"Those Who Hate Me Love Death"

The Root of Lucifer's Bullshit

The Scriptures tell us that Lucifer was one of the archangels in heaven and so beautiful that he began to notice himself and became jealous of God's order so he decided to establish his own new order. He wanted a new heavenly order so he started his campaign of bullshit and a third of the angels finally followed him out of heaven when it was clear that the spirits could not remain together. Lucifer had become hostile and adversarial to God's government. It was then that he received the new name, Satan, the adversary. When he took over the earth it was through his bullshit to Eve, and the rest is history. Humanity lost its peace and immediately received the spirit of the adversary. God had warned them but the warning was in vain. Eve's desire for personal greatness and to become equal with God brought her down.

We humans have been listening to and believing bullshit for generations and if someone comes along with the truth then the bullshitters kill them or imprison them because Lucifer wants no interference with his "New Order" of things, which is to take God out of the narrative and leave only himself in charge. He is the king of selfishness and the lie. He is also quite efficient in carrying out his hypocrisy. All his attacks against God's righteousness are only the revelation of his own dark soul. Lucifer is the main enemy of his own self.

When I was taken to prison it was because of Lucifer's bullshit. I was accused of sex crimes with kids. Forget evidence, or testimony in court, the prosecuting attorney simply launched into his diatribe of lying bullshit to convince the jury I had done what he accused me of. Since his peers (the jury) are used to sucking in governmental bullshit, they voted to convict me even though the clear testimony of the state's witnesses was that I had not committed the crime for which I was charged. But facts mean nothing, and truth means nothing to bullshitters. Lucifer has a keen way of merchandising the souls of men as the Scriptures state. (Rev.18:13) My own court case was rife with governmental Luciferian conspiracy theories about a "self proclaimed messiah," and the dead and lost believed them.

We saw the king of bullshit convince the stupid population that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. His bullshit, which came straight from Lucifer's mouth, launched the Middle East into a very sorry desolation. This came after the bullshit that some Arabs destroyed the World Trade Center. It seems true that some Saudis were on the planes that crashed into them but following the science one cannot honestly accept that those two towers and Building 7 all collapsed on their own footprint because the top of two of the buildings were hit by an airplane. Those who think that this is normal have bad physics. But bullshit needs no physics or science. Bullshit needs no evidence.

Most recently we are bombarded with Covid-19 news and the worldwide pandemic bullshit. Oh, yes, people die of Covid just as they do with the flu, but no one seems to notice that the flu disappeared. There has not been one single flu case reported. And some folks who died of any number of other causes were deemed Covid deaths. We know this by the evidence but the bullshit is believed and the governmental conspiracy theories are swallowed like candy at the fair.

We have been subjected to multiple other governmental conspiracy theories about Russia and Iran but the people love the bullshit. They seem to thrive on a diet of it and Lucifer was very successful in heaven taking out a third of the angels because of his believable narrative. In these days the media sets the narrative and it must be believed or they consider you a mental case. Just as Lucifer's angels have contempt for God's angels, it is all based on their love of themselves and hatred of the true authority in the universe. The whole world has been taught this, beginning with Eve. After she fell for the bullshit she then had children and one then murdered the other. Get used to it, this is how Lucifer ends the human race. They kill each other.

It is clear that Christianity has lost itself in the fog of self-importance just as Lucifer did. They boast of their "prosperity" or their "Christianity," but it is all nothing. They worship their own thoughts. I have read many times where those in the comments section of articles sometimes end their comment with, "Wake up America." I would say that the people are awake, some to everlasting life and some to shame and everlasting contempt. Americans, and especially American Christians, don't even know what to wake up to. Now it is too late to start forming characters. If you are now righteous you will continue to be, and if you are evil, that is where you will stay through this time of trouble such as never was.

I continue to hear preachers warn their people to repent and turn things around. They give the people hope that America will revive or become Christian once again. No, those days are past. The nation is doomed. It already happened while the sheep slept but the satanists did not sleep. The root foundation is now rotten to the core and based on all of the wrong principles. Satan, (Lucifer), has been on the move and his people have been using every available means to expand their territory. The family is destroyed, the schools are destroyed and the nation fallen. It will not ever arise from the ashes.

