. When I suggested to this fellow in prison that Christianity actually is when Christ comes into us, he ran away as if I had threatened him with a lethal weapon. He wanted to hear no more.

Most people don't mind worshipping a god who promises them some kind of earthly kingdom with the proper respect and freedom from bad people who are different than they are, but a God who promises a cross and an empty ego is not desired. I learned this from my imprisonment. The world taught me what I now know about it. It gave me the evidence for my view of them, for I never would have imagined it before. I took for granted that the legal system follows the law, until it showed me otherwise. I viewed people as basically moral and wanting to know right until they declared themselves to be otherwise. 

Years ago I had a longtime friend who lived a little ways from me. God told me one day that this "friend" was not with me in Spirit. So I dropped by to ask her why God would tell me that. Instantly she protested the fact that I believed that there was a devil. l was totally surprised by this. She then stated that in three days she would be with me no more. And, truly, in three days she was not. It was interesting to me, however, that she could accuse me of having a devil, when she did not believe one actually existed. But I am well aware of the devil's activities, for he has shown them to me time and again.

It is true that one acts differently when his true self is not what he actually wants to project. He may pretend to be a kitten when he actually has a lion's heart. The videos today are filled with blood and violence, sex and evil force, while on the outside the creators of those videos may be nice and polite in public. 

These things are not new, but what is new is that God sent Messiah again to cause the people to come to judgment. He told me this and that is why I know it. My time in this world is nearly finished but not because I am eighty years old. It is nearly finished because the multitudes have decided. 

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