The Almost Overmastering Delusion

We now live in the time prophesied by Ellen White in the 1800s when Satan would come and personate Jesus. She also wrote: "…when, under the influence of this threefold union [Roman Catholicism, apostate-Protestantism and spiritualism] our country shall repudiate every principle of its Constitution as a Protestant and republican government … then we may know that the time has come for the marvelous working of Satan and that the end is near." A Prophecy of Ellen G. White, 1885, 5T 451.

But few there be who recognize the deception. This morning I was reading a testimonial from a book published by the Adventists in 2009, which was a story of a man for whom God worked many miracles. I was startled and shocked, for there was nothing in the narrative that differed from the work of this false Jesus today. It is true that God works miracles for I have seen many of them, but miracles are used by Satan to personate Christ. Miracles do not prove you have the right leader or the right church or anything else right. They do not even prove that you have the right god.

What does this false Jesus do today? What is this "marvelous working of Satan?" He prospers his followers, he heals the sick, he changes people's lives and delivers them from drugs. He speaks softly and quotes Bible verses. When once a soul was worthless, he is now made to be a productive member of society. He now loves God and acts nice, even going to church and raising money for starving people. Yet, he also controls and dominates the consciences of the people where they cannot believe certain ideas which are against his narrative. These are the acts of the false Jesus, the false Christ. Going door to door and encouraging the "lost" to come to church and be one of the nice people who don't bring judgment is nothing less than Luciferianism. These all are "good" people who do good things. Yes, God does good things but this is what it means for Satan to personate Christ. He copies God yet inserts his evil permissions into his doctrine. Moses had a staff that turned into a serpent, but so did Satan have one. Egypt had a religion of good people who were self righteous, while Moses was mean and full of judgment against their system. He even killed all their first born kids, and made their drinking water all red and hard to drink. The problem was that Moses had God and his message was not nice. 

Why was Jesus crucified? They killed him because he stated that he was Messiah and the Son of God. They did not kill him because he worked miracles and made sick people well. If he would have yielded to the established order and his "church" they would not have put a single stone in his way. But he rebuked the pretense and the false religion of the Pharisees and others. He rebuked their form while they missed the essence or the life of the form. If one is a born again soul, born of God, he cannot remain in the support of corruption. He must speak against it. He cannot go to the synagogue for he would be abused there. He cannot support a religious organization that is founded on a lie which is that organization's particular nice works that they do. Those works may be their testimony, or their church name, or the commandments or laws that they observe. The people say, "Stay with the ship" even though the ship is sinking and its captain is a pirate, because he is "our pirate."

Some of these organizations believe in progression. Some teach seven levels and when one comes to church with all of his sins that is level one. They grow into a better diet or tithing or becoming a minister and that puts them on a higher level. Progression is Satan's doctrinal form. But God only has one level. It is God. It is His Holy Spirit. He is our justification and the forms and works are not the salvation. They may change, but His Spirit does not change. The new doctrine in and out of churches is the doctrine of the progressives. Spiritual enlightenment and progression is Luciferianism, not actual Christ-coming. It is Christ NOT coming now but only someday, maybe.

I was not put in prison for molesting girls. That was a deception for which there was no evidence. I was put in prison because my testimony was that I was Messiah. In court, this point was made several times so that the jury would know that I was dangerous. And even though I had not actually molested girls, it was necessary that one man be put away rather than the whole nation perish, for the doctrine of the nation is obedience to the state (beast) and not to God. I was put away and "cut off" for the very same reasons that Jesus was cut off. I was cut off by the beast over my religion, for no actual crime existed. I was put in prison by Roman Catholics who have only one messiah and he is the Pope. Other churches have their prophets and teachers that they adore. I offended their self just as Yeshua offended the self of his crucifiers. The religions of self, and of self's works are useless. Only God's works justify the soul, and He is the One Who does them from within the soul. He is the mover and not our own mind or our own desires.

