The Nation Will Not Be Saved

It will sink into its own mire and be burned in its own fire

Pope Francis recently appealed to the world from Rome to turn everything green, including green spirituality. I am not sure what "green spirituality" could be but he might know. But the underlying message is that we must save the planet. While this might be a gentle message and naturally desirable, the true healing of the planet is not possible. There is no remedy. 

What are the reasons for this? They are all found in the primary truth that the foundations of society have rotted to the point where they cannot hold up the structure. If the foundation is gone then the walls crack and collapse. One cannot force the walls to stay up if there is no foundation to hold them. Today's national foundation is not rock, but only sand.

In history the foundation of a stable society was God. When God was attacked, those societies which previously existed went into the dust. The most historically evident examples were Egypt, Babylon, Israel and some others. These include pagan, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim as well. But my point here is not to take a side, since that is also a lost cause.

My point is we now have come to the time of the end of the world. Yes, I mean that, and it is self-evident. The great society will collapse and is collapsing into the mire even now and it cannot be saved. Pope Francis calls for a new humanism. The problem is that humanism is selfish, and that is why it is not a question of human survival, but who gets to survive. There are always those who must take control and no man functions unselfishly. No, not even the Pope, or the president of the United States. There is no evidence at all that man's nature is changing. The evidence is only that man continues to hide his corruptions, keep his selfishness, and let die all those who do not serve his agenda.

They say that those who do not take the corona jab are selfish, while it is those who say this who are the selfish ones. All those who seek to force the conscience of another for their own particular imagined survival are self centered, selfish, cruel and mean, all by themselves. Also, those who imagine the motives of another are only imagining their own. These selfish ones have unleashed the bomb upon the nations, poison, starvation and other plagues. Yes, those who need to force the conscience to live out their own selfish plan are the selfish ones. Our earth is now full of selfishness, self-serving, self-boasting and just about any other selfish imaginable thing. The sad part, however, is that this cannot now be reversed. The selfish, new humanism has taken over the planet and we can easily see the outcome of this.

It is true that the elite wish to save the planet, but what they do not tell publicly and openly is that they want to save it for themselves. They might not even know this consciously. Mankind will not be allowed to be free for they would be free of the ruling class and that is not acceptable to them. The Scriptures state that one must worship the image of the beast or die. 

This is not a statement against the elite or the ruling class. They have their place in God's order. My statement is that the nations have become so corrupt, including the elite, that there can be no saving the planet. I think there is biblical evidence that the final fire for mankind will be a nuclear one. I say to the reader, not one stone will be left upon another. No, the nation of Israel will not survive, not the USA, not Iran, Russia or China. This final decree will be fulfilled soon. No one will save it for themselves.

So why would I waste my time warning the world over something that is hopeless? I am not. The world has already turned a deaf ear to me and any other actual warning. The world doesn't care and the world actually does not care about anyone but their own. My words are for the few who have found the light of God. My words are to erase the notion that we can save them or it. No, our work now is only to rise from the dust of the earth, and "come out of her" so that we do not suffer the plagues that she brings upon herself. What are those plagues? They are these:  "the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird."

To put this in perspective, the world and its order is demon possessed, and the protector of every evil spirit, and a cage of every evil rumor, naming evil good and good evil. The foundational stench is awesome and holding one's nose is not sufficient to hide the smell. Closing one's eyes cannot hide it and stopping one's ears does not stop the screeching and howling from the darkness. Now, God's sons must walk away and leave them. I name that, the "green new deal." This is the movement of faith where some few ascend from the darkness and leave it behind. We must leave behind the castle of despairing over them and the worldly wise man. We must not partake of their slough of despond. Why? Because the world is lost. There will be no saving it as hard as they try to save it for themselves. Let us not mourn over this since it is purposed by them and with their eyes wide open. Let us, instead, rejoice in the Life of God.

I recently saw a statement from Greta Thunberg. She too wants to save the planet. She wants the people to stop eating meat to save the planet but cows are not causing the planet to heat up. The sun is causing it. It is written here: 

And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory. Rev. 16:8&9

But I agree on the meat eating for other reasons. The monstrous suffering that animals must endure for the earth's lusts is astronomical. Humans pack the animals into small spaces and fattened only for the slaughter. What humans do not recognize is that they only show what they have done to themselves. Humans are the ones now in cages, fattened only for the slaughter.

God sees the suffering of His animals, and even His insects. He sees our poison and pollution of our water sources. He sees our toxic air in many places. The "earth groans" and God hears the groaning and the time comes when He ends it. The first time He ended it was in Noah's time with a flood of water. Now it will be in fire. The final fire will leave nothing remaining but ash and rubble. God is not mocked. We should not fool ourselves into thinking that what we do does not matter. We should not be deceived in thinking the pain we cause the creation will have no effect. Yes, it all has an effect.

Even the thousands of prison inmates who have not been cared for are crying up to God for deliverance even unbeknownst to themselves. Thousands have died from Covid and from the jab. They are locked down oppressed and caused to suffer and God feels it all. I think that a full 10% of them are innocent of the charges against them and another 40% should not even be in prison. Our national legal system is not only broken, it is a den of corruption as well. They do not follow the law, but only serve themselves. The leadership, the courts and the media are all in the same bed of blood. And the professed Christians are in bed with them, a bloody cup of adultery in their hands. I have not heard one single religious leader show that they are innocent. Not one stands for the actual truth, but in the end bow the knee to the beast.

But I do not write these things to bring the wicked to repentance. It is too late. There is no remedy, not even the new humanism can save the planet. No, that is the death decree. I say these things so only those who hear can finally remove their emotional chains and let go of the earth, letting the last of their earthliness go. If they do, they will ascend as Jesus did out of the realm of those who love the world and stay there. These souls will not die, but all the rest will be ashes and the earth will be made desolate. The time is come.


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