I have heard of the trial of Derek Chauvin and it has caused me to think about things a bit. Some say the verdict was justice, while others say it was not justice. So I am forced to consider what actually is behind the outcome and the subject of justice. What is it?

One statement published was "How can a man be convicted of murder three times and in three different ways over one man?" That is an interesting thought. It is like someone being executed in three different ways over the same crime. First, he gets the electric chair, then a lethal injection and finally hung. After that he is carved up into a thousand pieces and burned. But in our present circumstances the prisoner is not killed so the people then get to pay the state fifty-thousand dollars a year for the favor of hurting the one that they hate, while in prison. 

When I was in prison, I asked a friend how long he would be there. He answered, I am here for life. I asked him what he did and he told me that he stole a television set. I was surprised but he said that he was a victim of the "three strikes" law. That is, commit a crime three times and you stay in prison forever. I thought to myself, Oh, this man steals a $179.00 TV, and the taxpayer gets to pay for incarcerating him a cool $1,500,000.00. I had to shake my head in utter disbelief. My head spins over the fact that the state has lost its reason. Justice is reasonable, but our society has lost their collective minds.

I considered my own case and the total cost to the taxpayer for my incarceration, cancer surgery and arrest, with a helicopter and numerous police cars etc. was likely around half a million dollars. The taxpayer now had to pay half a million dollars because I prayed with my hand on the sternum of a 16-year-old. I have had to study these things and try to come to some kind of resolution in my own mind as to what they mean when they say, "justice."

The district attorney in my case stated that the law is not the law. Oh, I thought, then what is it? If law is not our basis, then it is only "feeling" is it not? And who can come to a resolution with others who feel otherwise? When I was in court I had twelve jurors who were the district attorney's peers but no peers of mine. It is like having an all white jury judging a black crime. This is why strictly following law is important but that is seldom done these days.

Mr. Chauvin could be in prison for forty years. The cost for trial and imprisonment of Mr. Chauvin might exceed $2,000,000 plus the $27,000,000 paid to the family for damages. All things finally considered, it may cost the taxpayer thirty million because a man died while under arrest, accidentally killed by the arresting officer. It is true that there are all kinds of ancillary circumstances and motives here but it turns out that the public gets punished in order to punish someone who offends them or their political bias.

The political side to this is in what is named "systemic racism." The forces behind the conviction of Mr. Chauvin want to kill out systemic racism. Now that is laughable. Human beings of all colors are racist. It comes with humanity. Consider this thoughtfully. Can I be made to love black people because the black people riot? Will black people love white people if all the white people riot? One cannot be made to love because there is a law against hating. Hate crimes, so-called, are the product of mental illness. Can one pass a law against mental illness and by that make it go away? 

Hatred is systemic in the human system of things. Since Cain and Abel, people have been hating and no law could prevent it, nor will it. Cain was the same color as Abel and of the same family but it made no difference. He murdered his brother anyway. His brother offended him. Yes, whites had black slaves. In Africa, blacks had white slaves, kidnapped off of the open seas and sold to the Ottomans. These days slavery has mostly changed forms. Blacks and whites now use slave labor to provide their cheap Chinese goods. Also, Mexican slave labor is used in the American labor force. That is, they are paid low wages and must work long hours. We name it differently but it remains the same. Will America pay these Chinese laborers reparations?

The problem with human beings of all colors is that they are systematically selfish. It is not racism, it is just selfishness and we are all born with it. This is why Jesus came to bring the message of God to the people and the baptism of His Spirit. When one has God's Spirit he is not selfish anymore. But selfish people killed him because they loved their selfishness more than justice. I was not put in prison for a crime, but because my accusers had a selfishness problem and they were offended, so I was "put away." I went to prison for the same reasons Jesus did. I was blasphemous against a corrupt and selfish system. I did not do things like ordinary acceptable citizens would. So why is rioting acceptable but praying like I did, is not? Just asking.