What is the gospel? It is not miracles, or healings, or good behavior. The gospel or "good news" is only this: "Christ in you, the hope of glory." If one is not Messiah, then he is satanic and Luciferian. Jesus taught that we should be perfect as God is perfect. "Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect." This is impossible except that if Christ is in you, then it is normal. Perfection is not something we do by hand wringing, teeth gritting or white knuckling it. Perfection comes with God. He is perfect and if He is our Life then our life is as perfect as His is because it is Him. The truth is not a round of ceremonies, beads, repetitive prayers, holy days or other forms.

When the denominations began receiving government money to help support their hospitals and social outreach, helping the world's poor through their social programs, they sold their soul for a little mammon of the beast and the actual gospel left them. The government and the churches now are one. They receive special tax breaks and other perks and the ministers are eager to tell their congregations to take the "jab" because they are one with the beast. They preach "Jesus" while not knowing a thing about him or what his message actually was. I was put in prison for "the testimony of Jesus." But all of his true and actual followers have his testimony also.

I saw a news broadcast once that showed me the nature of the denominations who ride upon the back of the beast with a bloody cup of adultery in their hands. Here is a portion of that broadcast: (See what I mean?)

The nations are greatly deceived by the false message. Jesus (Yeshua) did not come to show us a god to worship or how we might use the beast to empower ourselves. If he did, the nations would have gladly worshipped this god sitting on a golden throne in Jerusalem or Rome or whatever other place he might sit. He could have floated about here or there causing the multitudes to marvel. No, he came as a man, just as any other man and revealed the message for man. He was born of a woman just as anyone else. Yeshua was the pattern man who came to show us what we must possess to be worthy of the next world. We must be God possessed as he was. We must be baptized into His life, eating his flesh and drinking his blood. This is not grape juice, wine or a cookie, this is HIS LIFE. We are possessed of His soul. All else is a falsehood and copycat.

Satan has come as Jesus to deceive the nations into thinking that he is the object of their adoration. When they see his miracles in the name of Jesus, they say, "This is the great power of God." He appears in various places and the message is that he has come to save all mankind and we should all get together and form a new world order where everyone is taken care of by a ruling class of nice, ascended, enlightened people. 

We have now entered the time of the appearing of Satan while professing to be the appearing of Christ, a new order. The churches are on board also, proclaiming the prosperity and miracles of their god. The people say, "This is the great power of God." This almost overmastering delusion is so great that if possible would even deceive the very elect. "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." Matt 24:24. The elect cannot actually be deceived because they are ascended with Christ. They are not of the world so they recognize the deception.

The great signs and wonders are those wonderful provisions and healings and marvelous openings of providence that benefit the soul who is looking for deliverance. They might see houses or cars or jobs or money "drop out of heaven," not recognizing that rain falls on the just and the unjust. Miracles by the millions do not prove the blessing of God or even that God is the one doing them. ONLY Christ in the soul, possessed of God, proves the blessing of God, for that is one thing that Satan cannot give. He cannot counterfeit the coming of Christ to the soul. The false christ touches the earth, he loves the world, but when Christ comes to His people they ascend off of the earth to be with Him. They do not love the world and are not of the world. Sooner or later the fake Jesus is exposed. God's sons are Sabbath-keepers, represented by those who always follow the Voice of God and never harden their hearts against His leading. They are a force for righteousness, but NOT self-righteousness so prevalent in the churches today and also in the political realm. Flattery is everywhere in the soul of Satan so that he might bring down the integrity of God in the soul. The ministers flatter their congregations and the politicians flatter their followers. It is all an overmastering trick.