When I went to the university and got "educated," I came to realize that it was all bullshit. They did not teach the TRUTH but only the popular narrative. I paid the money to hear the propaganda. This was true for religious education and public. It was all the same. I began to see this as early as the 7th grade. When I was in the Navy I realized that the narrative was fake. All of the bullshit from the White House was just that. Yes, I am somewhat of a lonely voice because most people are divided into the patriot party, the democratic party, or the republican party. Very few actually see the science and follow the evidence anymore. They all lay hold upon some political help but the true God is ignored. The true religion is shunned as cultish by those who live in a cult themselves.

But their imprisonment of me was helpful. While in prison I met two official government assassins. Assassination has been governmental policy for a long time now. One assassin told me he even murdered children if they happen to be in the way. He was feeling bad about it and not boasting. He shared with me not to expose him because the government would then come after his family on the outside. He knew this because he used to be in that system of things. Saddam was never worse than our own national leaders. The other assassin shared with me how he was protector of the poppy fields. He killed mostly Taliban people. He shared with me how the USA shipped drugs on Navy ships. He was a witness to it. This was all matter of fact and not some conspiracy to him. President Obama added the efficiency of drones to the assassination squads as they made the world "free for democracy and free of dictators." No mention that they did not free the world from themselves. I become nauseas, not over the murders, since mankind has been doing that for millennia, but over the lies and hypocritical bullshit. President Bush gushed in his speech to Congress in 2003 how Americans would bring freedom, medicine and food to the poor Iraqis. Oh, please spare me that nauseating broth from the table of Lucifer and his Scull and Bones ("The Brotherhood of Death"). Other secret societies also are allied with this vile darkness. Washington D.C. was built by them. The evidence is clear but the bullshit goes on. The so-called ministers of the gospel are too stupid to recognize the cult that they promote. But their special tax incentives keep them quietly cooperating and their sheep remain in the pit.

The God-haters have even invaded the religious world. They deny cause and effect and that the effects of their sins will come back upon them but it works anyway. Just look around. Their sins come upon them so they blame the devil. This is evidenced when one enters the sanctuary of worship with the actual truth, the Life of God in the soul. Suddenly antichrist rises up from the pulpit and breathes fire and brimstone on one who actually preaches truth and clears away the fog. They have all of this hope in Israel, or a messiah that is supposed to come down out of the sky and save them, but they miss the gospel entirely. I say this: The national fall has already come. The nation is already lost in its confusion and its Babylonian bullshit.  The God-haters are everywhere and they love death. Lucifer is the god of death.

There is only one remedy for anyone who has the Holy Spirit as his own life. There is only one remedy for God's people mentioned for this time. It is: "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." The people of God now leave their bullshitters behind. We do not cast our pearls before swine. We do not any longer give them assistance. As the believers left Jerusalem before its destruction, so now we leave this nation to its destruction. Jesus warned of this and told his people, "Do not even take your coat. Don't go back and get your stuff." It's those investments that tie them to the cement block thrown off the ship into the ocean.

We have a nation of God haters as was Lucifer. God-haters love death. Any entreaty for life will only be mocked and the swine will rend you. The lovers of the world who profess to be God's children while they hunger after earthly prosperity, hate God. They might say nice things about God in their church, if they go, but they open the gates to all of the swill and soul sewer to ravage the population. There is no saltiness in the salt today. So-called "Christianity" is a dry, tasteless powder that has no savor. The label on the package says, hope, joy, peace and prosperity. But the back of the label says, in very small print, "Bullshit is not real salt." "Real salt is not good for you."