All of this "racism" talk and other such expressions really have nothing to do with the problem. That is a made up and meaningless expression. The truth is that the people have lost their love. They don't love anymore and no amount of rioting will bring love back. This is probably due to their superheroes in the movies who go around hating bad people. It has become acceptable to put a bullet in the head of someone who is not acting nice.

Love comes from God and in America God is being systemically outlawed and "Christians" agree that "the law is done away." That is to say that the United States of America is systematically outlawing love. Yes, God is love, and without Him you can be certain that injustice will reign supreme. Blacks will not get justice, whites will not get justice, messiahs will not get justice, Asians will not get justice and neither will anyone else, and all the people will literally pay for their injustice in the trillions of dollars. This is remedied these days by printing off a lot of money so no one feels the pain. But the pain will come in some form soon.

I read a brief statement yesterday from an old man who claims still to be a sinner, albeit a forgiven one. He put me on his false messiahs list. He recommends reading the Bible but what will reading the Bible give you if you are still sinning against God? No, it is he who is a false prophet promising salvation on a false notion that God forgives those still sinning against Him. The point I am making is there is no more justice for prophets of God these days than there ever was. But I will say this, no one who hates me can possibly go to heaven. Why? Because I will be there. They would have a terrible time enjoying their sins because I would be watching them do it. No, they love death, for those who love Life, love me. My message is the basic, bottomline, kindergarten religion. When God comes in, one's sins go out. If one cannot believe that, then he cannot be saved. Death to self is the old true Bible religion. It is where it started. "Christ in you the hope of glory." Reject me and one rejects this. Jesus was simple and uncomplicated in his statements. They are:

If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. Luke 14:26

Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day. John 6:54

Ex-President Bush recently appealed to the politicians, especially the Republicans, to be more humble. Is the kind of humility he wants the kind he showed us when he invaded Iraq over a lie, killing a million men, women and children, and displacing millions more? Is this the kind of humility we should gain? Is the humility of President Joe Biden, Colin Powell or Mitt Romney the kind of humility we want in their support of this unjust invasion all based on a lie and only for political expediency? Do we want the kind of humility Hillary Clinton has who boasted, "We came, we saw, he died" in reference to our killing of Mr. Gaddafi? Is it the kind of humility that destroyed Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq? I would honestly like to know. Am I ignorant of something here? What does justice mean here and what does their humility mean?

Justice? No, there will not be any justice for anyone because Justice only comes from God. The God of the Sabbath is the only love that there is. Everything else is self-interest, selfish, self-serving, war and riots. Everything else is force and make-believe no matter what shade of white or brown someone is. So the cause of all of man's difficulty can by traced right to one soul. You will find him in the mirror. Yes, that is the one who made the world what it is. And, the god of this world, Lucifer, who brought his complaints and rioting to heaven can only point to himself. Unfortunately he points to everyone and everything else, deceiving himself. It ended in a war that tossed him out of heaven. The devil is one's own worst enemy. That is, if one worships at the feet of the adversary, he becomes his own adversary, as Satan became to himself.

Hatred is willing to pay millions of dollars to punish someone who offends it. If those hateful souls can make someone else hurt over their offenses they do not care how much they must pay for it. They become insane in their revenge and hurt themselves while hurting those they hate. "Those who hate me love death." Yes, that is still true. 

In these times justice is not blind. Jurors will compromise themselves because they are afraid of the mob. They think their home will be attacked because they follow justice rather than the media hype. Judges will pervert justice for the same reasons. They know that the media is watching and they will do everything to please those jaundice eyes even if they must corrupt themselves to do it. 2+2 still equals 4, even if some souls think that the right answer is racist. I have seen this and I cannot be surprised anymore when I realize that people do not follow truth, law or reason, they follow only what they feel is best for themselves, but the end of it is a great big fire that will consume them all. "...with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked."

But, if a soul loves God and God is in him, he will love his enemies, and do good to those who abuse him. Yes, that is what the Bible says. No riots here. There is no other solution to injustice and this is the only real humility. "By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, and honour, and life." Proverbs 22:4.


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