I will speak plainly and without apology. Roman Catholicism is not Christianity. Mormonism is not Christianity. Adventism is not Christianity. Jehovah Witness-ism is not Christianity. Evangelicalism is not Christianity. Protestantism is not Christianity. Judaism is not God's power in the soul. No, only Christ, the Anointed One Himself is Christianity. And only His Presence ruling in one's soul at all times and under all circumstances, is Christianity. God named me Messiah. He spoke it plainly to me. THAT is Christianity. THAT is the gospel. THAT ONLY is the truth and the second coming of Christ. The getting better doctrine or progressive doctrine or identity religion is fake and it is Satan coming as Christ. So-called Christianity today is only the Ouija Board. It is palm reading or spiritualism where the dead return to tell what heaven is like. GOD only is the truth and our being possessed of Him is the ONLY salvation and the only prosperity. Stopping the taking of drugs or alcohol and going to church is fake Christianity. It is okay to stop bad things and do good things but Satan copies that as evidence that God is with his apostasy. "See, my church is a true one since we just had a healing here." "See how God works for us since He just gave us some money." "Look, we can speak in tongues." "We are enlightened." Change of behavior is not Christ. Miraculous wonders are not proof of Christ.

Christianity is when we are changed into the image of the Son of God, the Messiah, and that is the only TRUTH. The rest is only one's vain imagination and self worship. One cannot join something to be in God's church. When one joins God's congregation then one becomes something that he was not. God appears in him and it is not a self thing. That too can be false religion. Satan even tried to come up with a copycat, look-alike religion, for that, too. But one cannot pretend to be God or believe that he is God to make it so. No, that is also a falsehood. God is invisible and so is the one possessed of Him.

Lucifer can give "enlightenment." Lucifer can work miracles and make provision. He does this daily. He can bring a change of behavior, but he cannot make alive the dead. He cannot make the soul God. He can only give what he has and in the end his religion is the religion of self. He loves himself and so do his followers and self is the final test for them whether something is of God or not. Crucifixion is not of the self so the self worshippers will run for the hills if the crucifixion of self approaches. But even that deceives some people for there are those whose self loves suffering and crucifixion. That also, is satanic. I will pretend to be God and ascend into the heights by my suffering, they think. 

So what does one do to get this? You cannot do this. You cannot pretend to have it. Well, maybe you can pretend but that does not give it to you. But one asks God and He gives it, and then one can know what I am talking about. It is a gift. Only then one can know, for Satan himself cannot know what I have, or even copy it. It is beyond him. Satan pretends to be Christ, but when one has Christ he can see the deception, and the pretense of those who fake it. The Truth is the Life, and not the gifts, and "few there be who find it." There are great and prosperous religious leaders and politicians who cannot save the soul, for they defend and protect their organization while missing completely the true power of the gospel. Nice people do not go to heaven. God goes to heaven. The Messiah goes to heaven and that heaven starts here. Everyone else is buying and selling and marrying and giving in marriage, completely missing out on the Life. And, they want it that way.

We are familiar with the satan who is red and has a tail and a pitchfork while looking really mean, but not so familiar with the satan who is dressed in a suit, smiles a lot and talks about God's grace and provision for him. We do not easily recognize the one who heals the sick and delivers people from their addictions. We are not so familiar with the satan who speaks in tongues or washes the feet of the saints. No, he is the almost overmastering delusion. The world flocks to this christ, but it is the wrong one. One cannot make up God. One cannot pretend to be God so that he can be God. God is our Life or God's adversary is our life. We either have God's selflessness, and emptiness, or we have our self boasting and pretense. But on the outside, it all looks the same. It looks like "Christ has come." 

Those with the soul of God in them, the Messiah, sometimes must leave wives, husbands, children, jobs, churches and even their previous religion, for God is none of these. I cannot tell you how to get God. The false teachers may tell you that the way is with "four spiritual laws." Only God can bring the gift but when you have Him, then you will know, for then instantly appears a new heavens and a new earth. The old world passes away, and all things become new. Your life then is hid in God and evil will not find a road in you, just as evil did not find a road in Yeshua. Yeshua was born with the Spirit just as we are born again with the Spirit. It is the same Spirit. You will have all things, know all things, and not be needful of a teacher or rabbi. You will follow the Spirit as easily as a cloud follows the wind. You will need nothing and want nothing for God will naturally provide your necessities, even if it is a cross or persecution or hunger. You will care not, for God is the Life. I say to Messiah in the soul, Stand up now and be delivered from the dust of the earth. Take your possession with you into the new heavens.

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