There are those who falsely say, "Stay in and witness." Oh, right, stay in hell and witness to the dead and the demons, as if that will help anyone. Go to any graveyard and witness to the dead and see how successful you are. There is nobody home. No, one witnesses to the living, for only the living can see the light of the testimony and rejoice with the testimony. "The dead know not anything" and the dead stay with the dead. The dead will never know anything. It is true that there are dead in Christ who will respond. These are they who lack light but they are in the dust of the earth and it hinders them. These will rise up now out of the dust and shine as the stars, as it is written in Daniel 12. But this world's systems, religions, secular or educational are destroyed. There will be no saving them. When they crucified me over lying bullshit, as with Jesus in his time, they lost the time of their probation and the nation fell.  It was only a little time and Jerusalem was ashes.

The people have been misled by the Roman mob of pedophiles and molesters. Their leaders hid this deception for generations. The nation is now ruled by the followers of these people. The Supreme Court is governed by them. So-called evangelicals are rife with the same sins made evident for decades. So-called evangelicals are not relevant anymore, just stupid. But all the "faithful" sit in their seats on Sunday listening to their rock bands before the preacher gets up to bullshit and demand money as "seed." Well, people, that "seed" has sprouted and hell has been released into the nation. What we see spreading over the people is the death angel, and the Light of God cannot be seen, but only a harvest of self-worshippers. I saw the death angel two nights ago and he is a sad sight. The death angel looked spiritless and depressed, the face so full of morose grief. 

Oh, America, the dragon swallowed your country and now you complain because you find yourself in its stomach. You are very literally being digested in the juices of Lucifer. You have been warned and warned and warned and now it is too late to save it. All of those things you permitted, or participated in are now the things that chain you. The dragon says it is time for you to obey. It is time for you to "trust the government." NO! It is time for you to leave it or you will have no soul left to save. "He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it." Matt. 10:39.

When they destroyed my city and sanctuary, they destroyed themselves. Their culture now is in ruins because of what they did. America is dead. The idea is dead and a thousand 4th of Julys will not save it, but only mock at it. A million Christmases will not cause so-called Christianity to ascend again. Halloween will not save your children. America cannot and will not be raised to life for it has chosen death. It chose death when it burned out the Branch Davidians. It chose death when it invaded Iraq and other Middle Eastern nations. It chose death when it would not recognize the cause of its false flag catastrophes. It chose death when the professed believers drooled over pornography. It chose death when it murdered the unborn. Leave America to its idols! There is no hope for the world who has feasted at America's table and partaken of the wine of Babylon. God has turned this cult over to Satan to explode in all of his unholy zeal. They love it this way. The United States of America fits every definition of a dangerous cult. Jim Jones showed us how it will end up.

There is only hope for individuals who have laid hold of the Holiness of God only, in His Spirit only. These souls have risen from the dust of the earth, for Michael is standing up in them. All others who have rebelled against God have only a face that gathers darkness. Don't trust in Israel as the false prophets proclaim, or government, or your governmental bribes. Trust only in God alone and His Voice to your soul. Obey only Him and do only what He says. 

Now we have a nation of the bribed. "Come, we will help you," they say. That is what Lucifer preached to the angels. "I will help you be free of God's heavenly tyranny." "I will give you freedom and medicine and food and love and we will destroy all the things that make your life hard." "I feel your pain." We will start by getting rid of Christians and white people." The Luciferian book named The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, clearly lays out the plan of attack and the nation has been following the narrative to the letter. 

I don't celebrate the death of the wicked and neither do I mourn. They do it to themselves and love it, but it is sad for me to watch them suck in the swill and falsehoods over the Luciferian bullshit. I am not afraid of them or their threats. The very worst thing they can do is relieve me of my body of death, God willing, but they cannot touch my soul. God only is the owner of that. But Lucifer claims to be saving the world with his "jab" or his drones or by some other means, but he destroys millions. He comes as Christ and the people hail his arrival but they only fall into a vat of bullshit, which finally ends their existence in the physical world and the spiritual one as well.

This is the end of the story. This is the only news. You will never vote your way to freedom. You will never find a deliverer other than Barabbas. The real Christ is within the soul. The kingdom is within. One's salvation is in the Messiah Who dwells within His soul temple not made with hands. Without Him, all is swept away in the flood of horror and the fires of annihilation.

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